Friday, February 09, 2018


Been almost three weeks since I posted so I thought I should let you know I am still alive and kickin'.  Well, alive, anyways.  Been sick over a month now.  Still blowing my nose and tired as hell, but I've never been as sick as other people I've heard about.  Mine has mostly been a sinus thing and hasn't moved into my chest, thank goodness.  More exhausting and annoying...enough that I'm not getting much of anything done beyond what I absolutely have to (or yearn to get my hands on for even a few minutes).  Haven't been online much.  Mostly watching TV shows with Annie.  Totally erratic hours, but we're fine.
The critters keep us company, too.    
This one didn't seem bothered by my walking right up to the glass. 
They are really elegant... their winter white.  
Never been this close to a prairie hare or jackrabbit...
...but Annie is--regularly.  
They pay her little mind--LOL! 
Dagan has come over about once a week to help me out with trash and getting bird seed from the garage (even using a pail so I don't run out).  He picked up kitty litter for me from the Natural Pet Store, too, on Friday Jan  26th.  They didn't have my usual brand so he called me from the store and I'm going to be trying one that says it has less dust.  Well, Annie is--LOL!  Don't mind me--been sick so long I am slaphappy silly.  ;)
 While he was on the phone he told me there were a couple of tiger striped kittens there.  Obviously caught his eye.  
They have talked about getting another cat (Leah wanted two) ever since I took Annie.  Dagan grew up with cats and dogs.  He learned how to be gentle with them and could play with them...and we all wanted that for Ian who loves animals...and now there's Liam, too.  They have looked but hadn't found the right fit.
Sunday January 28th I got a text from Dagan that they were on their way over to look at the kittens.
One of the sisters was being sold when they got there.  They were from a no-kill shelter in town called Cat's Cradle and were about 4 months old.  (Cat's Cradle was the place I had thought I would go if I ever got another cat.  It's even got rooms where the cats who get along stay together--no cages.)
The sisters were named after X-Men characters (seems appropriate--lol!) and Blink got along great with Ian.  So Blink is now the newest member of the McFamily household!!  
Okay--now I have to upload the short videos of Ian and Blink.  Leah sent me a variety of pictures and some short videos but I have had zero energy to do anything but peek at them all.  Be back...
These are all really short (19-53 seconds).
Blink arrives at her new home.
Ian carrying Blink for the first time.  He wanted to move her to the couch so Mama explained how to carefully pick her up.
Ian practicing petting the right direction--lol!  Blink is pretty easy going about little boys, it seems.  ;)
Ian and Blink.  Looks like there's potential for them to be best buds.
I have a few other pictures to share from McFamily when I feel better.  :)
Note: in this blog--these are all the pictures I had for you in almost three weeks--no lie!  So you know I have not been moving much--LOL!
I did slowly work on the bullet journal.  
Got it all set up for February.
My way of bulleting is super simple.
Been working for me for over a year now.
I've slowly, slowly been working at setting up the skeletal foundations for the rest of this journal--through October...
...and even have a new Leuchtturm journal I will be setting up the basics into 2019!  Now that I have my new cover that holds the inserts I can use for all the "collections" (lists of stuff) my actual bullet will just be for monthly and weekly spreads.  Cool!  
Some months (like being sick almost all of January) look more sparse.  
But I can fill in blank spots with drawings, washi tape, doodles, whatever if I want to--or just leave it.  Who cares?  I am more concerned about having enough room if I need it and not worried about a bit too much.  My days and weeks (and sometimes months) can vary wildly as to what I am able to accomplish so I need to have an adaptable form for me.  :)
