Sunday, January 18, 2015


I know!  Do you believe I am back again already with another slew of pictures!?  This was pre-dawn this morning...and we do have sun today--30 degrees right now.
We had such a busy day yesterday!  Ian was left to the devices of Daddy and Gramma all afternoon.  I now keep this old throw and a couple old kitchen towels clean and at the ready for Ian visits.  He doesn't need to be putting tiny pieces of food from Karma's treat ball or thread or God knows what in his mouth at Gramma's house--LOL!  
It's getting a little harder to keep him on the blanket, though.  He kind of spins and wiggles about now.  This is the only picture of Miss Karma...trying to ignore Ian and be invisible to everybody. 
Here's Daddy soothing Ian when he was getting fussy while we waited for the food container to warm up in some hot water.  
Dagan forgot the bumbo (?) seat so we had to wing it.  I held Ian in my lap while Daddy sat on the floor and fed him.  
There was a little reluctance, but it worked okay and we managed to get the whole container down him (only leaving a dash of food on his forehead that Mama found later after she arrived--ROFL!)  But after a full tummy Ian was a happy boy again.
...and watching silly Gramma with her camera.
Ian has become quite the intense observer.
After Leah arrived they dug into this Amazon box that held the wall coat rack and the bathroom spacesaver.
Leah brought her drill and special hold-the-screw-into-the-sheet-rock thingies.  The coat hooks were going above the bench in the entryway. 
I am already loving these hooks!!  
Oops!  There's Karma again--LOL!
While Mama and Daddy were doing that, Gramma stole a quick video chat with the little book chewer while we were waiting for Chinese delivery.
Yup!!  Even got my favorite--fried rice!  What a treat!
After dinner Leah also used her drill and screw thingies to attach this letter basket/hook rack which was going... by the door to replace some 3M hooks I have been using for my keys and purse.  In case you're wondering, the white trash basket is for recycling catalogs and magazines.
So, for right now, the little white board is just sitting in the basket.  
It will go above the rack but Leah (who always knows the latest, best, coolest things like this) said they now have velcro attachments to stick up things like the white board.  She's going to get me some.  I tell you, she's a wonder when it comes to things like...well, all of this.  :)
The spacesaver that is going to replace this old Target model...wasn't enough time to get to that yet...
...but they got all the parts out of the box and Dagan carried all the boxes out to the dumpster for me.  I'm sure Karma wouldn't have been thrilled had she known, but I sure was.
Miss Karma is as stiff and hobbly as I am today--LOL!  She sat in that same position in her bed on the chair for hours--trying to be invisible, hissing if anyone came to close or talked to her, waiting for them to leave--until she finally went and hid in the bedroom.  She's used to flipping herself back and forth like a pancake as she sleeps and getting up to wander about periodically...just like her roommate--LOL! 
Okay--if all that wasn't enough...they also hooked up the picture frame to the internet.
It also has a motion sensor!  
Do you believe it?
AND they connected the tablet...AND Dagan connected his old (bigger than my old Galaxy) phone for me, too!  Got me switched to this new phone over the phone...which was possible with four cell phones and a land line in here--LOL!  Crazy!  (I'm using an old wooden letter holder to hold the tablet, phone, and fauxdori--tada!)  
Then Leah set the new phone all up for me, too.
And you thought Miss Karma was spoiled!!  ;) ;)
I never got near the tote (and won't until my body gets back to its normal fibro-set-point in a couple days--LOL!), but I came up with an idea of how to use it.  Face it--this thing is way to huge to use as a diaper tote (giggles)...BUT...they could use it as a Toy Tote!  For hauling Ian's toys up and down the stairs!  They liked that idea.  Hey--it's going to be a sturdy, tough bag.  So they're going to try that.  I plan to have it finally finished and be able to bring it over some time this coming week...
God willing and the creek don't rise.
And just to make this post even longer...(I bet you're sorry now that the fibro flare is letting up!)...I'll show you what I've been doing with my bullet journal so far.  Soooo, exciting to me!  Hey--if I bored Dagan and Leah with it in person, you can bet I'm going to bore you with it, too--ROFL!!
Table of Contents.
 January tracking chart--I love this!!  You don't have to be rewriting things over and over.  In fact, I've gone beyond it being a daily chart already and highlight the boxes for weekly tasks!  
 I'll be adding more as I go along...or subtracting.  Can do whatever you want.  Notice the January sticker?
Then on my "January" page I used a month sticker so I can see the whole month at a glance.  To the right of that I have the projects I want to try to finish in January.  Below that I have an ongoing letter/note/card list for the month.  
Then I started the actual daily task lists.  I haven't been using all the little codes that you can use.  At least, not yet.  I have been color coding tasks for years.  I'm just trying to adjust to a new set of colored pens because I used to color code with highlighters--and there are some color changes in the switch.  I'll find out if it is more practical to use symbols and one color of pen or not over the coming months.
  What I personally love is that if it turns out to be a rough day and I am good for little or nothing (like today) I can just combine a couple of days if I want rather than rewrite everything.  Easy peasy!  And, yes--been using the elastic band as a bookmark. 
I also printed off on cardstock a kind of bookmark that is a list of everything I could think of that I might want to add to my task list on any given day.  A possibilities list.  :):) 
I'm too sore to even work on planners today, but I am excited to continue on with the Franklin Covey (my information station)...and do have a couple filofax (personal size) binders to dig into, too!  One is going to be for arts & crafts stuff, for sure.  Ahhhh!  :)
I know.  I get so excited about these nerdy things.  Can't help it.  This is absolutely so much fun for me!!  Dagan basically kind of tunes me out and just nods.  Leah shakes her head because she's totally a digital crunchy girl and it's a waste of paper.  True.  I have had to blanketly apologize to trees since I was nine.  BUT--the bullet journal will waste less paper, right?  ;)
Well, that's it from here.  I am off to watch some Battlestar Galactica while Karma and I rest our achy bodies.  Does that count as a guilty pleasure?  :):)  
I wish you an OMGosh week!!  
See you soon!
“Go out into the world today and love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people."
Mother Teresa


