Thursday, August 23, 2012


I was never able to get anywhere near creating anything this week, but I thought I'd enter my very first art journal page from my little handmade WC journal for Artist's Play Room.  This week the APR challenge was to illustrate a word and I remembered I used "Play" on this first page to encourage my grade-schooler to emerge--LOL!
When Caroline walked in yesterday her eyes got big and she laughed.  My "always-looks-the-same" place is a mess--LOL!  
I told her it was pointless to try to dust or vacuum in the living room or bedroom.  
There are piles stacked everywhere. 
Chairs, too.  (I've kept one open by the table or Miss Crabby Pants cries because she can't sit and look out the window.) 
I keep tweaking and moving shelves and supplies about. 
Started moving a few things in the direction of the new bookcase a couple days ago. 
The bedroom is a mess of stacks and piles, too. 
The living room isn't the only room that is being majorly tweaked--LOL! 
There's a bookcase in here, the wire cubes shelves, and my closet to deal with. 
In the dark hallway I caught Miss Karma attempting to claim a satchel. 
A girl wants what a girl wants, but this claim jumper will be booted out in short order.  Well, maybe tomorrow--LOL! 
The mess will get worse before it gets better.  I warned Caroline that it may look pretty similar when she comes back in two weeks.  She did an extra thorough job on the kitchen and bathroom...and even vacuumed up the dried cat grass that has been flying about in the wind out there for the last few weeks.  Caroline showed me some pictures on her phone of her wedding (was a beautiful bride!) and told me where all they went on their honeymoon trip to Duluth.  Happy newlywed young lady.  :)
The long string of those perfect fall days ended yesterday with it near 90.  Not that it wasn't a beautiful day.  I guess I should say the string of open door and windows days ended for me.  Still closed up today and will be for a couple days as predictions are around 90 degrees & possible thunderstorms for the next couple days.  Was the prediction for yesterday, too.  We got the heat but never saw a drop of rain and, so far, blue skies today, too.  For now I am keeping it closed up and cool in here till the weather breaks again.  Especially since I'm hauling things about and all.  ;)
But today is definitely a recovery day and not a tweaking day.  Since I am four days behind reading blogs and have over 100 emails waiting in my inbox...I will do my best to at least do some catching up online today.  As long as my back holds out, anyways.  Basically, I am either organizing or recovering from organizing lately--LOL!  Ahh, but the vision I have of when this is all finally done...keeps this snail lady moving.  ;)     
Waves, smiles, and hugs from Fargo!  :):)
"The little things?  
The little moments?
They aren't little."
Jon Kabat-Zinn


  1. BE CAREFUL! All that organizing & reorganizing can be fatal!

  2. Slow and steady.... that is the way to do it. Things are really looking good. Won't it be nice when you are finally finished?!?!

    Enjoy your rest day. You've earned it!

  3. "Organizing or recovering from organizing." I think that should be embroidered on a pillow. I seem to spend more time organizing my art supplies than actually creating art these days.


  4. It's getting warm here, too. I guess we'll be using the central air at least a few more times before summer is over.

    I love reading about how your organizing is going. You inspire me to try straightening out all the stuff I have here.

    Oh, Miss Karma... We sure spoil our pets, don't we? Ours are the same. :)

  5. moving and shaking. :)

  6. I hate organizing but it has to be done once in awhile. ;-)

  7. That really looks like a fun room! All the drawers and colorful boxes full of interactive treasures... yum!

  8. Poor Karma is probably afraid you are going to make her be organized too! Calling her Miss crabby pants, tsk tsk,,,,bless her heart, Karma baby hang in there! But it does look like you are achieving some success there, can't wait to see it all done! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  9. Anonymous10:27 PM

    You'll get there in the end.

  10. That's quite a change from your usual settled environment, Rita. Glad to hear you are opening yourself up to letting it all hang out! :-)

  11. It's lookin' good!!! I love, love, love your darker colored furniture!! It looks so much richer than mine, lol! Really lovely stuff.

    I hear you on the organize/rest schedule. It's not that I get tired, but rather tired of it all! It's hard to get the job done when I have The Bella to contend with and get interrupted constantly! I should really just DO IT already, because this 'prolonging the agony' nonsense isn't working for me!!

