Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I called today and my Cable bill goes from the 21st to the 21st. So--I went ahead and cancelled my Cable TV today. I'll just have one TV for a while till the new antenna comes. The deed is done!

Caroline came and cleaned today. It is so warm--37 degrees right at this moment--that Karma has been outside a couple times and actually spent time out on the porch! I even put the old TV tray out there so she could look out between the rails and see what was happening. It got so warm in here without the heat on that I cracked the bedroom window open for Caroline when she was cleaning. Talk about a quick shift from the very cold weekend! Life in the MidWest is never neutral, it seems--hehe!

Tomorrow is acrylic painting over at Dagan and Leah's. Going to see if I can leave a note on my Sparkpage, too. I feel badly that I was forced to disappear on all those nice ladies because I couldn't get back on Sparks. ?? Who knows if I can get on from Dagan's computer even?

Still on days. :) Life is good!

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