The big purchase this month--been thinking about since the distress oxides came out about two years ago--the first set of colors they came out with--and re-inkers.
Too bad both Leah and I are not yet up to snuff because we both want to play with them.  You know I haven't been feeling great if I haven't even made it over to see the boys and meet Blink.  
I get done what I need to: laundry and cooking.  Made up some pesto pasta and a big vat of soup--yummy!
Caroline came with groceries.  This last Tuesday a new lady came (pulled out of retirement to help out while they train in new people) to do my at home review for keeping Caroline for cleaning and groceries.  (BTW--I did warn them both I've been sick with a bouncing low temp for a month, but they decided to come regardless.)  While the lady was here--I spotted an eagle on the apartment rooftop across the way!!  AN EAGLE!!  It was eating something I couldn't see from this side with its back to us.
No, I didn't get a picture.  I have terrible zoom anyways, but by the time I got over the shock and we had quit ooing and awing...the eagle was done and flew away.  (It looked like a couple of sassy crows were waiting for it to finish--LOL!)  They are huge!  It was totally awesome!!
[And BTW--this lady said she really had such a good time and enjoyed meeting me.  Commented on how upbeat I was despite being housebound, in chronic pain, and having been sick for a month.  So there, Mary from senior companions--ROFL!!]
Anyways, my guess is a rabbit would have been the eagle's first choice, but a grouse might have been a mouthful.  I wouldn't know anymore if one of the girls was gone.  When Dagan was here a couple weeks ago there were grouse all over the place out there!  We counted 16 of them!!  And since then they have shown up on my patio in various groups sizes: 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10!!  I'm glad I don't know for sure what the eagle caught.  ;)
Then a couple days later it looked pretty much like this out there--grouse and a big flock of little birds--when wham!! 
Birds were hitting the glass and small wings flapping everywhere!  A very small hawk-like bird had dove in to try to catch a sparrow or junco.  Missed.  I watched it fly away empty-clawed.
But the funniest part was the grouse just stood there wide-eyed and watched the whole frantic event!  That predator was way to small to be a threat to them, I guess.  But after a few minutes of them gazing about in disbelief they decided it might be best for them to disappear also--hehe!  Another reason I doubted they had seen any recent eagle activity.  At least not that particular covey, anyways.
This day there were nine grouse.
There are always flocks of small birds--20-40 at a time.
The jackrabbits don't usually like to share food.
So it's not that common for me to see more than one out there at a time grazing away at the seed on the ground.
I sure hope all that rabbit poop out there will help fertilize the grass come spring!
Anyways, too tired to even search out a quote today, folks.  Hope to be in better shape by the time I post next time.  And here I had planned to post more often in 2018--LOL!  Best laid plans, right?  
There are six girls out there pecking away at the moment surrounded by sparrows.  Annie retreated to the bedroom due to a random attack of violent sneezes that hit me a while ago.  Once again, another pajama day with my box of Puffs tissues.  So many people need prayers for accidents or illnesses.  Send them their way.  Me--I'm really doing fine.  For me--just waiting it out--patience...patience.  And I am lucky I only have Annie to take care of and am not disturbing anyone by being up till dawn or sleeping half the day away.  My cats have always been very adaptable about sleep and routines.  And Netflix is available day and night--hehe!   
Till next time.  :) :)

