Friday, June 16, 2006


I guess being sick this week was more draining than I thought. I basically slept late, watched TV, waited for the AC to cool the place down (sticky, humid day), played with Karma, wrote a letter, read magazines, answered emails, washed a couple loads of clothes, and now I am going to shower (so I am sparkly clean for the clean sheets) and then head in to the bedroom to read, watch something on tape (I can only watch what I tape on the bedroom VCR on that VCR), play hide and seek with Karma before bed (our usual routine lately), and crash with no alarm set for tomorrow. Just a nice, peaceful, uneventful day in my very own personal sanctuary. I feel so grateful and blessed! Glad to be alive this moment, this day. Big smile on my face!! Doesn't take an awful lot to make me happy and content-hehe! :)

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