Saturday, June 08, 2013


Not been a creative week, so I had to dig into the archives (old art journal) to find drawings of my favorite cups for APR this week.  The Artist's Playroom wanted us to show our favorite cups or mugs.  This mug is about 23 years old.  Since I was constantly sticking it in the microwave (I like my coffee hot) and Dagan and Leah were sick and tired of finding it forgotten there every time they opened my microwave...
...they bought me this thermal mug, which I think is about 7 years old now.  
 I actually turn the handle the wrong way (for a right-hander) and put the cover on the opposite side because that handle is so darn uncomfortable.  Anyways, here they are.  New pictures of old drawings--LOL!  ;)  If you want to see some other people's cool cups just go here
As I said, not been a creative week.
Was a dark, damp start to the week. 
For the fun of it I covered Karma up one day with the sage throw.  She slept under there all afternoon.
With the rain and chilly weather... 
...Karma "asked" for the throw for a three days in a row (tried to crawl under it no matter where it was until I covered her up) for her afternoon naps.  She looks like a medium sized dog under there! 
Then on Thursday we saw sun! 
And on Friday, too. 
Karma actually headed out to the porch before it was even dry out there Wednesday night. 
But I joined her early Thursday to read and enjoy the...
...perfect spring weather!   
50s at night and 70 during the day. 
Brisk breeze, but not enough to be the gusts and gales we often get up here.  
Gorgeous!!  Perfect porch reading weather.  :)
And early this morning we had sunshine.   
Karma was soaking up rays on the carpet. 
Pretty much already clouded over by now, though.  They're saying possible rain/thunderstorms today and tomorrow.  
Was a quiet week.  We did see Dagan briefly on Tuesday, Caroline came to clean on Wednesday, and Katie came for Caroline's review on not our usual solitary week.  Next week I have the dentist on Tuesday.  *sigh*  Not only do I just not like going to the dentist in the first place, but lying on that dentist's chair is horrible on my back.  I think I'll have to go back for a return trip, too.  Feels like a filling fell out or something way in the back.  *sigh*  Be glad when that's all over with.
I had it in my head that I was going to play with the gelli plate next--and then use those printed papers to try out my Cinch...but the sciatica has not been cooperative.  Haven't wanted to try to stand for any length of time yet.  I finally decided last night that I felt up to playing with something.   I could play sitting down on that manila envelope journal from one of the 21 Secrets workshops that I had sewn together.  So I gessoed some more pages and did a second coat on the cover.  Next I will be playing with color!  
Whenever my body lets me--LOL!  ;)
I watched the rest of Season Five of True Blood (still a fan) and am now watching Season Five of Breaking Bad as I get those DVDs.  I have to admit that I'm having a hard time with this season of Breaking Bad.  The main character has just turned so evil and money-hungry that I have lost empathy for him, I guess.  He's not fighting cancer now.  Not doing it for the survival of his family after he's gone.  Not just a desperate, regular school teacher out of his depth anymore.  He's turned into an evil drug lord.  Hard.  Cold.  Lost his humanity.  I have some empathy left for his young partner in crime, I guess.  I have to care what happens to somebody in a series or I lose interest, you know.  Right now, I don't care what happens to Walter.  Depending on how this season goes, this may be the last one for me. 
I've been reading Janet Evanovich's funny, scary, fast paced, with a bit of sexual tension tossed in for spice Stephanie Plum series.  Just finished the second book and going to start the third today.  Caroline brought the first three over for me. 
Oh, and BTW--I saw the movie they made of the first book--awk!  They sucked the very life right out of it.  I will not watch any sequels. 
So--that's what's been happening up here.  Apparently the sciatica isn't planning on leaving any time soon.  I can corner and at least partially subdue its nasty side with the stretching exercises, but it refuses to leave the premises.  Patience is a virtue, right?  ;)  Meanwhile, I play musical chairs and read, write letters, watch the boob tube, play with Karma, and do all the usual daily stuff.  Am enjoying the sky and the perfect temps--even on the rainy cloudy days.  But it sure feels bone-better when the humidity drops.  ;)
  Hope to be back sooner next time.  
Have a perfect weekend!!  
If my mind gets trapped inside
Just roll me to my sky-wide view
Where I will feast on cumulous and light
And tell you that art with just my eyes.
Jane Krainin


  1. really sorry about the sciatica!

    karma made me laugh - as did your comment about her looking like a medium-sized dog. :)

  2. Would a pillow behind your back or under your head help at all at the dentist's office? Do they know how uncomfortable you are? They should work with you to make it at least a bit better. I'm supposed to get the beginning of season five of Breaking Bad today. I want to watch the end of the series, but you're right: Walt has changed.


