Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Good Morning!  
A couple sky pics I caught since I last posted.
It's zero degrees this morning. 
Nope, sorry.  Just double checked and it's -1 degree now. 
We had a few moments of sunshine just a few minutes ago.  You can see the proof across my table there...and one of my new red Thermos coffee cups (yes, it's T Stands For Tuesday day!).  I am so loving these new red cups!  That's my current daily journal (turquoise Quo Vadis) and a stack of letters I am working on next to the lamp.
Still barely a dusting of snow.  As you can see the mottled lawn isn't even white with snow...still...yet. 
We've had wind chill warnings from the National Weather Service for days.  Miss Karma and I have been at home and haven't gone anywhere.
If she's not in my warm lap (where she is right now after we heard birds chittering away this morning and she was all excited to go out on the porch to investigate...for a little too long...being optimistic for spring and the return of her beloved swallows...I'm like her giant hot water bottle)... 
...she's usually in one of her beds up off the floor. 
But one of her new favorite places to sit or lounge upon... 
...are the new little red rugs in the kitchen.  She loves them! 
I haven't seen McFamily for over two weeks.  But I have a couple of pictures from Mama.  OMG!  Ian is getting so big!  Getting so much better at sitting up by himself now at six months old.  
On Mama and Daddy's bed with his jammies on...and his trusty pacifier. 
Ian's been sick with the cold/cough/chest thing that's going around...and Leah's gotten it, too.  They are both on the mend last I heard.  I hope to see them again pretty soon.
I'll see Dagan (unless he catches this crud) because he's coming over after work on Friday (his half day) and we're going over to the Natural Pet Store.  Time for Karma's late Christmas present...some healthier dry and canned foods.  I haven't been getting her food from there for ages.  
Karma had been eating the dry Felidae for a long time.  I thought I had finally found a single dry healthier food she loved and then she suddenly decided she didn't like it anymore.  So for some time she'd been loving the grocery store foods (like Meow Mix and such) but now has decided she doesn't care for them anymore, either.  Sits and cries at her dish and just looks at the food like--you're giving me this...again?!  Miss Karma can be a pain in the butt  discerning like that.  So, I am going to buy a few brands (along with her former favorite Felidae) and hope they still have some small sample packages to buy, too.  :)  I love her, but I've never had a finicky cat before.  Kind of annoying.  My previous cats always ate whatever I gave them.  Miss Karma gets away with murder, I tell you.  ;)  Not that I don't make her eat it.  But I have to live with her whining and complaining until she gets something new--LOL!
Anyways, until Friday I am probably going to be nice and warm at home with a cat in my lap.  Oh, and since I haven't been feeling the best for some time...I am absolutely thrilled that I can do my federal housing review by mail!!  I had a review at 9am today and finally connected with my worker yesterday.  Such a relief!  I can't even tell you!  (Without going into detail, it is getting to be harder and harder for me to physically make that trip every year.)  I have been able to do the State review by mail for over a decade.  So relieved.  Whew!  Happy me!  
I was thinking about how my Secret Cashwise Santa has been a positive thing for my soul all year long.  Since I don't know who it is...well, you know how they say to be kind and nice to everyone because you never know who could be an angel in disguise?  Not that I am normally mean to anyone...but I think you know what I mean.  That goodness just spreads.  Keeps that "angel in disguise" thought in my mind all year.  Like a reminder to be nice to every single person I meet.  To remember to smile at every clerk or delivery person or person in the hallway and every email or blog comment I receive--even if you can't see me.  ;)  A reminder that even a person's thoughts have energy.  So my very soul thanks my Secret Santa the whole year long.  :):)  I used to think I wanted to know who it was, but now I don't think I want to know.  I want to remember those mystery angels all the time...every day.  Bless you!!
I hope you are all having a good start to 2015.  I know some of you are sick, some sad, some frustrated...some are freezing and some are roasting...some already know they have huge challenges ahead this year.  But I hope that, no matter what the future holds, that you will gather pieces of happiness and joy along the way and that it will be a good year in the end.  Love and hugs to you all!!
"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."
Marcel Proust


  1. I do love that Proust quote-have it in stamp form. Karma is one lucky -and may I say spoiled? cat. My Mom's dog is every bit as finicky as a cat-I'd never met a dog like her! Glad you are able to have things taken care of without going out especially in this wintery weather. There is so much upper respiratory and flus and colds going around. Hope your family is well soon. Happy T day!

