Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Been a slow moving morning for me, but I'm here for T Stands For Tuesday.  :)  And it's been a whole week again since I blogged.  Goodness!  Life has been busier for me than I have been used to for years--and I didn't even really do that much--LOL!  
Let's see...we've had a lot of this.  Rain.  Enough that it has remained too wet for them to pour Dagan and Leah's patio...and looks like this is supposed to keep up pretty much all week.
We do have breaks here and there. 
Beautiful blue and white breaks. 
But they haven't lasted long enough to dry the black earth... 
...so they can drive equipment on it, you know?  Soon. 
I was having my monthly packages being delivered last week...and there were issues.  I had one package go "out for delivery"...in Omaha, Nebraska!  LOL!  It finally made it up here, but the ArtBin container I bought was cracked and a corner broken off.  So, they're sending me a new one, but I have to get the broken one mailed back before 30 days are up.
The rest was just kitty litter, cat food, and nothing exciting...but we had to work around my deliveries and Leah and Dagan's schedule so I didn't make it over until Friday and Saturday this last weekend.  I never know what we're going to do when I go over there.  Sometimes we just end up hanging out and don't get all that much baby stuff done.  Both Leah and I tire easily--LOL!  But yesterday we got baskets of baby clothes folded, organized by size, and put away in the dresser and a storage tub (for the larger clothes).  Leah had an appointment with the midwife at 3pm and I had Pam (library lady) coming, too, so I headed home early.
I have some really interesting looking books to read.
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (note the trusty thermal mug--which now travels with me to Dagan and Leah's, too)...
...Morgan's Passing and A Patchwork Planet by Anne Tyler... 
...and The Bean Trees and Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingslover. 
When it has been too damp/wet for me to spend time on the porch, I figured Miss Karma might like her new diaper pail box slid under the chair.
I was right.  ;) 
Starting today we are hitting around 80 degrees or more and it's expected to stay hotter for the rest of the week...and damp.  Time for the AC.  (When you live on third floor you can just add at least five degrees by afternoon.)  
Yes, I forgot to take pictures at Dagan and Leah's every time I was there.  :(  I even had my camera with me.  Duh!
Well, I will be going back over tomorrow.  Two days in a row is pretty hard on me (not that I did a lot--good grief--lol!), but I am going to try for M-W-F this week.  Face it.  I am not used to being out and about--at all.  I usually never left these four walls but once every 1-3 months.  At least I can usually scoot over those 2 miles even if I am not feeling tip-top, you know?   I love the new recliner they bought and it is just nice to be out and visiting with my two favorite people...quite soon to be three.  :)
Karma's taking this shift quite well...as long as I am back before dark.  She should be really accustomed to my being gone sometimes by the time it gets dark earlier.  Karma sleeps most all day, anyways.  Now she just snoozes close to the door--LOL!  She wants extra attention and cuddling when I get home, but she doesn't seem to be too stressed out or anything.  Except the night I came home after dark...she complained...loud and long!  So I remember to leave a light on when I leave, just in case, because I never know how long I will stay.  I usually don't make it over until early afternoon and then I play it by ear--see how my body-boss is doing that day--LOL!
Leah's due date is next Wednesday the 25th--so there may be news on that front soon!!  Baby has been in position for a while now.  :):)
Blogger is really acting up--flashing pink and yellow error boxes regularly--I hope this will post.  When I am home I have been kind of collapsing.  Gramma Rita has to get used to all this activity.  ;)  Today looks like a perfect day to read and watch the boob tube--LOL!  Have a wonderful, wonderful day!!!
"Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope."
Maya Angelou


  1. That's a wonderful quote from the late Maya A., dear Rita. I agree that love recognizes no barriers.

    Your skyscapes continue to astonish me with their beauty. We've had many days of rain in a row here in Florida, too, but we needed it and welcomed it because it doesn't take long for the blazing sun to bake lawns. The rains also lower the temperature during the day and that makes it more bearable to be outdoors.

    Only a week and a day to go! I share your excitement. I love seeing pictures of your Karma and I want you to tell her (next time she's awake) that Shady has a blog award waiting for her in my next post this Friday!

    Until then, please take good care of yourself, dear Rita!

  2. The cloud formations between storms and sun are always the most fascinating-great photos! I adore Karma in her new sleeping box :) How exciting for you all to have your new little family member very soon now. Happy T day to you!

  3. That looks like a great reading list you have there, although I have not read any of them. You'll have to let us know if and which you recommend.

    Karma is adorable in her box under the chair!

    Happy T Day!

  4. Oh, wow. The due date fast approacheth. I got a lot of error messages recently and then most of Sunday I couldn't get online. I wish a diaper pail box could make me as happy as it does Karma. I love those Kingsolver books. Have you read The Poisonwood Bible? It's sooo good. The bad thing about it is that everything she's written since Poisonwood has disappointed me. It's The Hurricane's all-time favorite book. I like Morgan's Passing and really love A Patchwork Planet.


