Friday, October 03, 2014


Good Morning!
I have lots of sky pictures today. 
Or cloud pictures, I should say. 
Not many glimpses of blue sky.  But some.  ;) 
There is new construction going on all around.  Across the field they are digging up earth... 
...and off to the right, too. 
They're building more garages over by the new apartments. 
And I don't know what all the mess and stockpiles are for behind our garages across the street for the new apartment.  It's all "progress", right?  A lot of peeping, roaring engines, and hammering...
...under moody, chilly autumn skies. 
This morning I see peeks of sky.  It was 40 degrees (4 C) when I woke up.  Windy.  My direction--so had to finally close the bedroom window during the night because it got a little too nippy for me.  But I do so love this change of season.  Energizes me. 
Karma, on the other hand, is sleeping more.  She's been cuddling with me, in her brown cat bed, or hold up someplace snoring.  Feels like winter is creeping down from the north. 
Okay, I called Cashwise yesterday to find out the details of how to use the new EBT scanner system before I placed my order for delivery today...and they had to send them back!!  No scanners!  So I still couldn't order groceries this month, either! just so happened that Caroline had a meeting and had switched to Thursday/yesterday...and it just so happened that because of all the issues recently with Cashwise Delivery that Caroline and I had talked about her taking me shopping (or buying groceries without me if I wasn't able to go that day)...and it just so happens I had my yearly review on Monday (changed from Thursday) and got that approved!  It's a switch up--no extra hours for me or anything.  Caroline just wouldn't clean that week and do shopping instead.
So, the timing actually couldn't have been more perfect.  If Caroline had come on her regular day I would have had to wait two weeks.  So, Caroline ended up going to Cashwise yesterday and doing all my grocery shopping for me!!  Used my big white cart in the garage to haul it up here.  She has done shopping for many of her clients over the years so they know her at Cashwise and there is no issue about her using my card.  TaDa!!  So, if they don't have the scanner thing figured out by November, at least now I don't have to worry because Caroline could always go for me.  Whoohoo!!  What a relief!  :)
Today I ordered my new Brother sewing machine (praying it ships well), kitty litter, "pour over" coffee paraphernalia (for when I'm over at Dagan and Leah's), and a couple toys for Ian from Amazon that were on Ian's wish list.  (Grammas need to buy toys once in a while, right?)  All supposed to be here by the end of next week.  I pray they don't ship any breakables with the 40 lb bag of kitty litter like they have before.  Amazon shipping practices can be quite strange sometimes.  
And...I ordered sets of erasable pens and highlighters for my new planner from Jet Pens.  Pilot FriXion pens are so strange.  Bought one to try several months ago.  They erase with this hard plastic-y eraser on the end of the pen.  Dents will show from where you pressed into the paper when you wrote, but it will take the ink away.  In fact, I recently heard that the ink will disappear with heat--say a heat gun or hair dryer or sitting in the hot sun--and will reappear if you put it in the freezer!  Cool!  You know I'll have to try that.  I would have been crazy for these when I was a kid.  I'm so tired of scribbling or crossing out changes all over my planner/calendar, you know?  But...I am also a notorious color-coder and use erasing wouldn't quite do the trick for me, right?  Come to find out they now have Frixion highlighters!!  (And markers and colored pencils, too, I guess.)  Whoohoo!! 
Oh, the little things in life that make me soooo happy.  Even if the pens and highlighters don't erase perfectly (I'll let you know), it will look better to my OCD-eye than all the scribbled and crossed out changes, for sure!
Anyways, just a quick hello.  Karma's sleeping in the sun.  I'm off to toast an English muffin!!  Have a super weekend.  :):)
"No matter what accomplishments you achieve, somebody helps you."
Althea Gibson    


  1. I have a lot of art supplies--almost enough for a store--but you have a veritable warehouse!!

  2. Anonymous12:16 PM

    You have very pretty skies up there.

    You must get more sunlight than we do. Forty more days. I checked. 🌞

  3. so glad caroline could go shopping for you! what a pain!

    i love your skies today!

