Saturday, February 27, 2010


Karma's warming her belly in the sun this morning. I've already got a load of clothes in the dryer and a second one in the washer. Not that often I feel more energetic when I wake up, so I take advantage of it. :)
I already got Mark's book of poetry in the mail yesterday! So nice of him!! Guess I have something to read today. :)
Oh--BTW--don't bother to buy the anti-static dryer balls. The little foam things break off in the dryer. I've been losing them one by one. The regular ones are still in one piece and working just fine. I think you just have to deal with more static and finding socks in strange places if you use dryer balls. These anti-static balls have never worked at all that I could tell.
The sun is shining and not much wind our way. It's only 11 degrees but must feel a lot warmer on the sunny porch. Karma has begged to go out three times since I got up. Do cats get spring fever? :):)


  1. the dryer balls I have are all blue and are hard, sort of with those little fingers and do not have those lumps. I've used them for a couple of years now and have not had any trouble with them. Maybe yours are a different brand or something?

  2. Sue--
    Yes, the regular ones just have the spikey things all over them. I have two of those,too. They work just fine--still have lost socks, tho. These ones with the foam bumps are suppoosed to be "anti-static" dryer balls. Don't work any better and fall apart. That's why I was saying to buy the regular ones. I must not have made that clear. Sorry. :)

  3. I think it's called "cabin fever". :)

  4. AliceKay--whatever it is, Karma has been full to the brim with it today--hehe! :):)

  5. I'm sure cats get "spring fever" and "find a mate" urges...

    I have to tell you - that sunshine on the tummy shot is soooo... "oh I want to do that!" Is there enough space on the floor for me? I'm about 5'8".

  6. Hi Iggy,
    I thought they took out all her "find a mate" parts--hehe! I think with Miss Karma the more appropriate term would be "bug" fever!! She sits out there and looks up longingly at the screen--ROFL!

    Oh--I think there's plenty of room there next to Karma for a tall guy to soak up some rays. (Yes--5'8" is tall to someone just under 5'2"--ROFL!)


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