Tuesday, September 30, 2014


It's a nippy Tuesday morning at 45 degrees.
The wind howling against the building woke me up.  Sounded like winter.
Last Saturday it was 87 degrees and I had to run the AC when Dagan and Leah came to work on the desk.
Sunday was a damp 62 and so chilly I had to close up the place.  You just never know from day to day around here--LOL! 
Saturday morning (before it got too hot) Karma enjoyed the sunshine.  This is what I can see of her when the porch door is open...ears, back feet, and tail. 
McFamily arrived Saturday evening.  Had me a lot of Gramma time, of course.  Grammas are happy to hold babies whether awake or asleep.  :) :)  I think they finished up around midnight.  TaDa!!  Way smaller than my old one...and yet actually has more storage space! 
Karma came out of the bedroom after they left and checked everything out.  I dug out some packing plastic film from the trash for her to claim.  Dagan had thrown it all away like a good son.  ;)
I think the keyboard drawer that Karma is cuddling up next to will probably go on after all.  Never put it on the old desk, but I thought it could make a perfect tuck away spot for my planner or letters in progress.  Leah thinks they can still add it, so we'll see.
Oh!  Had a strange sighting in the parking lot.
I haven't seen a mohawk for decades!  LOL!  Are they coming back?  Or is this young guy just a retro-individualist? 
It took me a couple of days to slowly get things into the desk.  I keep rearranging and tweaking...and have a ways to go yet.  Over time I will finally settle on where everything should go...and I still have empty space to work with right now.  Whoohoo! 
My new planner starts tomorrow!!  Yes, there's my trusty thermal mug for T-Stands For Tuesday, too.  Hi, ladies!  
Since I can't use but the end of my big table now because of the cracked base, I moved all my writing materials over to the new desk.  That left some room under the AC there for something... 
...so I cleared off the art table last night!!  These messy mats never got cleaned (I know-hard to believe) and were buried under various piles of stuff over the last few weeks.  I need to clean the table and mats off as soon as my cranky back will cooperate.  Whoohoo!!  Got my art table back!  I feel the urge to spray and slop paint...soon!  ;)
I just spent half an hour trying to get a video from Leah's dropbox on to my blog.  Nothing I do seems to work.  Bummer.  Mama got the best video of Ian and said I could share it.  All I can see is a black box with arrows in a circle.  I'll see if it magically transforms into a video or not when I go to publish.
If it doesn't, I'll keep trying to figure this out.  Meanwhile, I'll try a couple pictures from her dropbox.

Whoohoo!  These worked!
I have to post this as a test to see if the video worked...be back.
Well, that was a total waste of 20 minutes to download.  Just a weird, annoying bouncy picture.  Sorry.  Had to delete it.  At least the photos worked.  I need help with videos from dropbox, I guess.  I'll have to try to google that.
Anyways, happy Tuesday!  :):)
'Tis a lesson you should heed:
Try, try, try again.
If at first you don't succeed,
Try, try, try again."
William Edward Hickson


  1. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There's no point in being a damn fool about it." - W. C. Fields

  2. ian's a cutie. like the new desk, too!

  3. What a fun post for today! Karma looks quite content in that sun there, although spot #2 she looks equally as happy. Great newly improved and clean desk you've got there too! Happy T-day!

  4. Nice new desk! I'm just having fun staring at that sweet little baby face at the end of your post. Man, it all goes so fast!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. Glad you go your desk all put together and stocked up! Hard to believe that there is actually more storage space since it is so much smaller!

    Funny....I've seen a few mohawks lately two, but on very small boys!

  6. Great shots of Ian. And of course Karma perched on the plastic, pretty as you please. Glad your new desk is working so well, Rita. :-)

  7. Fall is so unpredictable, but we haven't gone down anywhere near the 40s yet! You are having variety, aren't you!

  8. I love Tuesdays because everyone's post brings a smile :) but that baby takes the cake---what a little cutie-pie! And of course, Karma is entertaining as well :)
    Your desk area looks great!
    Happy T day to you :)

  9. Your new desk looks almost the same as your old desk, but darker and obviously smaller. I see the old one is gone.

    It's still HOT here, like your weather last week. I keep hoping it will cool down a bit.

    Ian looks good, and I'm sure he was happy playing with you while "the kids" put the desk together.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us at T this Tuesday.

  10. HI, IAN! You are adorable. I love the desk. I want one. Forty-five degrees? Beyond my comprehension.


  11. What a cutie! thanks for the tour and your kind words!

  12. Anonymous7:30 PM

    I see Mohawks on younger kids...you just gotta wonder.

    Cutest baby pics yet! He enjoys his tummy time still.

  13. Hi Rita (and Karma....grin) Glad to see you have your new desk put together and ready for some playtime!

    The weather here is beginning to cool off, only getting into the 80s. It is nice NOT to have to turn on the AC, still no rain in these parts of California. They got some up north and down south but here in the central part we stay dry. :(

    Thanks for visiting this week, and the lovely comments.

  14. your new desk looks marvelous, I am envious! and sweet little grandson...love his pics!

  15. It's amazing what things cats love, isn't it. My tammy will sit in any box or basket that is on the floor.
    Hope the room is sorted soon and you back is better so you can play!

  16. And .... I just did it: look at your blog (sorry that I don't do that more often) and Ian is a gorgeous baby!!!!

  17. The desk looks good and this little cutie is adorable!
    Happy T-Day!

  18. That is a grand looking desk! I am certain you will have it all arranged before long:) Good news that the old desk was rescued from the dumpster! Recycling at it's best! :)

  19. Ian is obviously a strong baby. He seems to be progressing so quickly. But don't they all?

    Glad to see and hear things are falling into place :)

  20. That mohawk! There was a girl in high school with me (late 80s) who had the biggest mohawk I'd ever seen! That one was huge though! And look at that big boy...pushing himself up like that!


  21. Such a "moody sky"! It kind of sadly announces the summer is over.

    Smiles at Karma and Ian... He is one cute little guy!!

    Your desk looks spiffy!

  22. Anonymous10:59 AM

    The baby is so gorgeous...

  23. Oh he is a little darling. I would be spending all day playing with him.

  24. Hi Rita
    Thanks for your comments on my blog.
    Looks like little one is almost crawling:)
    Sue x

  25. How is it possible that lil Ian gets cuter and cuter...what fun he is I'm sure!
    I have always been fascinated with mohawks as they seem to defy gravity...long ago our son's friend had a spikey BLUE one and I enjoyed that one alot ;-)
    Your new bookshelf looks great and what a lot of nice storage.
    Fun being back for t and challenging trying to play catch up
    Happy October to you and yours Rita

  26. Hello and Happy T Day! Hooray for a new desk! He is so big and so CUTE!! Love those shots from the floor, so cute!!! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Ian is just gorgeous... And he looks so happy and sweet... What a special time for you...xx


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