Friday, December 19, 2014


We had blue skies one day--whoohoo!
I caught a pretty morning shot another day before the clouds took over the day. 
Ever since the triple dresser was moved Karma has noticed an imaginary friend or foe hiding underneath there.  She spends time each day trying to coax it out or swiping at her invisible victim.  Silly girl! 
Of course it is just interesting because it's in a different spot. 
Nothing keeps her awake for too long, though--LOL!  You might notice she's not wearing her big red collar. 
I took it off since having both that and her hazelwood collar seemed a bit much now that her neck is all cleared up and the fur all grown back.  Not 15 minutes later she comes up for a cuddle...sans any collar at all.  I thought she'd pulled the hazelwood over her head because it was so loose.  Nope.  It was so loose that she got ahold of the beads and chewed it off!  Cracked up several of the beads, the little stinker!  Looked too string-like, I suppose.  Well, I tied the ends back together and it fits more snuggly now.  Can still get three fingers underneath it...but her fur is so thick and the collar so thin that you can barely see she has it on.  No more chomping on beads for Miss Karma! 
I was over visiting McFamily on Wednesday night.  Ian has been practicing his sitting up techniques.  Does really well, but can still fall over when he's sitting in the corner of the couch like this.  I got so excited to get a picture that I hit him with the flash the first time. 
I took a couple more pictures... 
...but he was so serious working at this new job. 
Gramma decided to entertain him. 
I move the camera down... 
...and when it is ready to take another picture... 
...I pop it up and say "boo"! 
Ian finds this endlessly entertaining. 
1. Ian has a silly Gramma. 
2. Ian is easily entertained. 
3.  Gramma is easily entertained. 
And she loves this face! 
He's almost six months old already.  Do you believe it? 
Just had to pop in and say hi.
Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.  Last weekend before Christmas.  Got my lights blinking, the Christmas music on, and Karma's sleeping in my lap.  I'm just wishing for some snow!!  ;)
“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are." 
Marianne Williamson  

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Good Morning!  
I didn't think I'd even be able to post today.  For several days Blogger would not let me add photos, but apparently has changed its mind.  I will keep my fingers crossed that everything else works and here goes...
The closest I got to what I am drinking for T Stands For Tuesday is the coffee pot on the countertop--LOL!
There's no 50 Shades of Gray at my place.  
It's 50 Shades of Red--LOL! 
I know they don't match, but I don't care.  I am loving all the red accents.  :)
McFamily was over Saturday.
Before pics.   
The old end table went with them, too.  There were sure a lot of cords and electronics relocate. 
Mr. Ian was laughing at Gramma... 

...while he chomped on his chew toy. 
Karma was not amused. 
She is really not sure what to think of this little creature and keeps her distance.  Karma believes he's noisy-wiggly-harmless, but keeps an eye on him just the same. 
She's totally unaware of the range of Ian's future threat potential.  Just wait till he's mobile--LOL! 
After photos. 
Believe it or not, this triple dresser is filled almost entirely with card-making and letter-writing paper and supplies.
The new TV set-up! 
Now I have room to keep the taboret against the wall, too, instead of under the art table or out in the room.  Nice!  Because now that I can't move my craft table by myself (since repaired, if you recall), I don't keep one chair tucked behind the table there by the window and need to keep a chair at the art table at all the taboret has been perpetually out in the room and in the way.  Now it has its own little spot.  Things like that delight me.  :)
But the really exciting news that I wanted to blog about since Friday is that my Secret Cashwise Santa has struck again!!  Cashwise delivered the anonymous gift card Thursday night.  I can't help but wonder...who she is??  (I did call Cashwise that first year and they told me it was called in and "she" called back to make sure the card was delivered).  But this angel wants to remain a mystery.  I am so grateful that it is difficult to put into words.  Whoever you are, you have made my Christmas once again and I send you love and virtual bear hugs!!  Miss Karma thanks you, too, as the cat food larder will be expanded, also, of course--LOL!  :):)  
Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
It's a pale grey blanketed day.  We had rain all weekend--yes, it was warm enough to rain for a few days.  Then the temps plunged back down and yesterday there was ice everywhere.  The main roads were probably not too bad by the afternoon--but the side streets, driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks were ice covered.   I was going to go over to Leah's yesterday to help work on the Christmas project she's working on but we talked it over and I decided to wait until tomorrow.  (Caroline comes this afternoon.)
That little old Paseo is just so light that it doesn't want to stop when the roads are slippery and keeps gliding along for a while even when you are pumping the brakes.  Needless to say I drive very slowly and cautiously in that car in the winter...or even in the rain, for that matter.  And this hobbling Gramma doesn't want to fall on the ice, either.  Even though Leah kindly offered to come out and walk with me up the driveway if I decided to brave it, I passed.
So, that's what's happening up here in Fargo.  We've dropped into the single digits and teens.  Those few warm days melted what little snow we had so it is brown and crispy outside with ice frosting.  Karma and I are snuggled up warm inside, though.  I am absolutely loving my apartment's red facelift.  Hopefully I will make it over to see McFamily tomorrow.  Caroline will be here.  (Can hardly wait to show her the facelift and tell her about Secret Santa!)  Blogger appears to be working again for me.  Life is very, very good!  Have a super week!  :):)
   “No kind action ever stops with itself. One kind action leads to another. Good example is followed. A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” 
Amelia Earhart   

Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Good Tuesday Morning!  
At least I started this when it was still morning--LOL!  I had begun this post much earlier--showing my coffee mug for T Stands For Tuesday and that I had been working on getting Christmas cards ready to mail since we last spoke--but FedEx arrived and I got sidetracked--LOL!  (There are some pictures toward the end.)
Anyways, our Christmas cards this year are super simple.  
 I did all the cutting and folding and then Leah did all the stamping.   
You may remember I bought four different scenery stamps for simple cards like this.  We just love them and will be doing sets of the other three scenery stamps this winter to keep as handy back ups if we get too busy to make any other Christmas cards. 
  I got them all finished this weekend so that the last ones went out in the mail Monday.  Earlier than some years--LOL!
It's been cold.  Karma is usually either on "her" ottoman...
...or "her" chair...staying warm. 
Okay--as I said, FedEx arrived this morning--with some more RED for my apartment facelift!  These have been my bathroom rugs since 1990.  Since I plan to throw them away...well, I decided to stick them out on the porch just to see what Karma would do.     
 Karma just slays me!  She has walked on them and even taken naps on them all these years, right?  But put them out on the porch and she was afraid to step on them--scared of them--LOL!  She was trying to walk on that narrow strip to the left of the long rug--ROFL! 
But she loves the new squishy-soft deep-red rugs.  So do I!!  
This is the entryway rug.  The last one of three that still has rubber backing on it and doesn't slip out from under me.  There was a slippery one in the kitchen--which will now head for the dumpster, also. 
Here are two little red berber rugs that (hopefully) won't slip around...and Karma loves these, too.  She doesn't know where to sprawl--LOL!   
The red towels and dishcloths and shower curtain are already in the washer.  Too excited to remember to take pictures first.  What fun!  Like a party over here!  ;)
I'll close today with some pictures Leah took of our happy Ian.  These are all taken on Mom and Dad's soft comforter on their bed.   

Practicing sitting up. 
I swear that most of the time when Ian is on his back he has those legs in the air--even when he's not laughing or squealing. 
I won't see Ian till this weekend, probably.  Leah's Grandpa died (not unexpectedly) and they are off to the funeral tomorrow.  Leah's brother Aaron is on leave this month from the service and staying with McFamily so he is even home to pay his respects and be a pall bearer.  Next I see them they will probably be coming over here to switch furniture around for me.
Oh, just a funny thing.  After google stole all those emails from blog posts and slapped them in I am getting an email for Pakistani Clothes and Fashion every single day.  I make it "Spam" and yet every single day I get another email.  I find that very amusing.  When I want spam to work... LOL!
We are supposed to warm up to above freezing later this week...for several days maybe!  Which means what tiny bit of snow we have will be gone.  I sure don't want a brown Christmas.  Isn't that the way it goes?  Other people have had so much snow they don't know what to do with it.  Crazy weather.  Anyways, have a great week!!  :):)
"Laughter is carbonated holiness."
Anne Lamott
Note: if you see the prove you're not a robot box when you go to comment you can try hitting publish without filling in the box and it will usually work regardless.  I double-checked and I have definitely got no word verification checked--grrr!  So please--try just ignoring it.  That has worked for me on other blogs.  Google has been adding this without permission to a LOT of blogs.  If anyone knows how to get rid of it, please let me know.

