Monday, July 16, 2018


Good afternoon!
Pink sunset clouds were so pretty.
Was a quiet week.  Yesterday was the only day I could stand to leave the place open all day.  Even if it was a bit damp, was a nice break to have some fresh air.  Annie loved it, of course.  She spent half the day scaring the birds away on a real power trip--LOL!
I ordered something really silly--a set of Jinhao shark pens on Amazon.
Yes, they have a shark's head for a cap. 
They come as regular nib or hooded nib fountain pens.  I got the hooded nibs.  They came with a converter, no ink--but I have tons of inks.   
A few were hard to get started, but once I got them going they have all been working well.  They were $12.74 for seven pens!  Really inexpensive.  What a hoot!  Wait till Ian sees shark pens--LOL!
Speaking of--no Gramma Day this week because Ian was starting to get a cold/cough so passed till next week.  Leah did come over on Wednesday night, though.  She made a card she needed and helped me with some techie questions I had.  And we discussed the fact that I need more room for Ian and Liam's stuff--LOL!  
Ian's shelf in my little Ikea cart is packed to the top--and we raised it up, too--LOL!
 So I am thinking of some kind of extra shelves that can go on top of the cube set in the corner of the living room.  I think Leah picked this one up at Target.  I can always store the push toy in the pantry or hallway. 
But those cube shelves are not wide enough to hold the set of colorful satchels I bought a long time ago that I have stored on top of one of the bookcases in the hallway. 
 So, time to search around for the perfect shelves.  ;)
My tiny little icon stamps arrived from Australia.  I love them!  I went with grey for the health stickers: eyedoctor, dentist, doctor.  (Six inch red ruler is for size comparison.) 
But I went with colors for the rest: Blogger icon, sewing machine, cards, calligraphy nib, paint pallet, and exercise.  She really had a lot of icons to pick from you don't always see!
Got one sheet called the study mix because it had a lot of paper and pen stuff on it.  
You could pick matte finish or shiny and tiny or mini on many of them.  I love the smallest ones for my calendar so they don't take up as much space and I'm a matte girl.  These were from if anyone is interested.  I haven't done a link for so long I hope this worked.  Anyways, I obviously liked them because I don't often "promote"--LOL!  They were only $1.99 to $2.10 per sheet which is really good if you have ever bought icon stamps.  She mailed them out quickly and they took two weeks to get here.  Worth the wait!
So--short and sweet today.  I haven't been up to much this past week.  Knee and hip have been bothering me--could be the damp weather?  Who knows?  So--since it's harder to walk around a lot I've done some binge watching: Proof on Acorn TV, Low Winter Sun which Netflix will drop in August, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix, and now I am re-watching season one of West World on HBONow before I watch season two (yup--liked it that much, strange as it is--or maybe because it is so strange--lol!).
For me this is brief, eh?  :) :)
Stay cool or warm as the case may be. 
Until next week... 
"Who is it that can make muddy water clear?  No one.  But left to stand, it will gradually clear of itself."
Loa Tzu

Kind of sounds like a different version of this sentiment I've heard all my life..."It will all come out in the wash".  

Another one that has come to mind a lot lately..."Give 'em enough rope..."