  1. ian's growing so fast. leah is a god send, for sure.

    (and i like fried rice, too.) :)

  2. You really are brimming with life and love and laughter these days, Rita. It's so good to see. And that baby is sure part of the reason for it. What a cutie! :-)

  3. I love Chinese food. Ian's going to be a big boy!!

  4. I love the colors in that pre-dawn sky pic.

    You're getting quite "techy". I wouldn't know where to start with most of those things. I do have one of those digital picture frames, though. My kids gave it to me several years ago for Christmas. I haven't used it lately, but I could if I wanted to. It sits on top of the record player/radio/cassette player in the living room.

    Ian is growing so fast. He'll be walking before you know it. Cute video, Gramma. :)

  5. Those "special hold-the-screw-into-the-sheet-rock thingies" are called wall anchors. Ian is just as adorable as ever.

  6. Hi, Rita!

    If World War III ever breaks out I am confident that Karma will sleep right through it. :) I hope she and Ian can become good friends and treat each other kindly. That boy just keeps getting cuter every day. Such bright eyes he has along with a winning smile. Leah has done a lot to improve your living conditions and I am very happy to know about them.

    Happy Monday, dear friend Rita!

  7. So happy you get to regularly spend time with your family!!! SO important! Rest up now and recharge those internal batteries for next time!

    Poor Karma, she's going to be in for a rude shock when Ian starts crawling and walking!!! Maybe she'll change her tune??

    Have fun with your planners and lists! I used to be a list junkie but I've gotten away from it now. At this point it would be a waste of time because I'm only able to get done what I get done and I don't need no stinkin' list makin' me feel worse, lol!

  8. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Ian is just too adorable1

  9. Ian is getting so big!! Love that you gt to see him every week . Mine live too far away to see regularly :(

  10. All in all I enjoyed this post, Ian's smile is so awesome and makes one feel good inside when they see it but then I do love babies

  11. Aches and pains? Pah!
    You’re still the same excitable old girl with them that you are without them.
    I am so glad that what you do gives you so much pleasure.

  12. Thought I was mistaken for a moment when I saw the notification for this post in my inbox. But, no.... There's another post already; complete with cute baby video! Just the thing to make me smile on this chilly and sleepless night! :)

    I'm also chuckling at Karma's attempts to be invisible, LOL!

    Glad you found a use for the bag, and that you're all set with your planner now. Personally I find it very interesting reading about it all. I used to have notebooks and planners all over the place, but never showed them to anyone because I didn't have everything as properly seporated as you do, so mine were planner, notebook, and private journal all in one, which meant there were things I didn't want people to see, so didn't mention them. A lot of people knew I always had a notebook on me, but nobody knew the contents of them, and I destroyed all the ones I still had when I lost my sight. I haven't found a good option for replacing them since I lost my sight though; the small braille frames aren't very good for writing more than a couple of words, because you have to write the letters backwards, which takes a lot of patience to do.

    Hope you enjoyed your Chinese food.

  13. WOW, you not only had a super weekend, you have the most INCREDIBLE and latest tools. I had to laugh because I don't even own a cell phone, so seeing that holder of all your electronics made me realize how much I'm truly missing out on.

    Karma sounds like Squiggles. When people come over, he runs and hides. He won't let anyone get close to him, except me.

    Ian made me smile, too. Hope your week goes as well as your weekend did.

  14. So many new additions, I bet it feels like a different place! I've been hearing a lot about "bullet journals" on YouTube. Interesting concept. I'm managing alright with my iPhone right now, but I do love paper ;)

  15. I'm a week late - but Ian's smile and antics are timeless - and tool girl Leah is always a wonder!

  16. Ian is adorable!!

    It's busy, busy at your place. You definitely didn't bore me with the bullet journaling. As you know, I'm a new devotee and love mine. I like to see how others work with theirs as it gives me ideas for my own.

    Those digital photo frames are SO cool! I want one!

    A toy tote sounds like a good idea for it. :)

    Yes, I am waaaaaaay behind on your blog and I'm trying to catch up a bit. I just don't get much free time at the moment and, when I do, I'm too exhausted to do anything. lol

  17. You have so many wonderful ways to organize your home and life. I always get so inspired when I visit your blog!


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