Saturday, January 20, 2018


This will be quick.  I've been sick since Tuesday.  Luckily I am running a reverse temp so they aren't as bad (97 to 98 degrees).  Nothing bad, just exhausting.
Anyways, I had been working on setting up my bullet for a few days.  Will continue when I'm feeling better.
Also, had to cancel dentist cleaning & checkup, eye doctor checkup, and Caroline for cleaning this past week.  Will reschedule when I'm well. 
We had some snow...
...that made it difficult... 
...for Annie to spy on (or scare) the birds. 
Even trying her alternative spy spot on the art table by the studio window didn't work well due to snow stuck to the screen there, too. 
Was a frustrating day for Annie--LOL!
But the critters are all still out there.  And hungry.
I asked Dagan if he could help out his sick old mom.  ;)  He came over with a smile after work, took out my trash for me, and brought in a whole lot of wild bird seed so I am good for a while.  :)   
That was it even on pictures, so you know I haven't been feeling up to par--LOL!  BUT--Serena was curious as to what my lapdesk set up was that bothered Annie so much (and did Miss Karma, too).  Imagine this pillow and lapdesk on my lap when I'm in the chair.
With my bum arm I can't even press down to hold the paper in place for very long so I put velcro strips on top of the lapdesk... 
...and on the back of this clipboard so I don't have to use my left hand to hold the paper down. 
So --if you can picture it--Annie figured out the best spot is to climb up on the arm of the chair and she lays down with her back against that light colored throw pillow under the lapdesk (which is the right height when I am sitting in there, of course) and then I can put my left arm around her and pet her while I write.
Annie still had quite a time adjusting to my hand coming and going from where she wanted it--to the terrible, scary, velcro-ripping noises moving the clipboard--flipping sheets--generally moving things about and sipping on coffee.  These frights and slights took a while for Annie to adjust to, but she kept coming back...until now she pays them little mind and she has even fallen asleep there--LOL!  :)
Anyways, while I have been under the weather I have watched the new seasons of Peaky Blinders and The Ranch and am now working on Colony (all on Netflix streaming) watched a few documentaries and movies.  Caught up on letters owed and slept a lot here and there.  Hope to feel back to my normal pretty soon.  Just wanted to let you know what was happening up here.  ;)  Later...
"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well...for there is a Force of love moving through the universe that holds us fast and will never let us go."
Julian of Norwich

Tuesday, January 09, 2018


We had our Christmas on Friday the 6th of January.
Leah and the boys came first while Dagan stopped off at Fleet Farm on the way over to pick up more wild bird seed for me.  :)
First we just hung out.  Ian ran right over to get those toys--what do you call them?
 Flip and drain?  LOL!
Liam watched Gramma... 
 ...and Ian. 
Liam pays a lot of attention to what is going on.
 Just had a no fuss dinner--salad, pizza, and frozen yogurt.  But before dinner we opened presents.  The Bristle blocks were the biggest hit.

Ian got to help Liam open his presents.  (I noticed he even picked a present for Liam first.)  Ian wanted to help me open mine, too, and Gramma agreed.  
(I get awfully excited, too--LOL!)  

Just a wonderful day!  Even though poor Leah was getting over a cough/cold that Ian had already had.  Was such a nice time.  :)
Otherwise--been pretty quiet around here.  Had been terrifically cold for so long that when it suddenly got to 30-some degrees yesterday it felt like spring!  Leah dropped some stuff off for me yesterday and I only needed a sweater to run out to her car.  It's 37 degrees right now today--whoohoo!  Snow is melting and it does feel like a change in the seasons.  Of course we have a snowstorm coming through tomorrow and we're supposed to be back in the deep freeze again by Thursday.  It's just a little Mother Nature tease.  ;)
A couple times I have seen a regular cottontail rabbit here late in the evening when it is almost dark, but almost every afternoon/early evening the jackrabbits dominate.
 They do not seem bothered by Annie...
 She can be inches away on the other side of the glass and they could care less and just chew away.
I actually suddenly shifted over to very early hours for several days.  We're talking waking up before dawn.  Crazy ridiculous for me.
 I often see the five girls parked someplace nearby in the mornings.
 One freezing morning after a fresh snow the seven girls were all tucked into nice warm holes across the way...
 ...waiting for the five to eat their fill and get out of Dodge.  See them in the background?
 The seven have flown or run in by accident when they haven't seen the five already tucked into the patio...and they must be feeling quite feisty in the springlike weather because in the past two days they've boldly tried to usurp the territory.  This has created grouse chases all over the lawn out there.  There is a lot of flapping of wings, bodies popping into the air, squawking, and brief general mayhem 2 or 3 times a day.  More like what I see in the actual spring--so maybe they have spring fever, too?
I tried to catch it yesterday, but by the time I get the camera ready to go most of it was over with.  Figures!  Oh well--I tried.
Anyways, that is what's been happening up here.  Since we're supposed to get a snowstorm tomorrow I switched my eye doctor checkup to next week.  So now I have both the dentist and eye doctor checkups next week.  If the weather is okay Dagan and Ian plan to come over Friday for Gramma Day.  You know it will be all about the Bristle Blocks.  ;)
While I was typing there was another grouse covey flapping-chasing event that lasted a couple minutes.  The five are chowing down--alongside a ton of small birds.  It's almost time for the jackrabbits to show up, too.  Have a beautiful day!!  :)
"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."

Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Eve- 11am

Farewell to 2017.
Greetings and salutations to 2018!
Please, please be a kinder year filled with positive changes for us all.  
My little corner of the world is touched by kindness and positives but I wish I could spread that energy far and wide.  I haven't been this worried about our country since the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Cold War when we learned how to hide under our desks at school if they dropped the bomb...or all the various protests and riots of the 60s when police shot unarmed students and beat people with clubs...or with Watergate when our president was a crook.  But this year has been much scarier than anything I've lived through before.  Now it's corporations and greed trying to change who we are...lead us down the garden path.  We mustn't let our very foundation crumble.  I still believe in the people of this wonderful country...that you can't push us too far.  That the silent majority is like a sleeping giant...slowly waking up...beginning to roar.  Not just in our country.  This fear, hate, and greed disease is gradually spreading all over the earth...going for positions of power and indoctrinating those without power.  But it never wins in the end.
  Never has.
 Never will.  
You know I usually don't talk about politics on my blog but sitting here on New Year's Eve thinking about this past year...kind of couldn't help mentioning the elephant in the room.  ;)  
Okay, that over with...
On to happier subjects.  :):)
Here's Ian helping to decorate the tree.
And remember the picture of Ian buried in the snow?  Leah took a video of his escape.
We can't forget little brother, Liam.