Monday, July 09, 2018


Good Morning!
Another Monday is here already.  Today looks a lot like this picture but with a few less clouds.
Supposed to be in the 80s all week--or 30s for you with Celsius.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!  We even had a heat warning out Saturday (which was Gramma Day).  Air felt thick enough to cut with a knife--and Dagan and Leah were helping Amber move into her apartment--whew!
Here was the whole family out in the lake over the 4th of July weekend.  
Leah freckles and burns so easily that she has to stay covered up pretty much.  Both Ian and Liam have her skin--especially Liam--so sun screen and sunhats are always around for the boys.  Looks like they had a great time!
You would probably have to enlarge the pictures to see this bird in the center.  
I kept trying to get a good picture of one of what--according to google--could be either females... 
...or immature yellow-headed blackbirds. 
I think they are young ones because they have that slightly scruffy look to them...but they are smaller?  Some have more yellow on their heads than others (young males?) and they seem to have some white on their wings.  But the adults do not feed them and they don't beg for food like the baby grackles and sparrows.  Maybe yellow-headed blackbirds parents are more of the tough love variety?  LOL!  Or possibly they are another type of bird altogether?
Anyways, a couple people asked if I'd show pictures of my crystals and rocks in the bedroom.  I don't even know the names of all of them anymore.  The two real stone spheres--a crystal--and a labradorite.
The labradorite is rather magical with the parts that glow inside as you rotate it.  Ian thought that one was pretty exciting.
This isn't real--but it is pretty cool!
 It's man-made glass.  A red crystal ball! 
No, I do not scry--balls or mirrors or any such scrying devices--LOL!  I just thought it was super cool!  You know how I like red.
These are a couple rock larger crystal clusters--one is dirty tannish and the other blue and white, but don't know the proper names anymore.  And then there's the huge, white geode!  Very heavy, but Ian was still able to lift it.  (He's a strong young man!)
That beautiful geode mysteriously appeared face down outside the run-down duplex where I lived in Rogers, Minnesota back in the 90s.  It just looked like a huge bumpy rock--sitting right in the barren corner where the driveway met the front sidewalk.  There had been nothing but bare dirt there since I had moved in but it probably had been a flowerbed at one time in the past.  I took note of the huge rock that had never been there before, but kept walking.
 But it nagged at me for no good reason--I thought.  (Honestly, this is how GA, my guardian angel--or spirit guide or whatever you want to label him--and I communicate a lot of the time.)  Couldn't get that dumb rock out of my head so I finally went back out and looked at the mystery rock.  I flipped it over--was caked thick with mud--but there was a spot that glistened in the sun.  I rubbed--more sparkles.  So I rubbed off all I could and then brought it in to clean it properly--and wow!  Gave me goose bumps!!
 I asked the boys who lived downstairs if they had brought the rock to the front yard or if they had ever seen it before.  Nope--what rock--they hadn't seen a big rock in the dirt.  (They were the kind of boys who would have noticed...and would have smashed something with said rock.)  
So this gorgeous geode was a gift from the universe.  :)  I treasure it.  
These rocks are up on a shelf in the headboard.  I took them down so I could get a picture you can see.  The crystal wand was a gift from my friend, Lynnette, many years ago.  The brown rock was a gift from an online friend, Spruce.  It's from Labrador, Canada and is 3.95 billion years old!!  You can google "ancient rocks in Labrador"--fascinating!  They have found the oldest rocks on earth up there--before any life was even on earth.  Can you imagine?!  It truly feels ancient in your hands.  That rock is really precious to me. 
And then three more crystal clusters--another blue and white one.  I can't remember what either of my blue and white ones are--kyanite, sodalite?  Most everything I have purchased is here with me because I could/can feel the energy from it when I hold it in my hands.  Even the red crystal ball--they had a less expensive, smaller red one and this big one.  I was hoping the smaller one would be the one--but nothing.  Held the big red one and it almost vibrated in my hands.  So, it came home with me.  That's how I roll.  Yes, Ian has an "interesting" grandma--LOL!
  One thing different I did this week was get out the canned air and blow the dust off this old Underwood typewriter and hoist it out to the kitchen table.
I bought this years ago on ebay because it looked like the one I learned to type on in the early 60s down in the basement.  Leah and I found a retired guy in Fargo who fixed and cleaned typewriters out of his garage.  At the time I wanted to know it really worked and get a ribbon for it.  But they are a bear to actually type on--LOL! 
I recently watched this documentary called California Typewriter on Netflix...and that motivated me to at least type a letter or two on it, right?  Well, one.  Not easy to do with my bum arm and weak wrists these days--hehe!  But it was really fun!!! 
No bell, though.  I can't remember if that was the case when I bought it or not.  I love the sound of the keys smacking the paper and the carriage being slid back and clicked up...but I do miss the bell.  I shall have to type another letter one of these days for sure.
I had Ian all day on Saturday--we're talking from about 9:45am till 9:45pm.  :)  I did remember to make a video at the end of the day.  It was past Ian's bedtime.  We did find the video on youtube where Mr. Rogers visited Sesame Street, BTW.  ;)
Three hours finger painting!
We went through everything in the kit I bought him--foam stamp shapes and rollers, weird rubber shapes on sticks...
...and he used his fingers, of course.  
He wanted to do his hand prints--and really got into orange at the end of the long session.  :)
We had a wonderful day!  I am still in rest and recovery mode--LOL!  
But I have started to do some daily brush lettering drills again.  These were fun to do with a set of colored brush markers.
Well, that's about it from here for the week.  Another hot week ahead.  I should take some more pictures and show you how great the flowers are doing.  Ian watered them on Saturday and he wanted to put out the bird seed on the patio, too, all by himself.  We did that right after breakfast before it got any worse out there--LOL!
I will leave you with another evening shot.  I love how the sunset reflects on the apartment building across the way.
May your week be an excellent one.
I choose mine to be so.  :) :)
"Be a true representative of the goodness in your heart, and don't expect it to be easy or even noticed."