    We had a thunderstorm last night. Woke up, heard it and rolled back to sleep! Feel bad for Thomas having to do PT in the wet though. And happy it's not me, lol!

    Enjoy your A/C...we don't have it here!...and rest up. Luckily we have screens on all the windows and fans in every room though!

  12. Your journal page is lovely, it looks like a tapestry!
    Very clever!

  13. Have you ever noticed that the more you tidy and organise the more you seem to find that needs organising? It's a viscious circle. Take your time and don't overdo it, especially in the heat. We are starting to warm up at last, had 27 deg the last few days and I actually took my jumper off!!
    Love your "Play" on words.

  14. I love organizing- it just sets my soul free when I really clean out my studio. Seeing your post makes me want to clean off a shelf or two!

  15. Beautiful work Rita - I love seeing the result of all those art supplies in action!

    You keep everything so neat and tidy - well done!

    You're lucky Karma hasn't laid claim to all your art stuff!

  16. Love your play page - the background is stunning.

    The thing I find about organizing and tidying is that when I finish and walk away it's all unsorted itself by the time I get back!

  17. Miss Crabby Pants? You shouldn't write about me that way. Oh, how I love organizing. The only thing I love more is reorganizing. I need to reorganize my shoes.


  18. great page and I am sitting in awe of the magnificence that is that organising... such a huge job... make sure you aren't overdoing it... can't wait to see it ll finished... it will be Phantom heaven...xx

  19. well you have certainly been busy! i am always rearranging, too! karma has found herself a nice spot :) and your journal page is lovely - i like the color!

  20. It takes a little time to get things where you want, but I'm sure when you're finished and settled on where you want things, it will be worth it. You have so many things to be organized. I'd be lost. lol

    Thanks for the Karma fix. :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  21. you're gonna make me drool with all that cherry furniture and then organizing on top of that!! I can't take it!! Your abstract painting is beautiful and I love it. it reminds me to do just what you were illustrating, to PLAY with my art supplies.

  22. I have to say that what you describe as a mess is about as organized and aesthetically pleasing as anything I have ever come across. Well, in this house.

  23. Anonymous5:57 AM

    Wow, you have been busy!

  24. take it easy rita...everything will find it's place!
    i like those wire corner shelves!

    congrats to caroline on her marriage!

    BOO to the weather...NINETY in fargo?!! yikes!

    i really like your 'let the kid out to play' painting! NICE!!

    and don't stress about getting behind. i think most of us are always behind!!

    take care & feel good!!
    meow meow karma!

  25. I love the reminder to PLAY!! It looks like you've got quite the organising adventure underway.

    Just remember to PLAY all though it.

  26. Oh my Rita...I didn't realise the extent of your reorganising. That looks a 'ma..hoosive' job.
    I'm in awe of your skills and in that heat too!
    I can't wait to see the end result but please take your time...don't overdue it ;D
    The journal page is beautiful and I think we all need to be reminded to 'play' a little more :D

  27. Beautiful art as always..and yay,happy organizing!I took my studio apart a few days ago..and it is still crazy! Have fun..looking fabulous so far!Karma is so cute..always up to somthing..awww..sweety!
    Happy wkd!

  28. Lovely creation ~ very 'Zen' quality to it ~ Love it ~ 'one step at a time' ~ Be gentle with yourself, I hope ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    Always good to have you come by! ^_^

  29. Dear Rita, in the midst of all this rearranging of space in your home, I'm grateful that you found the time and had the inclination to stop by my blog and leave comments for two postings. That was most gracious os you. Thank you. And oh, the feeling of satisfaction you are going to have when your vision of those rooms and your creative materials becomes a reality! Peace.

  30. You are really doing some MAJOR reorganizing! I am inspired, but I have been doing so much painting I haven't done any cleaning/organizing!

    I did come up with some new storage solutions this summer, tho, so maybe I should take some pictures and share them--

    I love how Karma manages to get involved in what you're doing!

  31. Waves, smiles, and hugs back to Fargo!!

  32. You have a major project on your hand there, Rita! I bet it will feel so good to have it completed. Karma is funny...she definitely has her ideas about what she wants!


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