He's turned into such a smiley little guy! 
You may recall me showing you the snow-holes left by the grouse.  Well, here they were one morning...tucked in and grateful for the snowbanks. 
It has been so very cold here for so long now. 
Been going through seed like crazy! 
Feeding flocks of sparrows--I think maybe I do have juncos, too--and the two coveys of grouse...well, the jackrabbits have found my patio again, too. 
I saw evidence of the jackrabbit parties in the mornings. 
The footprints and tons of poop--LOL! 
Finally one came early enough at dusk that I caught a glimpse. 
Not of just the one... 
...but two...and later more but it was too dark to get pictures. 
They come every evening now.  In fact I occasionally see them in the afternoon! 
They don't seem to scared of me walking up to the patio door. 
Of course the blinds were pulled but twisted open. 
 We had a hawk attack one day--at least I think so.  Birds hit the glass and scattered frantically.  Something swooped through the patio and was chasing a grouse toward the other apartment complex down between the garages.  I assume it might have been that hawk that was here quite a while back.
I don't think it was a successful hunt unless it got a sparrow again--because I have still been able to count a covey of five and a covey of seven--whew!
 I know the hawks have to eat, too.  I just don't want to watch when I feel like I personally know dinner, you know?
It has been below zero for so long with wind chill warnings of 40-50 below that critters are here almost constantly all day long.  This one jackrabbit figured out there was seed up in the feeder--LOL!  Discovered it's much easier to eat right out of the feeder trough than nibble across the ground at scattered seed.  So it parks itself by the table, goes up to grab a mouthful... 
...sits down--chews and chews... 
...then grabs another mouthful.  
Up and down.
 Other jackrabbits have observed this clever soul and have followed suit.  They eat quite a bit of seed during the night.  I am glad to help them out, too.
 A couple days ago I saw this! 
Everyone was here at the same time. 
 Sparrows, juncos, grouse, and jackrabbits. 
Don't you wish we could all get along as well?  ;) 
Let's see...after I last wrote I got another of those ocular migraines.  Spent three days not doing any close up work--computer, writing, crafting--with the blinds drawn and sunglasses on the better part of the day.  That's my second migraine...and for a few days after that my eyes were still touchy to the light...maybe still?  The bad headache was gone but if my eyes got flickery I was very careful not to do close-up work of any kind.  Therefore, I am quite behind on letters and Thank You cards--but they'll be coming soon. 
I called Mary's supervisor at senior companions the Friday before Christmas and told her that I'd like her to let Mary know that I was opting out of the program.  The first thing Sheena said was, "Oh, no connection, then?" and asked me if I wanted to try someone else.  I told her not right now--agreed that there had not been a connection between Mary and I--maybe later on down the road I might try someone else.  (Doubtful, though.)
So either Mary had already told Sheena that there was no connection between us or people have said this about Mary before.  Regardless, I was out.
Of course, Mary called that following Wednesday to see if it was okay to come over.  I told her I had called Sheena the week before and told her I was opting out.  Mary tells me--"Oh, I had a message from her but I haven't listened to it yet so maybe that was what she wanted."  With a quick goodbye--finally done.  Unless she forgets.  ;)
How odd that you wouldn't bother to call your supervisor back.  I am so relieved to be free of the Mary-stress--LOL!
Now--confession time.
I had seriously been considering quitting blogging indefinitely in 2018.  I actually thought I would be saying goodbye today.  I think with the not really connecting with anyone here (despite going down to events off and on for over two years) and then the recent Mary fiasco...well, I really began to question if I even had anything worthwhile to say anymore.  I think I am most certainly an odd combination of weird and boring...and am either silent or way too chatty when I am finally around people.  Even the fact of being contentedly housebound is weird to most people...and then I talk about having a guardian angel (GA) or my crazy colorful past or grouse and jackrabbits or calligraphy--LOL!  It's no wonder.
My health has also taken a dip this past year.  Less energy, more pain.  Doesn't mean it will stay this way forever.  Fibro pain can move around, too. I once had knife pain in my tailbone for 2 1/2 years and it just left...or, shall we say, moved.  Settled into my lower back apparently.  Anyways, pain and brain fog effect the clarity of my focus and I have less to show you that I've made or been playing with.  I hope you haven't been too bored.  I hope I haven't been complaining too much.  (This goes for all my letter writing, too.)
I am not bored, though.  But then I can be happy watching grouse.  ;)  And even with the new wonky eye acting up I can close the blinds, wear my new prescription sunglasses, and watch wonderful programs...with Annie in my comfy chair.  (Just tickles me how close we're getting.)
But I wasn't sure I had anything to say worth anyone's time anymore.  Thought maybe it was just time for me to quit blogging while I was mostly ahead.  Or maybe already people were sighing when they saw a post from me.  I haven't been blogging very often and so they have been longer.  (For someone with little to say I sure can go on and on!)  The last thing I want to be is a burden to anyone.  I value all the wonderful people I have met online--but I could always just go visit you and leave comments from time to time.  I  didn't have to blog and waste anyone's time.  So I asked GA for a sign.  Was it time for me to stop blogging?
Then yesterday I got a comment from a new person who had just found my silly little blog...came over from FarSide's blog.  She said she had started to read back over a few previous blog posts and then decided to go back to the beginning and read.  (We're talking June of 2006.)  She complimented my recording of and writing about my life--that I was a good writer--like FarSide (whom I admire with her daily blogs).  And right now this minute I have probably scared away my newest follower--because I was wiping my eyes as I read her comment and I knew she was my sign.  
I'm wiping my eyes again right now. 
And guess what her name is?!
How perfect is that?
So, welcome, Joy!  I am your newest follower, too.  I hope I haven't scared you away.  But whether you stick around, or read all the old posts, or run for the hills...your words were exactly what I needed to hear yesterday.  You were the sign I asked for.  So it's your fault if I am around to bore people some more--ROFL!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Kindness can make such a difference in someone else's life.  Your words are proof of that.  I hope you do decide to stick around.  :)
I'm not sure if I will be up to blogging any more often or will be any more interesting--but I will be here in 2018 after all.
So--please, please--let's make this that kinder year.  Just a thoughtful gesture or a positive word or a hug can make such a difference to someone else.  I know I am blessed to know each of you.  Happy New Year!!  :) :)
“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” 
Henry James