Monday, February 11, 2019

2-11-2019 Monday-10:30am

Good morning!
Mostly a weather and critter week topped off by crafts with Leah and Ian on Saturday.  I wasn't feeling great and ended up passing even on the book this week.  I knew that would probably happen at some point and last week was one of those weeks.  Hopefully this week will be better.  This post is packed with pics and a few videos--both mine and Leah's.  Despite me getting next to nothing done all week, this is a longer than normal post--LOL!  Mostly because of pictures, but grab a cuppa and let's chat.
Annie and I did a lot of snuggling and watching storms and tons of grouse, sparrows, and rabbits.  The first batch of snow that came through left several inches that Annie could hide behind.
She loved that.
I was so low on spoons I was planning to count cutting this white resume paper in half to use for letters as my artist's date for the book last week.  Not exactly creative--LOL!  I just never got to anything extra.  
Snow has been coming through in blue waves across the radar maps.  
Just kept getting deeper.
One of the jackrabbits hung around as the storm drove the birds to cover.

Really cold.
Wind chill warnings and storm warnings all week.
The storm that came through later Wednesday into Thursday decided to turn into a blizzard.  I love how understated our weather reports are online.  "Windy" was gusts up to 40 mph.
Plastered snow between the screen and the glass. 
I could barely see out of the studio window (or bedroom).
Annie could no longer crouch to watch her Cat TV.
I had to laugh--do you see that bit of dark protrusion on the far side of the snow drift covering my patio?  Well, there were two grouse dug into the drift!  They popped out when I opened the blinds.  But, sadly, the patio door was frozen shut.  Couldn't give anybody any seed at all on Thursday.  They chirped and peeped and looked in the window.  I tried half a dozen times, but it was iced solid.
It was still snowing and would have been quickly buried, but they know to dig.  And--yes--you can still see grass out there so they did have that to eat.
Leah sent me pics of their place--first storm.
Then the blizzard.

I didn't think to take pictures of my windows--but here's their frosted front door...
...and a window.
Shows you how cold it's been!
I was finally able to open the door on Friday when the sun came out and warmed the door up just enough to get it open with a lot of effort--LOL!
I now have quite a solid snow drift that they have to climb on top of to get the seed.
And Annie has to stretch to see what's going on.
I know Annie wouldn't like the snow to get any higher--LOL!
The critters were sure glad to see me be able to open that door.  :) 
The little cottontail was hungry enough... brave being here with the jackrabbits.  They'd chase her away but she never moved very far--LOL!
There were grouse wars and rabbit wars over food on Friday all morning long.  But after everyone had something to eat they settled down and ate closer together.
 The jackrabbit farthest away is waiting its turn.  I was out of seed in the apartment so I had to reach out and managed to dump some seed out of the feeder (which the sparrows had ignored ever since we hung it until the latest blizzard when the door froze shut).  More seed slid out than I expected so they had quite the feast on Saturday.
Seems funny to see them all so high up off the ground.  There's about 18 inches of snow there by the door.
Rare occurrence!  Cottontail eating right next to a jackrabbit.  Notice she keeps her ears flat to her head.  Maybe trying to imitate being a grouse--ROFL!  She's like a third the size of them.  Leah grabbed my cell phone and captured this for me on Saturday.
And what a Saturday it was!  OMG!
McFamily was in a car accident in the morning!
No humans were hurt--just three cars.
Ian kept telling me about the mirror hanging that didn't fall off.
Dagan told me they were following another car around a snow plow and Leah went to turn back into the right hand lane...
...but somebody was slowed way down to turn and...
...well, time...and in trying to avoid that car Leah hit another car, too, and ended up sliding into the snowbank.  So it was one royal fender bender.  After the police left she dropped the family off at home and drove straight to the shop.  She was afraid she had a slow leak in a tire, but it was just low on air.  They said they could take the car on Monday.  Looks like the Prius will need an all-around complete face lift.  I'm just glad everyone was okay.
The pain in the patoot is that their other car died (froze up?) early in the week and couldn't even be jumped.  So they have only had the one car all week.  What a mess!
Leah had planned to come over with Ian on Saturday so we could work on making Ian's valentines for preschool.  Much to my surprise--since the car was still driveable, they decided to come.  This was the last chance to make them and for Ian to be a part of it all. 
Leah had made up some heart crayons by melting pieces of crayons into a mold she had.  So cute!!
Leah made up a couple of sample envelopes till she got the hearts in the right position in the MISTI so that Ian could do stamping.

