Tuesday, December 08, 2015


Good Afternoon!
Yes, my hours are still a bit messed up but I am feeling much better.  I even caught the sun peeking out one dark, cold morning.
Have had two humidifiers running.  Borrowed this one from Dagan and Leah.  It makes a lot of noises sputtering and gurgling.  Karma wonders if there's something alive in there. 
The grouse family was out trying to peck a meager meal after the big snowfall. 
Suddenly they noticed Karma and I in the window and ran down the walkway... 
...little legs a flying.  I think these chubby little birds are Karma's favorite channel on her new CatTV.  ;) 
The snow revealed evidence of a visit from the family at some point when the blinds were closed.
Right now--Karma is next to me here in her own chair as I type at the kitchen table...or she cries.  But then she sleeps after a little petting and belly rubbing.  Silly girl. 
 It's gotten into the 30s so the snow has slowly been melting away.  First to ice, of course.  (Was tricky making it to the dumpster.) 
I've been using my cell phone for pictures and had a bunch of fuzzy ones.  Could have been a dirty lens.  Sorry.  Anyways, I was late getting in the cushions off the patio chair, right?  So I was going to take them in after most of the snow melted off and bring them to the garage.  Despite being piled deep with snow, the cushions on the chair were dry.  But when I went to take up the ottoman cushion--OMG!  It was completely soaked!  So I tipped it up against the side of the apartment to let it drain.  Meanwhile I tossed the two chair cushions into the pantry. 
And so it began.
Karma loved being back on even part of her old chair...so I added a towel...and then one of the memory foam pieces (plan to make cat beds with, if you recall) and another towel... 
...eventually we ended up with this.  Both chair cushions piled on top of each other, memory foam pad, and towel--so she sleeps like the Princess and the Pea--LOL!  She's loving this. 
And it will be around for a while because I had the ottoman cushion draining for three days outside and then even after another day drying in the shower...that cushion is STILL wet!  I moved it into the pantry but do you see the wet streak all along that one side? 
Of course, Karma loves this cushion adventure.  She'd probably prefer I keep them all in here for her to lie upon for the whole winter--LOL!  
 Leah gave me a little tabletop tree that she said they haven't used for years.  We got it up on a bookcase on Sunday.  :)  I know!  Decorations!  Do you believe it?
Not that having no decorations has ever, ever dampened my personal holiday spirit--LOL!  But since my old tabletop tree broke beyond repair a few years ago--it is nice to see a little something again.  :)  Now I just need to replace my lights around the patio door (the ones I had around the picture window at the old place finally died, too).  They'll have some sales this month.  :)
Leah came over to stamp her envelopes on Sunday (we ran out when she was stamping mine).  We ordered some return address stamps this year.  We ended up just hanging out and gabbing about card ideas and watching card videos (KWarner) and next thing it was 2:30 in the morning!  We haven't done that for at least a couple years.  Was such fun!!
She had to come over late after Ian went to bed because Dagan was home from work since Wednesday.  Nope--not the super virus.  Worse.  He was dealing with sciatica!  When he went to the clinic he had x-rays and he's got a couple almost bone-on-bone vertebrae already.  Poor guy!  He really drew the short straw in the family gene pool!!
Dagan checked with his cardiologists and was okayed to take the muscle relaxers and pain medication--so he was mostly catching up on his sleep for a couple days.  Was feeling better and back to work yesterday.  Last I heard his leg & back were behaving pretty well and he was doing okay.  I wish I could just have all my crap be worse and take on his for him.  You know how you feel like that with all your loved ones...but it doesn't work that way.  At least he could call me and know he was talking to somebody who really, truly knew exactly what he was going through.
He's a positive guy, though.  
More positive than his mother.
He wasn't and won't let it get him down.
Not that you don't have down days now and again--but you get back up.  That's what matters.  The destination.  The journey.  The span of the whole trip.  Not the bumps in the road or even what you may have to drag along with you.  ;)
Anyways, it has continued to melt.  
Just took this picture this dark morning.  
We need more snow!  ;)  
I forgot to take pictures of our Christmas cards this year.  Super simple again due to illnesses and such...but we LOVE the new MISTI.  Without it we'd still be stamping, I think, and they wouldn't look this sweet and solid on the front.
We did discover that when we double stamp with the MISTI to get the sweet, even, deeply colored stamp on the front that we should not use pigment ink pads.  Pigment ink takes longer to dry and these never seemed to fully dry.  You can still smear them if you rub against them with your fingers, so I'm sorry about that to those of you who got them or will be soon.  (All done and in the mail--whoohoo!)
So we'll use dye inks from now on because they dry fast and don't smear.  Lesson learned.  We are just so drawn to these kind of tree scene stamps and actually loved the way they turned out...if we could keep from smearing them--LOL!  
We used a dye ink pad for the "Let It Snow" inside. 
Oh, and we actually ordered a stamp for the back this year--tada!  With all the years Leah and I have made cards together you'd think we would have done this a long time ago.  :)
"Created for you by Leah and Rita"   
And all of you from Elizabeth's T Stands For Tuesday--did you notice the card was propped up against my red thermal coffee mug?  Yup!  That big red mug and Karma are my constant companions--ROFL!  That's why I have to roll a chair over right smack dab next to me when I am at the kitchen table in the mornings doing my journaling and letter writing and catching up online (or blogging as today).  She has to be right there next to me.  I think she was a dog in her previous life.  
Does that stack of cushions look like a dog bed to you?  LOL!
Anyways, I'm a bit slower today but I made it!  Just thrilled to know my cards are in the mail, I have a tiny tree sparkling on the bookcase, Leah and I have lots of ideas for card making starting in January, I'm feeling more human, and the fog is lifting in my brain (less snot--LOL!).  What more could one ask for?  
Best to you this holiday season!!  Be well and happy and safe.  May you days be filled with song and joy!  :) :)
   "Happiness is to appreciate what you have; unhappiness is to dwell on what you don't have."
Rabbi Shimon Ben Zoma (2nd century)