  3. Loved Karma's hidey-blanket! I love the Stephanie Plum series--I've read all eighteen. Stay dry!!

  4. I have read every one of the Stephanie Plum books. They are hilarious and by far the best writing that Evanovich has ever done. I think most of her writing is less than spectacular.
    Your sky pictures are beautiful and Karma is adorable!
    Thank you so much for think of me Rita. I appreciate it so much.

  5. We had a Chihuahua when I was growing up that liked to be covered up just like that. We always had to be careful not to step or sit on her. :)

    The temperatures there sound perfect to me! In my book, seventy degrees is hot enought. It's been in the nineties recently here—ugh.

    I hope you're feeling better soon, friend. Happy Saturday!

  6. Karma knows how to be comfortable, that's obvious. Sorry your sciatica is still acting up. I agree with you about Walter. He became an evil man! I am worried about Jesse, I hope he comes out of this all right. Your temps and ours are just about the same, it seems. :-)

  7. lots of generous sharing here!! loving Karma and her hiding. Gracie and I are wondering where oh where has the sunshine gone. a week of rain rain and rain with ever so short respites to run out BEtween the raindrops in the mornings... if we are lucky.
    I'm having a nice cuppa here this late Saturday afternoon. got to reading APR posties and thought some tea sounded nice, so I have been alternating BEtween sharing apples and carrots with Gracie [our "cocktail" or "tea" treat most afternoons] and checking out others' odes to cups and mugs and all sorts of what have you.
    you have some serious sky happening out there. I remember driving through, ummmmmmm... was it Montana and South Dakota, so long ago Now, in 1986 returning to Syracuse from San Diego via Vancouver for the Expo. anyway, the sky there just went for days and days and days.
    hoping your sciatica is BEing kinder and that all goes well at the dentist.

  8. Good to see and read your blog today. Sure do hope you're feeling better soon. Back problems are so painful and mysterious. We often have no idea what brought them on. Glad you have Karma's company. Take care!

  9. Yay, I'm so glad you joined in with APR. Love your old cup and I have one of those thermal mugs and yes, those handles are awful. Plus I can never seem to sip out of it right and tend to dribble!! Such a shame you sciatica just won't settle down, maybe the sun will help. My mum suffers from it too and the dry weather seems to help. Cheeky Karma is just like my naughty parrot, he loves his blanky too. Enjoy your sunshine and it lovely to see you here.

  10. Good to hear the rain clouds left and sunshine came back. That always helps to make things better.

    I hope your sciatica clears up- been there with that! And of course Miss Karma looks regal even under a blanket!

  11. When it was freezing cold last winter, I tried to cover Bleubeard. He was shivering, but would have none of that. He hates being under blankets and will fight his way out of them. I was really amazed at Karma. If I hadn't seen photos, I wouldn't believe it. Lovely pics of her, though.

    I know it's your weather that is wreaking havoc on your body. Same here. However, I hope you have a fun remainder of the weekend.

  12. I was starting to get worried about you! Glad that you are OK, for the most part. Don't envy you the dentist's visit and I hope the outing doesn't sideline you too badly. A girl needs her crafting time!!! Gentle hugs!

  13. Anonymous1:16 AM

    Nice to see some sun and blue skies finally!

    Hope you get your neck fixed.