Then they used the Vagabond to cut out the little envelopes.

Leah made up a little card insert with a heart for them to color--will go inside and they can tape the heart crayon to it.  I forgot to get pictures of that little card, but Leah said she'd take pictures when they were finished.  Ian still has to sign them all.  Next they have to tape on the heart crayons, put them together and close them up.  We can envision different versions of this for other years...and both boys' classes.  :)
Speaking of both boys...
Gramma always loves to see pics of them.
Boys playing with bins of toys.
Boys being cuddly.  Everyone was sick with coughs and pinkeye...except for Liam.
Video of cuddly boys when McFamily snowed in and sick.

Oh, and Leah got these--so funny!
This is what happens if you don't move your car when they plow the streets.
That is going to take some digging to free that vehicle. 
And if they don't get it out of there it will be towed away.
Meanwhile--not much happening here.  Annie has been snuggly on these cold days.  We watch the weather and the critters.  Got a couple close ups of this jackrabbit who was watching me closely.  No more smooth snow drift--LOL!  That doesn't take long with all my visitors.
The rabbits will eat everything but the sunflower seeds.
Thank goodness, say the birds.
The rabbits and the grouse have been digging down for seed up near the patio door for some reason.  See the big dip in the snow where the sparrows rush in to see what The Girls have uncovered and possibly missed.  ;)
Caught one stretching.
When it is so cold out they often stand on one leg and then the other to warm one up at a time.
Oh, and on Saturday the toilet suddenly made this dreadfully loud, screechy, moaning racket when you flushed it!  But--it was still flushing so I didn't call about it till this morning.  While I have been working on the blog post the maintenance man has been here--discovered a broken piece in the toilet tank that amused him heartily.  He'd never seen anything like it.  First of all the piece was something he'd never seen in any of the other toilets in the building so far and the top valve (broken) had water spurting out in three violent sprays.  He actually took a picture because he wanted the other maintenance guys to see how it sprayed out in all directions.  I suggested a video so they could hear the terrible moaning--even shut off the dryer for him--LOL!  He got a real kick out of it.  Much laughter to be had.  Then he disappeared and returned with a replacement piece installed in a matter of minutes and I am good to go....quite literally--ROFL!
And I also heard from Leah.  Dagan had a friend drive him to buy a new battery for the car yesterday and it worked.  The Galant is now running again and he drove it to work.  Leah dropped off the Prius and now has a rental car.  Dagan will be over today or tomorrow to do the seed bin for me.  He'll be working late today because of time missed last week due to illness and the blizzard.  The critters will have to wait.  I am totally out.  Even emptied the bird feeder.  In the meantime, they are all digging up the snow drift.  Persistence and optimism reigns when you're hungry.  They still do have grass, of course, but you know the second I have seed they will get some.  Yes, I know.  They are very spoiled.  ;)
Well, that's it, I think.  Nothing else to report.  I'm going to try to get to the next week in the book now this week.  No promises, of course.  I feel more like snuggling up under a blanket like Ian and Liam.  I've been working on this for four and a half hours.  My toilet is working quietly again--three loads of clothes are done and put away--but I am going to need a nice long break before I remake the bed.  Have a stress-free week.  *hugs*  See you next week!  :) :)
"Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world. All things break. And all things can be mended. Not with time, as they say, but with intention. So go. Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally. The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you."
L. R. Knost


  1. Comment to get comments--if anyone makes it this far--LOL! ;)

  2. Good evening! You get cold and snow and I have 71 degrees. That would be a nice temperature if it weren't humid. Liam has grown so much! Before you know it, he'll join you for Gramma days. How much do you think Jack (as in Rabbit) weighs?


  3. I love all your pictures of the critters getting fed by a sweet person. I know they miss it when you can't feed them. We are having cold and snow like crazy too. Not your kind of cold, but plenty cold for us: about 20 degrees below normal temps. And LOTS of snow. wonder if I'll be able to get out at all tomorrow. :-(

  4. I enjoyed seeing your critters! What a cute card and those crayons are something else! Well done! Stay warm!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about the car accident! Thank goodness everyone is okay. Winter weather sure does cause a lot of problems.

    You have a regular zoo there at your door! I know they are all grateful to have you there to feed them. I just can't imagine anything living outside in the kind of cold temperatures you get there.

    I enjoyed your videos. Liam and Ian look so cozy and cute all cuddled up under the blanket. They have the right idea of how to spend such a cold, snowy day!

