Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday- noon

These are the colored "angel wings" that I used a couple of days ago to make...

...these six sheets of paper that are now dry and book presssed.

I made three more sheets yesterday with odds and ends (recycling) and they are still drying. You really never know what you are going to have until they are done and dry. Kind of a surprise--at least for people like me who are just learning. I am keeping track and taking pictures of what I put together for paper so I can remember--for Leah, also, so I can show her. And those of you reading this blog will be learning right along with me, I guess--hehe!

Supposed to be up close to 100 for the next few days. Today it is dark and cloudy--might have scattered thunderstorms. The clouds don't look really thick or dark enough right now here in Fargo, but one never knows.

Body is telling me that I should pass on papermaking today. I shall listen and obey. :)

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