Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Karma watches over me when I don't feel well. She gets extra cuddly.

Today--tada!--the headache is finally gone!! Happy, happy me! :) Caroline comes later this morning to clean. I am hopeful that I might actually get something done today--hehe! I have quite a few emails to respond to--so I hope to whittle away at my inbox, for one thing. And maybe I can get back to learning how to make videos for YouTube, too.
Update: Nothing has arrived from Martha Stewart's kind customer service lady. No glue samples so far--been two weeks now. ??
I did get my checkbook balanced, figured out my budget for December, and paid bills yesterday. Right now--I have to go get ready for Caroline. :) :)


  1. I'm glad your headache has finally gone, Rita...our furry friends certainly know when we're unwell. Cody always looks at me with sympathetic eyes. Enjoy your visit from Caroline ~ :)

  2. Turned out to be an eventful day--upsetting. I'll post more tomorrow.

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better today. Maybe it was better not going visiting the other day.
    Looks like Karma takes good care of you. I always look forward to hearing how your day went.
    We spent most of the day packing 4 boxes of Christmas items for our daughter and her family and one box for my wife's sister. Will be taking them to ship tomorrow.
    Been cold here all day, going into the 30's again tonight.
    Have a good day tomorrow.

  4. Donn,
    I can't believe it was 30 degrees down in Florida!! Wow! Been extra cold for us up here, too. 7 degrees last night--wind chills at about zero! This feels like January weather--hehe!

    Wasn't the best day after all. :(


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