Monday, November 05, 2018

11-5-2018 Monday-5pm

Good almost evening?
Daylight Saving Time throws me off schedule but it shouldn't make me forget it was Monday--LOL!  I didn't remember until afternoon.  Then I went to go through pictures and realized (as I am waiting for Halloween pictures from Leah) that I had totally forgotten the 633 pictures and 58 videos she sent me--what?--a month or two ago?!  I can't even remember now.  Duh!  Well, I have to download each one to look at or talk about a rabbit hole!  Three hours later and I still have 330 pictures and 28 videos to go through.  
They are mostly just for Gramma really and I get them all.  Like there will be maybe 6-12 pics or more of the same thing...well, you know how it is trying to get a good picture of one moving boy let alone two.  ;)  Basically a lot of sorting and entertainment for Gramma.  Since I still don't see any Halloween pics or videos I will go ahead and start this.  If they are there by the time I am at the end I will add them.  If not--next blog.  :)
This is what Annie does if I am at the table too long.  She sits and stares at me until I go get her chair and roll it over next to me at the table...
...where she is snoring right now. 
Anyways, update on the three trees.  
Shall we say it has been windy.  LOL!
They did decline right to left again, though.
We've had a few days with some sun.
A lot of cloudy days, too.
Some drizzle. 
I am a sky watcher, to be sure. 
On Tuesday I saw three of The Girls at dusk!  Was so excited to see them.  By Wednesday all eight were here and they've been coming ever since.  :)  This picture only shows seven as one was racing about...but I wanted to include it to show what is happening to my camera phone.  See the colored stripes along the top? 
Next picture of all eight was fine, but I am getting colored stripes lately more often than I am happy about, I tell you.   
My cell phone is an older one.  It makes me tap sometimes 4-5 times to switch screens.  So--FYI--I will be unable to take my easy shots with the cell phone if it gets worse.  I do have an old digital camera I can dig out and try to remember how to use and load into the laptop--LOL!  Been years since I've used it--but I still have it.  Backup.  ;)
I was not feeling very well on Halloween so I couldn't make it over to McFamily's to hand out candy this year while they went around.  Leah said her brother Aaron could do the job so the whole family could go around trick or treating together.  Good!
If there are no pictures right week.  ;)
I got a handmade Halloween card in the mail!   

This is what it said:
"Dear Gramma,
So, Mama drew the pumpkin and I drew the eyes, mouth, and the nose.  The mouth is a frowny face, and there's a bunch of food in it.  Oranges, pistachios, and drinking some water, and a fruit and nut bite."  
Mama added: Mister Ian drew his name for the first time below just for you!"
Over by the flower it says: "I asked Mama to draw a flower for you."  
I told Ian I will keep this forever and ever.  :) :)
I also lost internet that night.  Didn't matter too much as I felt so crummy I was in bed at 8:30pm.  Luckily when I woke up at 3:30am it was back.
I made some of my thick whatever's-in-the-freezer-and-pantry soup again.  
I did soak some beans overnight.  
Added assorted veggies, and pasta. 
Caroline brought groceries on Friday.  I am getting a head start on trying to go healthier in 2019...again--LOL!  Been such a crummy year, healthwise, that it am going to try to lean more towards the vegan/WFPB again.  I've never been 100% vegetarian but I can lean into 90%.  I'll try leaning farther--LOL!  Any change to healthier eating is good for me, right?  
Saturday was a Gramma Day.  A quiet one for Gramma was needed.  We did make a trip out to dumpster and garage for bird seed, but then settled in to eat lunch and after watched some YouTube videos.  Maru, My Self Reliance, looked at pictures of old phones and console TVs, watched a lady explaining in great detail how the new rotary phones worked (1954 self-dialing-whoohoo!), watched an old black and white Mickey Mouse Club episode (not as good as I remembered), and then watched Burn-E (a movie short related to Wall-E).  Forgot to take any pictures, of course.
I had a JetPens order come today!  Was so excited!  These VersaMagic ink pads were advertised to be able to be used in planners.  Everything I have tried--all my ink pads--bleed through the paper.  So I got a big stamp and tried them out on the testing page in my last bullet. 
They shadow, of course, but they did not bleed through!!  I am thrilled!  I have planner stamps that it turned out I never use because of the bleed-thru problem.  
I imagine it might be because these are chalk ink pads?  I don't believe I even own any chalk pads to compare these to.  Regardless--love them.  Might have to try another set of colors in the future, too.
I was also soooo excited about these that I took them out right away...didn't bother to try to get them all back in the packaging to show you.  They will live with the rest of the brush pens in my pen cup top shelf on the IKEA cart.  :) :)  
One of my favorite brush pens to use is the hard (blue body) fudenosuke and it has come out in a set of colors!  I already played with them and they're great!
I'm getting Christmas presents from Amazon so I can't show any of those...but I did get myself a new book to start off 2019.
Julia Cameron, who wrote The Artist's Way 25 years ago, has a new book out.  It's Never Too Late To Begin Again.  On the cover it says: An Artist's Way program for retirees and other creative souls and Discovering creativity and meaning at midlife and beyond.  
By the time people retire they are usually a bit beyond midlife, but I get it.  This is her book for seniors.  Hey--she's 70 now, so it figures.  I've done The Artist's Way a couple of times over the years so now I will try this new 12 week program in 2019.  Goodness!  I don't usually do much planning ahead like this anymore--both diet and 12 week book course.  May the force be with me--LOL!  ;)
 Okay, I don't see any new pictures from Halloween but I will show you a couple older ones that I enjoyed today while down that rabbit hole.  ;)
I love this one of the boys in matching pjs on Mama and Daddy's bed.
And we rarely see Blink. 
Well, better late than never.  I made the Monday blog!  I'm now hungry for dinner and going to heat up a big bowl of that soup!  We may see some snowflakes tonight and tomorrow.  Probably not enough to accumulate much of anything, but it's definitely cold enough out there for flakes.  Hot soup sounds pretty good!
 For those of you in the US--be sure to vote if you haven't already.  I voted by mail weeks ago.  I know I will be watching this election night like I would a presidential race.  Hoping there can be an end to this negativity and division.  Praying for compromise and kindness.  Thinking positive!  
Have a really good week.  
Stay warm or cool as need be.  
See you next week!  :) 
"Be a lamp or a lifeboat or a ladder.  Help someone's soul heal.  Walk out of your house like a shepherd."