  14. So far in my life the only books mde into TV that I have liked are The Game of Thrones, which is awesome in both book and TV. They really stick to the book. I've read all 19 of Janet Evanovich's books, just wish she would give closure one day on Stephanie's choice of men! lol LOVED Karma sleeping under the throw, that was too cute! Waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  15. Weather was slightly better here but not by much. I'm still down with my back so not getting much accomplished here either. Have the 4 days in a row off from work and had tons of work planned that just isn't going to be happening :( I see lots of reading in my 3 day forecast :)

  16. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Hello my friend.
    I swear you have more followers who actually comment than anyone I know! You are such a lovely person, how could you not?
    I'm sorry the sciatica is acting up, I know that pain and it's unlike any other pain I've ever had...deep ache, nothing touches it...once I couldn't sleep for days. Luckily, mine doesn't act up much any more.
    I know my head has been unhappy with the weather. But here the temps are much higher, and the humidity is like soup. Unfortunately, the storms haven't dropped the temps much. That's NC for you though.
    I just wanted to drop by, having a day I can look at the computer so trying to catch up some.
    love to you and Karma.

  17. Hi Rita -
    Karma is so funny napping under that blanket. Actually those grey skies and cool, rainy weather sounds so good. The desert here in Arizona is scorching already. I am going to check out that series of books you are reading. I have some books by Evanovich on my "to read" shelf so maybe I should make them part of my summer reading. Have a wonderful week and good luck with the dentist. You remind that I need to make an appointment for a check-up soon.

  18. Hope you feel better soon..I am tired of is raining here today...and cold. I feel like Karma I want a blanket to hide under too! :)

  19. Lovely mug shots, Rita. ;)

    Karma is so darned cute wanting to be covered up under the throw. Cody loves to get in under my blankets.

    YAY for perfect spring weather! We're having a wet Monday here so I've declared it a PJ day.

    Oh dear, you have my empathy re. dentist. I had to get my second molar extracted on Friday...NOT a pleasant experience but it had to be done. My mouth is still sore. I hope, in your case, they can replace the you have any pain?? I was told that pain is a good sign that the tooth is not dead. However, if root canal is suggested, it costs HEAPS and takes ages to do so, in my case, it was cheaper and easier to go with the extraction.

    OUCH on the sciatica! :( Take it easy, my friend.

    I haven't heard of Breaking Bad but I'm thinking of getting back into True Blood.

    I have read any books by Janet Evanovich...good reads??

    I read Dan Brown's Inferno and liked it but I felt it wasn't as good as previous was a little on the boring side for me but, to be fair, when I'd climb into bed each night to read, I was very tired and only managed a few pages at a time. Maybe if I had been more alert I would have enjoyed it better.

    Enjoy what's left of your weekend.

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  20. Oh my goodness. I really loved that quote at the end.

    I hope your weekend was a good one and I hope you get to feeling better soon.

    The weather sure has been crazy in some corners of our country. We had a beautiful late spring day here today. Bit windy but it was warm. I went to my great-nieces 2nd birthday party this afternoon and it was held outside. I had fun watching the little kids playing. Will try to put some up in my blog sometimes since you aren't on Facebook.

    Have a great week. *hugs*

  21. It must be brilliant to have an arty archive to pull work out of the bag! Your mugs look great. I used to have a few thermal ones but couldn't really take to them. But they do keep your drink hot!!!
    How cute is Karma under her throw? What a giggle ^..^
    Gorgeous photos of your sky too.
    I hope you have some relief from that terrible sciatica soon...poor you.
    Good to see your entering into challenges again though. Enjoy your day. xoxo

  22. *sigh* just happy to hear about your week! :) And Karma staying under the blanket, too cute!!

  23. I love your mugs... I have been wrestling with a certain one you sent through to me for days now and it isn't quite where I want it to be... a fun challenge though... and you have my sympathies with the dentists and the dentists chairs... they are just wrong aren't they... we book extra massage for phoebe after that or the hair dresser... must be something about the angle,but it makes her hips flare... but the photos of Karma were cute... he looks as big as Mushu under that throw... As the colder weather is finally starting here he is retiring to snuggle into Phoebe's bed while she is at school... or on her reading chair in the sun... he stayed there all day today... love to you both
    T xx

  24. That quote seems to be a "perfect" one.. not only for you - but for everyone!

    I enjoyed seeing Karma under the blankie and out bathing in the sun. I bet that sunscreen she uses is messy and smelly!

  25. Sounds like you had a beautiful week of weather! Your drawings of the different mugs are so impressive.

    I did notice your penmanship as well. So pretty and precise. Can you believe that they are debating whether or not to eliminate handwriting from the public schools? I can't believe it...seems like handwriting will become a "lost art."


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