Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday-9am: blizzard

Turns out I am posting today after all.  
I guess I should watch the news once in a while--LOL!
Our "little bit of snow" turned into a blizzard by the afternoon.  I couldn't have taken another video if I wanted to because the entire screen was plastered white with snow and you couldn't see through it, but this was the video I took in the morning...pre-blizzard.
A couple hours later it was a white out blizzard and you couldn't see past the garages.
The 40mph winds helped drift the snow.

The calvary arrived at midnight to at least plow through the central area of the parking lot and the snow blower was going on the sidewalks this morning.
Overnight we now have a snow pile almost to the peak of the garage roofs over there.  Looks like winter all of a sudden, doesn't it.  Most snow we've had in two years, they said.  (We've been having so much less snow than normal.)  Came down so fast, we broke a 60 year old record.
Going to take a while to finish plowing out the parking lot...
...and for people to dig out their cars and shovel out in front of their garages.
I heard we got over 9 inches of snow here, but some places got over a foot.  Still nothing compared to what they recently had out east.  The wind blew hard enough to wipe most of the snow off the garages roofs and the cars.  Yup.  Definitely turned into a right proper blizzard.  Just thought I'd pop in and say hi.  :) :)


  1. Oh, my- I would die my first day there. We are in the 80's and even 90's now. I wish I could trade a little of our heat for a little of your cold...

  2. Hi to you, too! How does Karma feel about going out on the balcony in the snow?


  3. you have a sweet voice. :) karma's cute little pawprints in the snow were sweet, too!

  4. Wow! That's a lot of snow!

    We got some here, too. My kids had a great time playing in it. :)

    Happy Monday!

  5. WOW!! I am glad the snow is there and not here. :)

  6. Dear Rita, so good to hear your voice and to watch Karma watch the snowflakes. Missouri has no snow. It's been in a deep drought for over two years and we need snow in the winter and rain in the other seasons, but get nothing. I miss the Minnesota blizzards. Of course, part of that is because I didn't have to go out in them because I was a free-lancer and worked in my home!
    Ah! Wonderful. Peace.

  7. You DO have a sweet voice! And Karma does sound quite insistent. Guess you had to go let her in! :-)

  8. Rita thanks for the video. loved seeing it and glad you didn't go out and make another one as it looks way too cold and blustery.. those snow drifts are amazing... I really can't imagine how to even live in weather like that... it has suddenly dripped into the high 80's and I came down this morning to find Phoebe and Mushu on the sofa under a blanket!!!! don't think any of us would cope to well... love to you and Karma...xx

  9. Yes, that does look like a "right proper" blizzard to be sure! Stay warm. Cuddle up with Karma!

  10. Hiya Rita, Glad you didn't miss the storm..hope you are feeling better. We got 14 1/2 inches of the beautiful white least it is moisture! :)

  11. That's a lot of snow! Our last storm didn't amount to too much here. We had 4 inches. More is heading in our direction tho. Possibly Sunday.

    It was warm here today...mid 40s perhaps. I didn't see a thermometer where I was today, and my car isn't equipped with one, but the sun was very warm thru the glass. I even had my windows rolled down a bit for awhile.

  12. I heard you were supposed to get hit with a pretty good snowstorm. Glad you watched it from the safety of your apartment. I loved Karma crying at you to go in, and getting louder and more demanding when you didn't listen.

  13. That's a lot of snow! Yep, it reminds me of Wyoming. hehe


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