  4. Oh, yes, grandma's buy stuff! LOL

    What's frustrating is how quickly grandkids outgrow toys. And that's one of the upsides to having two grandsons. Currently I'm happy to see all the boxes of Thomas the Tank Engine toys being enjoyed again. This time by grandson #2.

    Let me know how those pens work. The boys would love that disappearing ink trick :)

  5. Those are really neat clouds! I wish I could sit there and see what sort of things I could see in their shapes. :)

    So glad you got the grocery thing worked out - at least until a certain company gets their act together! They sound horrible "behind the times" - I hope their food is better than their Internet/Delivery service!

  6. Oh, I'm also eager to see how you like your Brother. I've been researching sewing machines online for a couple of years and am leaning toward a Brother. What model did you get?

  7. Yes grandmothers should buy lots of presents. I bought mine presents every time I saw them at first, now it's not that frequent. I just love buying them things or knitting cardigans.
    There are so many tempting things for children these days.
    Have fun with Ian!
    Have a good weekend too.
    Sue x

  8. It's great when things turn out so nicely. You deserve lots of that. And I had to scroll back to see that someone has taken your desk from the curb. Yay!

  9. I need a GOOD sewing machine! I have 2 cheap Singers (I will be complaining at length about them in my next post) and they are JUNK!!!! I hope you love your new machine!


  10. I'm so glad to hear there's a fix for your grocery woes. And that you're all set for the present and even for the future if necessary. I think your guardian angels were working overtime this past week, don't you? :-)

  11. Yes, Grammas must buy some toys for the baby. The future holds baking together and craft projects.


  12. You really captured some gorgeous clouds - were all those just from one day? Your weather must change every 5 minutes!

    I'm going to look into those markers for my gkids because that sounds like such fun! (and yes, Nanas and Gammas have a sole purpose of spoiling the gkids. It's written in stone somewhere).

    How awesome about your grocery shopping - I love when things work out that way! Set and intention and then sit back and watch - looks like your are as trong intention setter. Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new place! ;) xo

  13. I always love your pictures of the sky! The more stormy looking, the more beautiful! Glad you have your groceries all squared away. How wonderful to get a new sewing machine Rita. I know it will be put to good use. Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. Actually, since the word "sky" is from the Norse word "skie" and actually means "cloud" what you said was correct, since "sky photos" would be photos of clouds.

    I'm glad you could get Caroline to go shopping for you, but it's stupid that they don't have things figured out for you to do it from home yourself yet.

    Yes, Grandmas should buy stuff as much as is possible for them.

    Glad Karma is getting her beauty sleep in, despite all the construction work happening across from you.

  15. Of course Grandma's HAVE to have toys, that's a given!

  16. You sound like the chirpiest and cheerfullest little bird today. A real bundle of joy.

    I am glad everything is going well for you. Make the most of it.

  17. Yes, Grammas need to buy toys once in awhile. ;) I'm sure Ian will love them.

    I hope things ship correctly and you won't end up with anything broken. Good luck with the new sewing machine once it arrives. I wouldn't know where to start with one. (can you tell i don't sew? lol)

    I'm glad Caroline could do your grocery shopping for you. I hope Cashwise gets their act together soon so you won't have to worry about it anymore.

    Karma looks comfy. :)

  18. Anonymous12:17 AM

    What gorgeous cloud shots! And brrrr - chilly weather!

  19. Really want to try that with the pens now... I have a few of them lying around actually so I need to find some time to give it a go... And you will be pleased to know I spent and hour cruising a web shop yesterday that was all pens and ink... I thought of you the whole time but also decided I wouldn't get anything without checking with my expert in Fargo!

  20. Well, I just learned something new today...thanks! I've been using several Frixion pens in my sketchbook for a couple of months now and I had absolutely no idea that the grey thingy on the end of the pen could be used to erase the pen. I didn't even know they were erasable. I really should pay more attention when I buy things....I just spotted them and loved the colours. lol They're great for page titles in my sketchbook. :)

    Caroline doing the shopping sounds like a great idea and then you won't have to deal with those EBT scanners.

    I remember when Beau had his only lasted a few weeks if memory serves my correctly. He said it took a lot of upkeep. :)

    Ian is adorable!!! xo


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