Friday, June 06, 2014


Good Morning!
This is actually a nearing sunset shot--even though I don't face that direction--LOL!
How's this for rainclouds moving in overhead.  At first I thought I had gotten my finger in the picture--LOL!  We've had some rain here and there with the temps hovering around 80.
The garbage disposal got fixed right away that day.  But the garage door people didn't arrive until Wednesday afternoon while I was gone over to D&L's.  The office didn't call and leave a message or anything.  *sigh*  When I called them Thursday morning they said it was fixed.  This time, apparently, it finally really truly IS fixed--tada!  I was able to put Pita in the garage when I got home from D&L's last night.  Hurray!  :) 
I spent a lot of Wednesday and Thursday over in West Fargo.  Lots going on at their place.  Wednesday their Costco livingroom furniture finally was being delivered--but a couch leg wouldn't go on so they only accepted the chair and the loveseat--which Leah is sitting on while setting up a video baby monitor.
They also had garage door troubles and somebody came to fix theirs, too.  Recently discovered mold in the master bathroom up on the ceiling in the corner (cupboards there) where the icy wind hits it in the winter and caused condensation--so they are dealing with the construction company on that issue.  They sent somebody out and they put more insulation up in the attic but still have to come back to actually deal with the mold.  Were supposed to have cement poured for the patio, etc--but too wet this week.  Oh, and the glider rocker they ordered--sent the wrong one.  Now it will be another 4-8 weeks--not in time for the baby, most likely.  Leah had a long list of places she had to call on various issues both days I was there.  Seems like things have been moving one step forward two steps back over there--LOL!  They take it in stride.
We did get most of baby stuff sorted from the showers and quite a bit hauled upstairs.  Tags cut off and piles started for washing up everything so they can be organized by size in the baby's dresser.  We got through all the new items, I think...and next week we'll finish sorting through the hand-me-downs (clothing and toys) so we can start laundry and scrubbing stuff down.  I'm going to help her make up meals ahead of time to freeze, too.  And she needs to do some reorganizing in the kitchen, too, before the baby comes.  Lots to do.  :)
I was thinking how we have had mom belly shots, but no pics of dad lately, right?  So I caught a couple of pictures of Dagan while he was emptying the dishwasher.
Note--Leah has been melting in the heat and needs the AC cranked up--so you see that Dagan has a warm top on.  After being there on Wednesday...I brought a turtleneck with me yesterday--ROFL!   
Here's the latest belly shot.  
Less than three weeks to go! 
Now, this is really silly, I know.  When the diaper pails were unpacked...couldn't help but think...goodness!...wouldn't Miss Karma just love one of those boxes!  Yup!  Silly, silly me carried home an empty box. 
But it was greatly appreciated.
I think she had her head sticking out because of the cloying scent inside from the plastic bags that came with the diaper pail.  But a weird smell was not going to stop Miss SnoopyPants from claiming the box, right?  LOL! 
Today Leah is off to lunch and shopping with her sister, Michal.  Leah will let me know if she wants me to come over this weekend at all, but I plan to be over again on Monday.  Lifestyle changes are instantaneously wrought with independent transportation, eh?  I love it!  You forget that particular freedom when it is no longer an option, you know?  And D&L's is just a hop and a skip away in a vehicle (2 miles), so I don't have to be feeling fantastic to make a quick trip over and still be able to help out, you know?  It's absolutely wonderful.  :) :)   
I have to is so strange to hold those soft tiny clothes in these hands.  Been nearly 40 years since I was nesting and preparing for Master Dagan to make his entrance into the world.  It's hard to remember him ever being that tiny...and yet there seems to be an almost physical memory triggered by the light weight of a baby sleeper with those tiny snaps resting in my fingers.  Can quite overwhelm me in a quiet moment. 
  Speaking of will be an R&R day here in Fargo.  A good day to chat with some snailer friends on paper and read library books.  Looks sunny this morning.  Supposed to be cooler!!  In the 60s for a couple days!  Awesome!  My kind of weather.  Hope you have a marvelous weekend!!  :):)
"We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures."
Thornton Wilder   


  1. It sounds like things are going very well in your neighborhood, Rita, even if there are a few glitches here and there. Leah does look just about ready to pop, doesn't she? Karma makes me smile! :-)

  2. Hi, Rita! Temps in the 60s would be a dream come true at this time of year here in Florida. Even 80 degrees would be considered a "cold snap."

