Saturday, August 11, 2007


Okay--you can laugh! I discovered that Netflix has some movies that you can watch instantly on your computer. If you are paying say $19.99 a month you can gt about 20 hours of free movie time on the computer--and they say they will not cut you off in the middle of a movie if you watch it straight through to the end and go over your time. They have about 400 right now but are adding more. I wanted to check it out--BUT I cannot sit for two hours in my computer chair. The only chair I can sit that long in is my little lounge chair. So, I pulled it over and watched a movie. Funny! Karma was all confused as to what the heck I was up to--hehe!

Okay--you didn't even hear from me yesterday. I hadn't slept much at all the one night and then collapsed and slept 17 hours the next night! Last night--well, this morning--I went to bed at 8am! So, my hours are all goofed up and I am sleeping half the day away right now. Anyways, I have been puttering with putting things away and getting organized. The hall bookcase now has almost all the painting supplies in it--watercolors, acrylics, oils, and the brush painting. TaDa!!

I got so sore from doing all of this that was as far as I got. The rest of the place is in a mess. I still have stuff all over my bedroom floor and this is what the table looks like.

And this is what the two bookcases by the living room window look like. And there are still things piled on the floor, too. I still have a lot more to do, but the chaos is down to a more liveable amount right now. You'll notice that I kept my Chinese brushes and my favorite watercolor brushes on the stamp cabinet. Those are all the ones I use the most often right now. And the carousel is so nice--(and tall)--I wanted to keep it at hand.

You must remember that I am used to everything being in its place. This messiness might not bother somebody else, but it drives me nuts! hehe!
I also washed smaller loads of clothes (all my scrubbing and dusting rags were in the wash from when Caroline came to clean and I wanted to test out the dryer). The dryer works like a charm now--hurray!
Obviously, I did so much that I am on R&R today. Hopefully get some more done maybe tomorrow. I'll try not to look at it--hehe! I want to get done so I can get back to actually doing the art instead of just moving the supplies about. :)

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