Saturday, December 06, 2014


I was up to greet the dawn this morning.
Orange and blue.
Good Morning!
Doesn't Karma look relaxed?
I went to leave to go over to McFamily's on Tuesday and the garage door wouldn't go back down.  As you know, I have had problems with the garage door since Dagan and Leah got the car running again this last spring.  They even finally had a garage door repairman come out this summer, but it still has been reluctant to open and/or shut.  Could take up to 4-5 tries sometimes to get it to work.  Just randomly stops cooperating at any point during the procedure.
So, I went to the office and a new younger guy I haven't seen before was sent out to look at the garage door.  Within about a minute he had adjusted the speed and told me it would work now.  Since I have heard that before...and I had Caroline coming to grocery shop for me the following day...I told him I needed to put the big white cart in my back seat just in case I couldn't get back in the garage when I came home that night.  He even put the cart in the backseat for me. Nice young man (who may have actually fixed the garage door because it has been working like a charm since then--knock on wood).
I head off to McFamily's.  Now I hear this ticking sound coming out of the vent!  What next, eh?  Tick-tick-tick.  Engine?  Heat vent?  Would stop when I was at a light...not heat vent.  Engine?  Oh no.  Last time I drove it the tires made clunky noises for a while because they had frozen flat on the one side sitting in the garage.  I was hoping this ticking sound would go away, too, after I drove for a while.  Nope.  All the way there.
So, I asked Leah if one of them could take the car to Costco to put gas in it for me after Dagan got home from work (not far away and they had suggested me getting gas there before because it is cheaper) and listen to this ticking noise.  So, meanwhile, it was Christmas card stamping and had some playtime with Mr. Ian.  Here he is in his jumpy seat thingie.  He has discovered squealing with delight since I saw him last.  They change from week to week.  :):)   
Dagan came home.  Leah and I left Ian with Daddy and took off for Costco.  Leah drove because she knew where we were going.  I was in the passenger seat.  The ticking started shortly after we took off.  OMG!!!  It was the white cart in the back seat jiggling in the little car!!  ROFLMAO!!!  Absolutely cracked me up!!
Backstory: I can't hear well at all out of my right ear.  My left one wouldn't win any contests, either, but my right one is really pretty bad.  Why?  Well, one night at a house party when I was a teenager I was dancing away with some girls in the living room when this guy tapped my shoulder for a dance as the music ended.  Fine.  The music started and so did he!  Clingy, grabby...this total stranger was professing his undying drunken love for me.  I laughed, extricated myself, told him he was just drunk, didn't even know me, thanks but no thanks, and went back to dance with the girls.
    Next thing I knew I was thrown violently across the room.  I was body-smashed into the door--my ear cracked into the doorknob--and I crumbled to the floor--dazed.  While my crazy drunken new suitor tried to escape running down the block pursued by guys from the party, I remember gazing up at the glass doorknob in that old house and thinking how I had never noticed how truly beautiful it was.  
  So, I could have used the excuse all my life that I had been quite literally knocked silly at a young age, but I was already silly before that.  ;)  Sadly, I heard the guys caught Romeo and beat him up pretty badly.  He was just a drunken guy with anger issues.  Beating him up wasn't going to make him less angry...
I think he broke my eardrum.  For weeks I had gurgling and popping in that ear and couldn't hear out of it.  Never been the same and never have been able to hear well out of that ear since.  So that is why I got a distorted ear-view of where the sound was coming from in that tiny car.  It sounded like it was coming from in front of me out of the heat vent.  But in the passenger seat--I heard the sound coming from the back seat right away!  Burst out laughing!!  But what a relief that there wasn't anything wrong with the 22 year old car!!  :)  And I now have gas in the car.  First time it has been filled since they got the car running again this last spring.  Shows you how little I get out and about--LOL!
The garage door has been working, too.  I went out to get the cart before Caroline came to make sure--but it worked when I got home and that next day.  Don't even have to hold the button or the key the whole time, either, anymore.  Knock on wood!!  Maybe he fixed it?  Whoohoo!  And Caroline got my groceries for me on Wednesday--saved me money again because she can call me and ask me questions. Nice!!   
I ordered Ian's highchair.  Early Christmas present.  It arrived at their place yesterday and Leah sent a Thank You Gramma picture!  He's fascinated by being able to sit and look out the window.  New perspective on life--LOL!  He hasn't had any solid foods yet, but that's probably coming soon. 
And I got Happy Mail!!  Actually decided to try making a box-opening video.  Thanks so much, Felicia (Mouse Potato Designs)!  I was shocked!  Obviously.  All I could say was--Oh My Gosh!  Oh My Gosh!

Who knows...I may get to making a few videos again.
Well, that's about it from Fargo for today.  Just a happy, happy day with Christmas carols on Pandora.  Life is good!  
Have a great weekend!!
"Gratitude makes us feel bursting with delight, just to remember the gifts we have received. Thus we are doubly blessed when we receive something: for the gift itself and later, in recall, for the miracle of having been given it."
M.J. Ryan