    Most of our lives is spent taking two steps forward and one back. There are many days when you don't even make that much progress. It helps to take it in stride and know that everything will get done eventually.

    I always look forward to your pictures of Karma and I had to laugh when I saw kitty in a box. It looks like that carton has already become a favorite place for her to snooze.

    I hope all continues to go well as Leah prepares to give birth and that you will continue to have fond flashbacks to that special time in your own life.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!

  3. so glad you have independence again! and a working garage door.

    loved karma in her new box. :) and leah and dagan with their opposite hot/cold. :)

  4. Everything is falling in place for the new grandbaby!

    Love the pic of Karma in the box!

  5. So excited for you and your family!!! Nothing is more rewarding than a new baby in the family. Also very happy your have running wheels again... it makes life a tad bit easier. Take care and enjoy your cooler weather...I know I am.

  6. Glad you can get out and about again. That baby will be here soon and you'll want to be able to get over there.


  7. It's so great that you can be out in the big wide world, and what better reason is there to go out than to prepare for a new baby? It was 90 degrees here yesterday. It's supposed to rain all weekend and the beginning of next week so I didn't thaw out steaks to grill this weekend.

    Janie, who is so happy for you

  8. Glad the issues at your place are sorted; hope those at Dagan and Leah's will be soon too!

    Sounds like everything's coming together nicely for the baby's arrival... Bet you're all really excited?

    Well, yeah, you had to bring a box home for Karma, LOL!

  9. What happy, happy times! And I love the shot of Miss Karma sticking her head out of the box. And to let you know, I will be closing my blog for a while, but will be checking in on my favorite blogs (like yours!) periodically~

  10. Sounds like things are going swell in your neighborhood! My brother, in Denver, CO just took a picture yesterday of a Tornado outside his place! Freaky stuff!

    That is so cute how Karma likes laying in boxes. :) I bet you are excited to be a grandma! I will be praying for a healthy baby and easy delivery for mommy.

  11. YAY for the garage door and waste disposal being fixed!

    Those video baby monitors are awesome. They even have a sensor that alerts you if baby stops breathing. Michelle uses them all the time.

    Oh my goodness, seems to be an awful lot of things that D & L are dealing with. That's the kind of luck I have a lot of the time. :(

    Leah is looking radiant! Less than THREE EXCITING!!! I think it's great that you have wheels so you can pop over to visit them.

    LOL at Karma and the nappy carton....too cute!!!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  12. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Awww. You'll be the best!

  13. Mold is never good even though many of us have had a mold problem at some point home they get rid of the mold and it doesn't come back.

    When my girls where little we didn't have great baby monitors like there are nowadays my brother had a video monitor so they could see baby not just listen to her.

  14. All of your lives are about to change for the better. So excited for you!

  15. I remember how busy I was just before our sweet baby was born. It is such an exciting time! Good that you are able to get out and spend some time with them helping out.

  16. Dear Rita, this posting was so satisfying to read because it reveals a day or so in your life and how you find good wherever you look. Mom used to say that to me: "Dolores, you find what you look for. If you look for good, you will find it. And if you look for bad, you will surely find that too." And I often see from your postings that you embrace Mom's philosophy. Peace.

  17. I'm so excited for you, Leah, and Dagan! Such anticipation...and only three more weeks!

    Sounds like going through the clothes is bringing back some nice memories.

  18. Love the pictures of Leah and Dagan. They will make great parents. :) And I know you will be a fantastic grandma. :)

  19. OMG she's gonna 'splode!!!! :)

    And nothing cuter than a cat in a box. :P


  20. WOW Those are definitely some preggo shots!!! How exciting to have a new family member joining you soon! Karma is so cute and what a lucky cat to have a thoughtful mom. You just knew she'd love that box! I thought I was a follower but apparently I wasn't??? I am now on blogger and email! A happy week to you Rita!

  21. I found things going wrong (like the wrong glider chair being delivered) to be exasperating. Our county really doesn't seem to get things right anymore.

    I like the Cat in the Box photo - look out Cat in the Hat, you got competition! Perhaps you can get someone as famous for doing Karma's voice? :)


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