  1. Glad to hear both the cushion & your brain are drying out!!

  2. Well, first of all that Karma is such a sweetie(albeit a bit spoiled). We are experiencing above average temps during the day -50's and by the weekend it's supposed to get to 6o-YAY!!! I don't envy you one bit having the snow. Your card is so lovely and that is a beautiful stamp. Sorry for Dagan. I have had several nasty bouts of sciatica and know how painful it can be. He's got a great attitude about it. Rest up and be well Rita. Happy T day!

  3. Glad you are feeling better!! Poor Dagan - a bad back is painful indeed. I think the only thing worse is a toothache!

    Princess Karma is a laff. First she sleeps on wooden blocks and now on 2-3 mattresses stacked up!

    This year's Christmas Card looks really nice! (I am looking at one first hand - smiles).

  4. Your post is wonderful filled with love and creativity ~ Love the Xmas card it is beautiful! ~ Karma ~ well ~ Karma is a show stopper ~ a real gem ~ Well wishes for you and your son! xox

    Wishing you the magic and love of the Season ~ xox
    artmusedog and carol

  5. I am sorry to hear of Dagan's sciatica, that is a bummer. I hope the meds help. You always sound so positive, he must be super positive!
    I guess the cushion will dry out and if it is foam it won't start to smell mouldy. The Christmas card stamp is a lovely idea and the card design is lovely, simple yet effective. I hope you continue to enjoy your pretty tree, it is really nice to have one twinkling away....

  6. It's so nice you and Leah got to relax and enjoy each other. I had sciatica before I broke my back. It was awful, but the broken back kind of made me forget it. I think you should leave the cushion for Karma the way that it is. I'm all for anything that makes Karma happy.


  7. Glad to hear you're feeling better! Your card arrived today. Thank you! Hope you get that white Christmas you want every year. When you live in such a gold climate, you should at least have snow for Christmas :)

  8. sorry to hear of dagan's back! maybe he could share karma's cushions. ;)

  9. You're not the only one moving slowly, but I'm glad you are feeling better. Karma sure looks happy with that Princess and the Pea bed.

