Saturday, August 04, 2007


My papermaking experiments!
This first one is the combination of that paper from India I didn't like and a whole Viva paper towel. Finally--I think I like the outcome! I'll probably try this again.This one was made using only the brown paper towel roll I bought for the Chinese brush painting practice. It looks okay? The brown paper towels are stiffer, so this paper has some body to it. I'll have to try it out and see how it works with brush and ink?
This one is made from just one sheet of regular computer paper that had been printed on both sides. It is thin and kind of grey from the ink, but turned out okay, too.
And these--made from the Viva paper towels--but this time I added a whole sheet of printed computer paper to the one on the right and half a sheet to the one on the left. Was very pleased with them! They have some body to them now--and will come out tinted colors, depending on which paper towels I use from the box. I'll see how they work with the CBP, too!
So, the experiments all appear to be successful! TaDa!!

I didn't get much sleep last night. Woke up at 3am because it was so damp and sticky. I got up to close the apartment up and put the AC on. Checked the weather online--80% humidity, that's why it was so uncomfortable--despite being a little cooler (67 degrees at 3am). I've been up since--so I will either be to bed really early or end up taking a nap.
I think cats are so funny! For the past few days the apartment has been open day and night, right? Karma could come and go onto the porch at will, but she spent most of her time inside. As soon as I shut the door to the porch in the middle of the night--she had to go out, of course. The minute you shut a cat out of someplace, that spot has immediate irresistible attraction and intrigue--hehe! Cats! You gotta love 'em!
Well, sadly, sounds like Dagan and Leah are going to have to wait a while on the house. Since Leah designed the floor plan it is a "custom" house and, therefore, Dagan and Leah can be expected to carry the construction loan (which is a separate loan, I think? I know so little about any of this). They only have half the downpayment at the moment (thought they had a few more months). So, the loan official suggested that they wait until they have the full downpayment and up here you can't dig till spring, anyways. Things just didn't fall into place, I guess. They have to give up the lot they liked, too--so Leah sounded so sad on the phone when I talked to her yesterday. It is hard when you have your heart set on something to have the rug pulled out from under you. But--it just wasn't meant to be right now, I guess.
Will be a quiet day for me. Too tired to do much. Probably no papermaking today. Glad I have sandwich fixin's in the frig now (monthly grocery delivery yesterday!!) and Leah left me some cold tuna salad, too. Don't have to cook! :) Have a good one!!

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