Monday, August 25, 2008


While I watched TV yesterday I sewed the other 23 bookcards together. Just used the white embroidery thread for all of them. Takes less time--no thinking involved--hehe!

I can't get over the beautiful fall weather! Warm enough during the day, but not hot--and chilly at night so you have to snuggle under the covers to keep warm---ahhhh! Perfect weather for me! There's been no rain so I have been able to keep all the windows open, day and night, for several days. Love reading on the porch in nice weather, so I finished off a book I had been working on for weeks. Been sleeping so well, too. Nice! Nice!
My next book is Cry, The Beloved Country. Who knows, I may spend the day washing clothes and reading? I haven't been reading much for quite some time--and the weather is absolutely perfect! :)
At this rate, I'll have to switch and get my winter clothes out pretty soon. Good thing I always keep a sweatshirt handy year round--hehe! I am a Minnesotan born and raised, after all. And now I live in Fargo, of all places--hehe! Sweatshirts can be needed any time of year. :)


  1. They look great, Rita!

    We're heading into our Spring which starts on September 1st.

  2. Thanks, Serena!
    I'd have a hard time getting used to the seasons being at different times of the year, I think. Christmas in the summer, right? But--wherever you grow up, it is what you know, right? :)


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