Wednesday, November 26, 2008


OMGoodness! I am on YouTube!! Do you believe it??!!
Ann was my motivation for trying to learn how to make videos. I wanted her to be able to pick which paste paper she wants me to use for the rice paper sketchbook for her friend. Ann sent me a whole stack of paper she had played with to use for whatever I wanted--cards, etc. Since I am making her a sketchbook--perfect! The cover paper can be actually made by Ann herself and that makes it so much more personal. :):)
I am just thrilled that I figured out how to find the video on the dial and was able to turn the camera on. (The instructions for the camera are someplace in Dagan and Leah's storage area--hehe!) Two videos that I thought I had made--well, the camera wasn't even on, I guess--ROFL!! Nothing there at all--hehe! So now I turn it on and make sure it says "rec" in red and then I go sit down.
I made more--but it took 13 hours to upload just the four of them. I left it uploading and went to bed. It just finished--tada! I don't remember what else is in the camera (either one or two more), but I'll work on uploading a little more today.
Anyways--20 degrees and the sun is trying to peek out this morning. Wow! I can't get over it--just keep laughing--a new online world has just opened up to me, eh? How exciting! Well, maybe not for you--ROFL!! I do hope they're okay? Now you can actually see what I am doing once in a while--here by myself up in Fargo, North Dakota--hehe!! What a hoot!!!


Just a note: I don't pass on awards or do tags, and I no longer comment on blogs that have word verification (see top right hand corner of my blog). So if you haven't heard from me that's probably why. Sorry.

I read and appreciate each and every comment, but it became too overwhelming to personally respond to each one like I used to here in the blog comment section. I will answer questions and communicate via email, though, if you have an email address listed on blogger and I do try to respond to every comment.

Have a really great day! Karma says hi! :) :)