Saturday, February 02, 2008


Finally got restless to be doing something, so I guess I am feeling better. I went thru my 12 X 12" paper last night and took out the heavier ones. I can cut them in half, trim one end, and have a cover for my bookcards! I had come across part of a box of ivory business paper, too, a couple weeks ago--so I sat and cut those in half, too.

I only actually made one bookcard last night--but I have the makings for another 21 of them! That ought to keep me busy for a while. :)
These "covers" are a bit larger than the half sheets of 8 1/2 X 11" business paper--so they work better actually. Don't have paper sticking out from underneath the cover--and yet they still fit in the envelopes I bought. Nice!
I got my check early since the 3rd is on a Sunday. So, I have groceries being delivered late this afternoon and I ordered my art table. :) Maybe February will be a better month for me?

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