Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday-7:30am: S

Socks, Scared, and Stymied. 
First of all, I have been hanging on to my birthday money from my folks until I knew exactly what I wanted to get with it.  As you know, I already ordered some art supplies for future mixed media play, have new plants and fish for the aquarium, only normally leave the house once every month or two so my clothes will do, have been so slow with the reading lately I would feel guilty ordering more books, already have a lot of ink samples to play with...and then the email arrived yesterday from Solmate Socks with 10% off my entire order.  Well, you know how I love those crazy socks!  The taller ones are a bit snug and warmer, but I will wear them in winter.  I like the ankle socks the best.  Wear them all the slippers!  I'm sad when I have no clean wild socks to wear and have to wait till I wash clothes.  Well, I ordered me some more wild socks!  Thanks, Mom and Dad!  :)
I was working on writing owed letters the past few days.  Yesterday the building's fire alarm went off.  Karma immediately slunk off under the bed.  But then the alarm quit.  Was off for a minute and blared again for a while.  Off.  On.  Off.  On.  I relaxed, because I figured they were just messing with it for maintenance or something...but Karma was freaked out.  She HATES the fire alarm.  Scares the hell out of her.  (Probably kills her ears--soooo loud!!)  
I didn't want to let her think I had forgotten her safety, so I stuck her in her stroller...just in case.  Rolled her over next to me at the craft table where I was writing letters and parked her where she could see me.  She calmed down.  
Karma's used to our routine.  When alarms or sirens go off she goes (fairly willingly) into her stroller and is zipped in.  For the fire alarms we struggle down the stairs and have to wait outside in my garage (I have a chair in there) where I park her so that she can see me.  When the sirens go off for tornadoes, in the stroller she goes and we do the same thing in the bathroom here.  So, sitting in the stroller where she can see me and I can occasionally rub her head pressed against the mesh screen...then she feels relatively safe.  (Proof that she trusts me more than she cares to admit.)
We waited for a good while after the last time the ear-piercing alarm went off and then I let her out.  She went over and sat in the hallway looking at the door for about an hour.  (?)  I moved her stroller out of the way, but didn't put it back in the bedroom.  So, of course, it was interesting.  Or maybe she wanted to be on the safe side?  LOL!
 Karma snoozed inside of it...
 ...all afternoon.
 I moved it next to the couch in the evening and it became instantly interesting again.
Karma had a Scary day yesterday.  ;)
Since I was forced to the new Blogger format now some of my blog comments show up in my emails--but some don't.  I can read them before I post them, they seem to be posting on my blog, but then they just disappear into cyberspace.  Which means if they don't show up in my inbox then I can't email a private comment in return.  Some of which have been new people...with questions!!   Grrr!  Aggravating!  
I thought maybe it was because I had recently changed my comments setting from "anyone" to "registered users".  I wanted to try that because I have never gotten anything but spam in an anonymous comment.  But--I switched back yesterday--thinking maybe that would help--and still a couple of my comments didn't show up in my emails already this morning!?  
I searched in this new Blogger format and it says that my comments will be sent to my email address.  I couldn't find anything to change or re-set.  So, if you don't hear from me when you ask a question, that is why.  I am so sorry and I do apologize.  Maybe Blogger will get itself sorted out in the next couple days.  Apparently all of us laggers have all been forcibly switched at the same time and maybe it boggled Blogger's brains.  I hope it just fixes itself...soon!
Meanwhile...have a great non-scary, non-aggravating, warm tootsies Saturday!  :)
Quote for today?  
Okay.  I'll try.
"Thanking heaven even for our difficulties and misfortunes is the best way to transform them.  You will see your difficulties in a different light, as if you had wrapped them in a film of pure gold."
Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov


  1. Your pictures are all in the right places, it seems, and other than the comment snafu, maybe things will be all right after all. I hope so! And yes, those socks cannot help but be fun to wear, since they are such fun to look at! :-)

  2. Too cute with the stroller for Karma; but great idea to get her out in an emergency! I bet she feels secure in there! Great idea with the crazy socks; in my opinion one can't have too many socks; I seem to lose a lot in the dryer for some reason :)

    It was weird about Blogger; I was on another blog who said she didn't like the new format. She found out from someone else that she could revert back to her old format, she gave the directions how to do it. I tried to do that, but the weird thing is when I went to thank her on her blog, my comment I had left her previously had disappeared. In fact I made a total of two more comments, so three in all, and none kept. (she doesn't have comment moderation). The weird thing was I saw the comments on her blog but when I went back to check on them they were gone. I finally clicked back to the new format for blogger; I'll have to see if my comments are there or not this morning. I guess I'll stick with the new format; I've had it for about a month; not crazy about it, but trying to make it work :)

    have a delightful day Rita!