    Sorry to read about Dagan. I'm glad he's better, though, and has such a positive attitude.

    I like your cute tree, and of course, I adore your cards. They are awesome.

    Thanks for sharing your week, your "new" tree, your lovely cards, and your red mug with us for T this Tuesday. Better late than never, right?

  10. I think you should put a pea under the bottom cushion just to see if Karma finds it uncomfortable. LOL

    Sounds like the humidifier you borrowed from Dagan & Leah needs to be cleaned, due to buildup from hard water. That's how I know mine needs to be cleaned.

  11. The cards you and Leah made are beautiful! Such detail with the trees. Karma reminds me of a couple of our cats who like sleeping in the dog beds. We have one that is a therapeutic one - it's supposed to help relieve pressure on the dog's body. Suppose it feels good to the cats too.

    How exciting to see the grouse family! I can see why Karma is intrigued with them.

    We are pretty low on snow here as well. It rained all afternoon. Pretty much no snow is left. Heard some of the tulips are coming up they are so confused. Hopefully the weather is not confusing the flowers there!

  12. Lovely post Rita, good to catch up on your news. Love the pretty cards you have made, they are gorgeous. Karma has a wonderful bed, she can now really sleep like the princess she is. Glad she is enjoying the bird program on her cat TV! Enjoy your little tree, take care, have a good week, hugs, Valerie

  13. your Little Karma is a Beauty (and she knows it, haha!).
    three colored cats are considered to bring luck:)
    happy belated t-day and rest of the week!

  14. Such a beauty your Karma !
    Johanna wrote it- we call them GLÜCKSKATZEN in german.They are considere to bring luck!
    She brings luck for sure to you as it seems!


  15. Your cards are very pretty, thanks for the info about the different inks. I think I need a "made by" stamp. Maybe I'll order one for myself for Christmas.

  16. I love your chatty, news-filled posts! fun photos...the cushion bed for Karma...and "cat TV!" those grouse are too cute and your description just perfect. I can almost see their little legs racing away. Lovely Christmas cards...and glad you're on the mend! happy belated T day!

  17. Glad you are finally feeling better and sorry that Dagan is not :( Karma does look very contented on her "New" bed :) The card looks very nice and so glad you enjoy your new toy .

  18. I didn't get this in my Reader until just now, Rita, so that's why I'm late answering. I'm glad you're getting better, and the cards are really beautiful. Love the little tree. :-)

  19. Glad you're feeling better. Those grouse were wise to run when they spotted Karma!

  20. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Oh no - poor Dagan! And so glad to hear you're feeling better. Karma looks very comfortable.

  21. Oh to be you cat Rita!!! Love all of your beautiful snow pics. We have a good cover here too. Your cards look fantastic too! Have a great weekend. PS I could crawl up on Karma"s bed and be quite comfy!!

  22. Well you are a little further along than me which is probably why I am so late in visiting! My cards (store bought) are written, but not mailed yet. No decorations are up yet, but I am thinking about it, does that count?

    Karma always makes me smile and I giggled over her princess and the pea stack of cushions!

  23. I loved your Christmas Card design. Far Guy came from the mail box and said you got a card from a blogger! :)

  24. Hi Rita,

    It's great to hear that you're feeling much better now.

    Maybe keep the cushions indoors just for Karma...for the winter, at least. She looks so content lying there.

    I love when the crows and magpies come everyday to get a bite to eat. I put out some uncooked oats for them to eat. The grouse family are lovely to see. :)

    Sorry to hear about Dagan's sciatica. I hope it stays away.

    The Christmas cards are beautiful! I mailed off a letter and your card two days ago so, this year, you might just get it before Christmas. haha

    Have a beautiful weekend ~ xo

  25. Glad you are feeling better, my friend!Love to see your snow.Here is hot as hell and summer is on the corner.Love your card and Miss Karma is always a feast for my eyes!Happy belated t-day:)


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