  5. A big pile of books and a lovely drink and I am all set!
    Thanks for welcoming me to T!

  6. I loved seeing your blue and white sky pics. They are beautiful. It's hot and muggy here in northeastern PA. Thunderstorms are predicted to be rolling in later on. They went around us last night.

    I'm glad you're getting out and about more. It's good to get some fresh air now and then. :) I bet Leah appreciates your time with her, too. I hope all goes well with the delivery. Will be looking for your wonderful news. :)

  7. Hi Rita! What a beautiful kitty Karma is! Sounds like both of you have had a full day! Blogger was acting up on me also, so I was late posting. Have a great week!

  8. Blogger is definitely acting up. I had to try twice to post a couple of comments, and when I wrote my post it kept trying to tell me it wasn't working. But it did seem to finally work all right.

    I just know that by the time you post again, there will be three in that household! I have my fingers crossed for a stress-free delivery. Take it easy, Rita, and remember you don't have to become a gadabout! :-)

  9. oh, due date arriving! yay! hope all will go easily and well!

    i am so glad that you are able to get over there as much as you do, now. awesome to have some added freedom to your days!

    karma cracked me up in her box!

  10. Blogger has done it's worst with me. I thought it was my ISP, so rebooted three times, only to realize it could have been blogger.

    Love your sky photos. I really SHOULD start taking daily sky shots, but I would probably forget since I have to go outside and walk a fair distance to be away from trees.

    Those books look interesting. It's been so hot here this week, I've had the AC on all the time. I should probably head to the basement, but it's not fun down there, like it is in the sunny rooms on my main floor and upstairs office.

    Hope Leah is doing well, and hope you are, too. You sound busy and HaPPY, too.

    Thanks for sharing for T this Tuesday.

  11. Your book list is an impressive one. I hope you get to spend all the time you need for them.

    It’s good that you get out more; once the baby is here you’ll have another reason for gallivanting. Karma will simply have to get used to it. But if you tell her all about the visit when you get home she’ll probably forgive you.

  12. Such an exciting time! You sound cheerful enough to make up for the grey and rainy weather!

  13. Wonderfully moody skies. I have read the Kingsolver books and enjoyed them. I'll be checking in all week to see if that baby has arrived.


  14. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Janie's diaper box comment made me laugh out loud.

    Take it easy...

  15. The rainy, gray days have been so dreary. I'm glad to have the hot sunshine back!

    I just finished Gone Girl and have read the Kingsolver books (but that was years ago). I hope you blog your thoughts on the books.

    Happy T Tuesday :)

  16. My Goodness! these cloud pictures are so amazing, love love them.
    It seems you have a wonderful selection of books to read. Best Wishes and prayers on welcoming the new family member.
    Have a lovely week

  17. Happy T-Day!
    What wonderful sky pics! Karma is adorable sleeping under the chair. Hope it will be a smooth delivery.

  18. This weather pattern is the pits. Severe storms today..and tomorrow. It's getting old and like you said the fields are horrible. I've seen trees dying that are drowning from their roots being so wet for so long.
    Exciting about the baby...soon...very soon...

  19. Frustrating that the rain delayed the pouring of the patio but, hopefully, they can get on to it sooner than later.

    Enjoy your books. I was the opposite to Janie because I did not enjoy The Poisonwood Bible one little bit. It was the most slow-moving and most boring book I think I've ever forced myself to read. It's the one book I considered not even finishing. Just goes to show how we all have different tastes. :)

    Karma is sure loving her little hideaway. hehe

    I'm eagerly awaiting baby news.

    Love and hugs ~ xo

  20. One more week or maybe before! You better keep your camera in your purse a you will want to show the new dude off:)

  21. I have taken to reading a bit at night before turning the light off and have a number of books I would like to get through

  22. Will the rain ever end? We have been in rain mode for a week. There is flooding in the southern part of the province! I think all the new trees I planted are drowning....lol. Looking forward to the new arrival. She looks like she might have a girl...but I also have bets on my niece that she will have a girl. Maybe I am just in girl mode.

  23. Glad Karma isn't getting too stressed out by you leving. And, I bet it's nice to be greeted so warmly when you get home.

    Is everything ready for baby now? Bet you're all super excited! I hope all goes well for the delivery, and I'm dying to get to find out the name they've picked.

  24. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Wonderful clouds! Nice with some warmer weather perhaps?

    Enjoy your books!

  25. Awesome cloud pictures! You have some great reading awaiting you. I read The Bean Trees a couple of years back and really liked it. Will be anxious to here about that new baby coming to your family! Have a good weekend and stay well.

  26. Love those cloud pictures. Karma is taking it all in her stride...as normal!
    Exciting times ahead for you!

  27. You certainly have some fantastic skies!
    I've read Gone Girl and thought it was really interesting although I couldn't say I really enjoyed it.
    It's certainly a thought provoking story-line.
    What fun photos of Karma ^..^
    Have a great day

  28. "Boob Tube"? Goodness it's been a long time since I've heard that!!

    I guess nowadays it should be called something else... like the "anal panel" or something...


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