    Take care of yourself and stay warm. Give Annie some love and cuddles for me!


  6. Annie has her own private, live, wide-screen TV. There certainly are a lot of interesting things for her to watch! I really enjoyed the jackrabbit video - - but I got the chills thinking about what a brutal winter you are having way up there in the north. It makes my Tennessee winter look like a piece of cake.

    When I lived in the Missouri Ozarks the doors and windows would always freeze shut in the winter. I had to thaw them with a hair dryer (the car doors would freeze, too).

    I like those crayon Valentine hearts.

  7. I can't believe how tame all those critters seem to be! They must be very hungry. And Annie - too adorable! As are your grandkids.

  8. Hi Rita - love seeing the birds and bunnies and Annie watching. So sorry to hear about the CAR and ice and snow, glad the loved ones are ok but really sorry for the car. Thank you for sharing the little boy's photo's. So sweet. Glad you got through the week, toilet got fixed and that you and Annie can cuddle and watch the window TV. Hugs. Keep warm, Be safe.

  9. I can _feel_ your cold from the photos and videos! Brrrrr! It's rainy and gray here, and I say it's cold even though we're expecting a high in the 50s today lol

  10. Loved ALL the photos & videos--& the crayon hearts!! Stay warm.

  11. WOW - the Prius - I am so glad no one was hurt! I hate driving in snow but I guess up there you have to get used to it. Glad the other one is up and running. Transportation - such a pain!

    Love the pictures of the boys - they are getting so big!

    And my favorite is all the wildlife - can't believe the different between the cottontail and the jackrabbit - wow - and they are so cute. How cool to have them outside your door. And of course the girls - they must be tons of fun to watch. I am sure they are grateful for whatever you can get them. I'm low on seeds (after starting the year thinking I'd have next year's supply I had so few birds - but word it out) and need to get them for grandson this weekend - he is sitting the dog, the ferals and the birds so hubby and I can have an anniversary getaway (Feb 14 being the actual anniversary but the getaway being this weekend and for the first time in probably five years they aren't calling for frigid weather or snow). And that reminds, yes, your weather folks are VERY understated. Fun chat. Thank you!

  12. Sorry to hear about the car accident but glad everyone is ok. Still hard to comprehend how cold it is up there. You can keep the snow too. It is in the 40's here in Kansas today with the sun shining and the ice finally melting. Neat crayon hearts.

  13. Leo saw the video of the jack rabbits and loved it, he said you have a sweet voice.

  14. Lovely photos of the animals in the snow. The little children are beautiful too, and the fun you have with them is precious.

  15. Annie hiding behind the snow is so cute!

    Loved seeing the critter pics/video! They would have been in their element when you were able to open your door after it had been frozen shut. And that bird doing a leg sweet! I reckon they will all be happy when Dagan arrives to sort the feed bin.

    OH my, you guys have the extreme cold and I'm dealing with 39°C/102.2°F heat with high humidity. You have the freezer, I have the sauna. haha

    I'm so glad nobody got hurt in the accident. I commend anyone who drives in snow. I remember my Durango becoming a ski when I attempted to slow down in snowy conditions when we lived in Wyoming. I narrowly missed the car in front and managed to veer into the kerb which stopped my car. It was so scary to this Aussie and I drove home crying, ever so slowly. I refused to drive in snow again.

    The heart crayons and envelopes are so cute! I was just thinking that Ian's hair was getting long and you mentioned it on the video. I remember Reece growing his hair long once.

    Liam and Ian are growing up so fast!

    Too funny about the toilet repair and how he got such a kick out of it. lol

    Hugs to you and Annie from DownUnder! xo

  16. Love your critters. Sorry about the Prius, it looks like ours. The crayons are cool.
    I love the quote. See you soon. Wendy from Picnic with Ants

  17. Lots of pictures for sure but I enjoyed them!!!! I love seeing the critters eat the food we put out for them.
    Hope you feel better soon...I'm still working on it.

  18. I read your post last week but got taken a way from the computer before I could comment! What dreadful weather, especially for Annie and her cat TV! The writers look so funny at that level! I did not like the look of the ice at Leah's!! I am pleased no one got hurt but what a shame about the car! The hearts look good and I am sure that you will let us know how well received they were! The story of your screaming toilet made me laugh! Hoping to read better news in your next post which must be due around now!!! Hugs, Chrisx

  19. The jackrabbit is so big! I enjoyed watching the video of it since we don't have them here. Happy to hear no one was hurt in the car accident.


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