  3. Karma knows where she is safe!
    More socks! Good for you! Have a good Rainy weekend:)

  4. Karma is adorable. She looks so cute in the stroller.

    Yep, old Blogger switched me in mid stream yesterday. Not very nice of them I think.

  5. I wonder what was up with the alarm?? Do you have a number or office you could call to ask? Poor Karma! Although I think it's adorable that you have a stroller for a cat!! Just tickles me, although I can see the need for it.

    YAY for new socks!! My feet are forever cold, just ask Thomas! BUT, the elastic always bites into my ankles. So I wear my slippers...when I remember, lol!

    Sorry you're having Blogger issues. I think it's always going to be something. And when you're comfortable, they'll make changes, lol!!! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. i haven't had problems getting comments (as far as i know) but my posts won't post when i put them on 'schedule'. i have to manually go in and hit 'publish'. always something...

  7. Karma looks really cute!
    I've kind of got used to this new blog lay-out, although I have lost some personal photo's which I'm pretty angry about.
    I've not been blogging very long, and had just got used to it when it changed! I've totally given up on FaceBook as I can't understand that either. One thing that really annoys me is having to listen to other people's music all of the time.
    Hope you are having a peaceful week-end!

  8. Karma in her stroller is great. What a sweetie. And I love wild socks so will try that site.

    You always have the best quotes.

  9. I've never seen a cat stroller before, didn't know they existed. Nifty stuff.

  10. I've never seen one of those strollers before. That is the coolest thing. You are a good Mom to take such good care of Karma.
    I haven't had a whole lot of trouble with the new Blogger but then I imported my own template from another site so maybe that's why I'm not having the same issues. You're not alone in your troubles, I've other friends complaining about it too.

    Stopping in via the A-Z blogging challenge.

    Bev @ Blue Velvet Vincent

  11. Socks sound like a great way to spend your birthday money. Something that you need and makes you feel comfortable all at the same time.

    Aww, so sorry Karma was scared by the fire alarm. She seems content in the stroller, though, and I'm sure she feels very safe in there. She's a lucky cat to have you as a "mom". :)

    It seems most of the things I use online have been "upgrading" and changing lately. Facebook, Yahoo IM, Windows Live Messenger, and now Blogger. Royal pain in the you-know-what. I hope you figure things out soon. I might try a blog post with pictures tonight. Will see if I have time between other things I want to do tonight.

    We're under a winter weather watch for Sunday evening thru Tuesday morning. Some areas of western and northcentral PA are to get 6+ inches of a very heavy, wet snow and then heavy winds are to follow. My son lives near Pittsburgh, and they're in the area of a higher snowfall prediction. I hope it doesn't reach us, but if it does, I already have a lot of water drawn if the power goes out.

    Thanks for finding a quote for today. That one is a nice one.

  12. She looks cute in the stroller, obviously she feels safe there. My cat goes out on his own and causes many a fight with the local cat population. Many times he comes home with other cat's claws stuck in his head and he is scratched and scarred most of the time...he is quite a bully.

    Enjoy your socks:)

  13. I think Karma looks so cute in his stroller, fire alarms can be so annoying yes they are great but when they are playing up and going off for no reason then not so great......

  14. Karma is adorable ~ yes, pets like a 'cocoon' a nest, a cozy 'burrowing' place when things get scary ~ Carriage is perfect and have seen a woman with one when I am walking ~ she uses it for her dog (little) ~ Glad things have calmed down ~ for you both ~
    As for blogger ~ if you have your comments moderated all the time they should show up in that section then mailed to you ~ I never had them moderated but found it more efficient for me & then I just click publish after I have read them ~ they are then posted on my blog and then email me ~ Check the 'settings' then click on comments settings and see what you have selected ~ Hope this helps ~ hugs and namaste, ~ always good to hear from you ~ ^_^

  15. Glad you got more socks; now maybe you wont run out before laundry can be done? :)

    Poor Karma!

    That's annoying about the lack of e-mail comments. I hope they get all the glitches with the new version of Blogger figured out soon.

  16. Rita if you go to "Design" and click the tools you will see a return to the old Blogger interface. I've done this because the comments doesn't work properly from my mobile, it won't upload them to publish and many buttons don't do anything when I click. I am so relieved to be back on the old interface but the new one is quite good if you want to play around with the design of the blog.
    Just hope they don't remove the old interface.

  17. Karma needs some socks too! To stuff in her ears when the alarms go off!

    She looks so silly in the stroller. I'm glad she's comfy in it though. Sounds like she spends more time than anyone would want in it.

  18. ugh...what an 'alarming' day!
    karma in a stroller!! HER stroller!! how CUTE!!

    i think blogger has constant brain boggle! sometimes if i have a problem with anything on the computer...i sign out...then sign in again and all is magically fixed!
    so, maybe if you still have problems...with the comment thing...go into your settings and take out your email...then save...then exit out of blogger...go back in...add
    and see if that works!

    have a great rest of the day rita! :)


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