Monday, July 02, 2018


Goodness sakes!  I am slower than molasses in January today.  Well, I have a few pictures and I'll try to make this quick.  ;)
Annie got to try out cat grass for the first time.  In order for her to know this was hers and okay to chew on vs. the house plants, I first put it in the pantry near her food and water dishes.  
Is this for me?  
 I encouraged her and she proceeded to investigate.  Annie decided she likes cat grass...and she's not as messy as Miss Karma was, who pulled them out by the roots and left dirt clods all over the place--LOL!
After Annie had the grass in the pantry overnight I moved it over by the patio door so it could get some light.  
Is this still for me?  
Go ahead, I said.  It's all yours.
Annie chowed down.  
She's over there off and on all day.  :)
We've had AC weather here--hot and muggy.  
Lots of birds!  Half of them are fledglings begging for food while they are standing right over the seeds--LOL!  They are such a hoot! 
If there is sun in the mornings Annie spends them sprawled in the rays...but keeps an eye out for the flocks of birds coming and going. 
Occasionally I see one of my little buddies--the thirteen striped ground squirrels! 
On Wednesday I saw a bird I have never seen before!  Even Annie seemed to take special notice.  Had to google it to find out what it was--a yellow-headed blackbird!  Both Annie and I kept a lookout.  It was here a couple of times but gone before I could get a picture. 
But Thursday!!! 
Aren't they gorgeous! 
I couldn't believe I grew up watching red-winged blackbirds but never saw a yellow-headed blackbird in all my 67 years.
By Friday the word had spread.  I was just tickled to see four of them out there pecking away!!!  One took off before I got these pictures.  
You can click on the photo and enlarge it to see them better. 
I really can't get much closer to the patio door or they fly away.  But I am just thrilled that they have been coming by almost every day now--whoohoo!
Occasionally little birds land on the air conditioner and hop about.  Annie will run, park herself at attention underneath, and stare at the AC.  She wants to be fully prepared should one find its way into our apartment. 
Can you see the ground squirrel out there filling its pouches alongside the grackles?
I love that they are all out there together.
Well, I had the most fun yesterday!  So much so that I forgot to take any pictures, of course--LOL!  Dagan called and asked if I was up for a Gramma Day as Ian had asked for one.  Of course!  (And Ian didn't even know he was going to be opening birthday presents.)  So I had an unexpected Gramma Day from about 2-8:30pm!  Yup--because he was being so good and wanted to stay Mama and Daddy let him stay up later than usual.
First he got to open all his presents before Mama, Daddy and Liam left.  This year it was all about art.  He got watercolors, watercolor brushes, markers, finger paints & paper and foam do-dads to use as stamps in the finger paints.  Lots of stuff to keep at my place for Gramma Days.  ;)
Ian tried out his new watercolors, brushes, and smock.  He painted on a piece of real watercolor paper for so long making a picture for Mama and Daddy--also showed him how to mix colors to make new colors--that he said he was ready for a snack break and wanted to watch something on TV while he had his snack.  We had watched some Simon's Cat cartoon videos last time (YouTube) and he mentioned those.  But I said this time we will watch real cats--so we cuddled up on the chair to watch some Maru and Hanna YouTube videos.  He LOVED these, too, and wanted to watch one after the other.  Next thing Daddy was calling at 6pm to see how we were doing.
Dagan was giving us options.  He could pick us up some dinner to have together before he took Ian home, bring me something and just pick up Ian if I was tired, or pick us both up and I could eat over there with them (too tired)...but Ian wanted to stay here and eat  dinner--by ourselves--just with Gramma.  I told him I only had some leftover goulash and brussels sprouts (Ian had never had either of those) but Ian said he wanted to try them.  Dagan said Ian could stay extra late as long as he was being good.  
The brussels sprouts with a little lemon on them came right back out on to the plate--LOL!  Ian told me, I don't like lemon.  But he loved the goulash and even asked for more.  We cleaned up and Ian asked for Mr. Rogers.  (Ian is a big Mr. Rogers fan.)  I am enjoying seeing the programs again after 40 years.  Dagan also loved Mr. Rogers when he was little.  ;)
After two Mr. Rogers shows it was around I told Ian we could go make my bed (I'd washed clothes, too, on Sunday) so that Gramma was ready for bed, too.  Ian has a sound machine, so I showed him mine.  We listened to all 20 sounds and talked about foghorns and lighthouses.  He was curious about all my crystals, so I let him hold each one...and told him the story of how I found the huge geode when it was full of dirt.  That is how Dagan found us...on my bed holding crystals and rocks and listening to wind chimes--ROFL!  Yup--that's the kind of things you can do at Gramma's.  :)
Ian went off holding his painting up to his chest so Daddy couldn't see because he wanted to surprise them with his art present when he got home.  :)
This is what happens when I forget to take pictures...I have to try and draw them for you with words.  Anyways, that is why I am moving slowly--but contentedly--today.   
Tomorrow Caroline will be bringing my groceries.  Annie is conked out next to me at the table here on her chair.  Ian's visits--well visits from anyone--equal a long stressful time hiding under the bed for Annie.  And then Ian and I spent the last half hour IN the bedroom, we made the bed, and then sat right ON TOP of the bed--heaven forbid!  Annie is exhausted--LOL!  She wanted lots of attention last night when we were finally alone.  ;)  I have definitely become Annie's favorite human.  
Have a peaceful week! 
Catch you next Monday!  :):)
"And we are put on earth a little space, that we may learn to bear the beams of love."
William Blake