  1. Comment to get comments. :)

  2. Tense time waiting to see if enough people vote to not have total power that is in place now.
    Good plans for 2019 Rita and you are getting things in place early which helps with resolve.
    Cute little grands in their matching pj's.

  3. Wonderful photos today. Sorry you are not feeling well, though. LOVED the Halloween card. SO sweet of Ian to make and sign the card, too.

    I hope your phone makes it through. I couldn't see any streaks, but that is just me. I loved the photos of the boys and the sky shots, too. Get to feeling better soon, dear Rita.

  4. That picture of Annie made me laugh! Love your sky shots too.

  5. It has been windy here, too, for the past few days. In fact it's so windy tonight that I almost think I'm back in Texas.
    I'm a sky-watcher like you - but it's difficult to get a good view since I live among so many trees. It takes awhile for the sun and moon to rise above the forest.

    Annie is so cute! My black cat Bosco has a habit of jumping up on the table and sitting as close as he can to my laptop - and he just stares at it. I'm always nervous that he's going to jump on the keyboard. He did that once long ago and really screwed up my computer.

    Your homemade soup looks fantastic! The weather is supposed to get very cold by the weekend and I'm inspired to make soup!

  6. Ian can write his name! He's growing up so fast. And I'm glad the girls are back. Thanks for the great pictures and post, Rita. Yes, the days do fly right on by, don't they? Hoping with fingers crossed that we win back at least the House today. :-)

  7. Always happy to see the girls. The photo of the grands in their PJ's is so precious as is Ian's pumpkin!

  8. I loved your post even if you couldn't find the pictures you wanted!!

  9. Great post!!! The boys are getting so big too :) I'm fighting the fibro this week with all of the weather changes going on. It's cold and wet here now and I don't do well with that. So I'm staying in and trying to catch up on some crochet work and some art. Look forward to seeing the Halloween photos when they show up.

  10. I get thrown off by clock change too. I don't know if it really does what they want it to do any more. And that books looks fascinating. I think I'm going to put it on my wish list. hope you're having fun being Gramma. Hugs-Erika

  11. A handmade card is always wonderful and something this nanna would love to receive.

    I have a digital camera that I still use more then I use my phone to take photos.

    You take some bloody good photos

  12. Cute boys! I enjoyed seeing the photo! Your card is just perfect, you should frame it! We got too many flakes:(

  13. Looks like y'all have had a _lot_ of wind! The skies look so beautiful :) I'm sorry you've felt so bad, and I certainly hope that'll improve. That soup looks like it's a good-for-what-ails-you choice. "It's Never Too Late To Begin Again" sounds like an encouraging title. I'm assuming you'll share as you go through it?

    I voted here in my little blue corner of our red state, but Marsha Blackburn won anyway. It feels hopeless here in Tennessee :(

  14. Goodness, I can't believe I'm two posts behind on comments...sorry. Things have been crazy here.

    That's a lot of photos and videos to look through!

    So cute that Annie sits there staring and hoping you get the hint. hehe

    Some lovely sky pics!

    Great to see the girls back. How odd about the coloured it like a warning signal that lighting conditions need adjusted? Or something like that? Or a fault?

    What a sweet Halloween card from Ian!

    I was just wondering what to do for dinner tonight and I may just throw a soup together too. YUM!

    Healthier eating is definitely better for you. I notice if I'm eating too much processed or junk food, my body feels more sluggish. When I add more whole foods such as brown rice, beans, veggies, etc... I feel better for it.

    Have fun with your new craft/journal supplies.

    How funny....about a week ago, I was thinking of starting the program in Julia Cameron's Finding Water book. Then I saw this post in my email and immediately ordered her latest book. Just looking for ways to kick-start my creativity again.

    So the Democrats won in the House of Representatives...that's a good thing, right? Hopefully, it will be the beginning of the end for Trump.

  15. Fabulous photos. especially those skies! Hugs, Chrisx


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