Sunday, February 10, 2008


I can be pretty slow, I guess. I just figured out that the reason they have all the openings for the doors and windows boarded up is so that they can heat the inside once they get it all enclosed. Duh!

These were taken before our white-out blizzard conditions yesterday. Interstate 94 was closed for four hours yesterday between Fargo and Fergus Falls. Wind chill warnings of -45 degrees the past couple days. - 24 degrees predicted for last night. A tad nippy in the North Country--hehe!
No deposit yet from ASW for the table still waiting on that situation. Days and nights still flipped. Grateful I don't have a bird anymore. The erratic hours are confusing enough for the fish some days--hehe! Cats are quite accepting of human eccentricities and are used to sleeping around the clock in the first place--chuckle! Karma probably just thinks I am becoming more feline in nature due to her positive influences. :)

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