Monday, June 25, 2018


Good afternoon!
I've been moving slowly this past week so it's no surprise to me that I am posting in the afternoon again--LOL!
One of the things I do so love is being out watering the flowers and getting fresh water in the dish for the birds and ground squirrels.  I took this picture back last Tuesday.  
I wanted to show the planters... 
...from one side... the other side. 
The blank spot in the back of this planter is where the gerber daisy died right off the bat.  Leah says she has a yellow one I could have--awesome! 
Now it may not be obvious to you the difference in the past week but the following pictures I just took a few minutes ago.  Everything has been blossoming and bushing out like crazy with the rain we've had.  
You may notice the blue planter filled with cat grass on the end table.  I haven't brought it in yet to see if Annie is interested or not.  Karma, you may recall, LOVED her cat grass.  But Annie has never had any before.  We'll see--soon!  It's getting tall already.
A little thunder and lightning seems to have set all the flowers to blooming.  Even the gerber daisies are finally flowering! 
The red one back of the chairs is awfully puny, but I'll take it. 
The two yellow ones in the front planters are finally going to town.  
The marigolds, on the other hand, are going wild! 
They have a special place in my heart because I grew up on Marigold Terrace in Fridley and mom usually planted some. 
The coleus look like beautiful bushes! 
They tower over everything else. 
The fuchsias almost have more blossoms than leaves--LOL!  
So the plants are doing fantastic outside. 
I think the fertilizer Leah gave me has really given them all a boost this year!
I have been extra sore, stiff, and tired this past week so it's been pretty quiet over here.  I've slowly been watching Star Trek: Enterprise and The Sniffer (subtitles) on Netflix.  I rented the Masterpiece Mystery: Unforgotten DVDs and really enjoyed that series.  Annie has been extra cuddly--like she knows I was feeling a bit poorly.  ;)
But, in general, I am better than I was this winter and spring so I decided to do something totally unnecessary--just for fun!  This month I've ordered up a bunch of icon planner stickers to use in my bullet journal--whoohoo!
 I know.  Kind of a dumb way to celebrate, but it works for me--hehe!  ;)  Anything I could get in rainbow colors I did, of course.
Washing machines, trash cans, laptops (for blog days)... bag (Caroline), present (birthdays), vacuum cleaner (also for Caroline)...
...tiny piggy banks (for when I have to have bills and bank stuff done), hydration trackers (something new for me)...
...and then I had these custom made (etsy shop).
Gramma Day and Craft Day flag stickers--whoohoo!! 
These will mostly go on my big monthly calendar.  Adds some color and easy to locate, for sure--LOL!  I haven't gotten July ready yet in the bullet--still skeletal--but I threw in a few stickers because I just couldn't wait. 
The weekly hydration tracker stickers are in for July, but I am a little disappointed that the paper on those is so thick compared to all the others.  Will cause a fattening-build-up and be more noticeable to write over on the pages fore and aft.  
BUT--I really like being able to track a whole week in one sticker, so I may have to find some thinner ones by another vendor when I run out.
These will be fun to play with for months and months!  I still have a few more coming from an etsy shop in Australia.  I can show them to you when they get here.  These just tickle me.  Doesn't take much to make me smile, as you know.  ;)
Anyways, this is really short and sweet for me--LOL!  More next week.  Have a fantabulous week, everybody!!  :) :)  Chat again soon.
"Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world.  All things break.  And all things can be mended.  Not with time, as they say, but with intention.  So go.  Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally.  The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you."
L.R. Knost