  2. Our weather is nearly as bad as yours. I've been watching the weather and that arctic blast is headed our way tonight. Of course, it's also been here and gone. We had a reprieve for a day when it actually got to 32F. Now it's back to sub-freezing temps, just like yours.

    Karma is a good heater, I bet. I know Bleubeard is. Squiggles doesn't want to sit still long enough to let me get warm. Karma looks very content, at least, and on that red rug, even more fun.

    Sorry that Ian and Leah are still sick. I can truly empathize. It's good you are home safe and secure, where the bug (whatever it is) can't get to you.

    Thanks for sharing yours and Karma's week with us for T this Tuesday. And I'm glad you survived New Year's Day, too.

  3. i think karma could miss a meal or two and not starve (like several of my dogs!) :) hoping you stay toasty warm and well, too. ian is adorable. and i liked your secret santa 'niceness' message. :)

  4. Hi, Rita! Mrs. Shady is sick today and I'm sorry to learn that Ian and Leah were under the weather, too. Glad they're feeling better now. Speaking of weather, I thought of you as I was watching The Weather Channel talking about the polar vortex pushing down across the eastern two-thirds of the country. I can't imagine that kind of cold. At least you aren't getting much snow so far this season. We are expecting a low in the upper 30s tomorrow night into Thursday morning. When you live in Florida, a warm up is never far behind.

    I'm sorry Karma is a finicky cat and turns up her nose at the food you give her. I also notice she doesn't ever smile and say "cheese" when you take her picture. :)

    Bundle up, keep warm, hug Karma for me and take care of yourself, dear friend Rita!

  5. Staying in and keeping warm sound smart...
    you and Karma have the right idea.
    Looking at the FLU map on the news it looks like every single state is in the red with only California showing "sporadic" instead of serious outbreaks.
    Hope your family is feeling much better real soon.
    Happy T Day Rita

  6. Anonymous5:20 PM

    Isn't Karma YOUR hot water bottle? Cute kid. :)

  7. I'm glad that you are able to stay inside. It is bitterly cold here in Minneapolis today. Enjoy cuddling with Karma, drinking coffee from your red thermal mug, and staying warm and cozy!

  8. I'm sure I would eventually tire of it, but I love being home for days, especially during freezing weather or snow or rain. Tomorrow I have two appointments and our high is expected to be 8 degrees with a RealFeel of -15 degrees. I'm so annoyed. If not for those appointments, I would be blissfully at home alone watching movies and cross-stitching. Oh well, maybe next time. Give Karma an extra hug for me :)

  9. Hello and Happy T Day! We have had peeks of color and sun in the sky too. Now the cold and snow is coming though, we are at 9 degrees and wind under zero, brrr. That Karma is one smart cat, knows where to stay warm.
    Sorry to hear about the sick family members, no fun when that happens.
    LOVE hearing about your secret Santa, we do that too. I love being surprised at the end of the year as to who had me. I do try to smile and be kind to everyone, you never know what they are going through. Beautiful words at the end, thank you for them!! Have a wonderful week staying inside and warm.

  10. 0F? Zero??? brrrrr! I'd be keeping that kitty in my lap lol

  11. I love the Secret Cashwise Santa. Hi, Ian!


  12. um. did my comment post? I just wrote a long comment and it seems to have disappeared! :(

  13. Lovely and beautiful photographs.. what a nice idea with the secret Santa!
    Happy T-Day ... it's cold and snowy here too... brr..staying insiede is the best to do !

  14. It's been quite cold here the past few days, which is why I've stayed INSIDE!!! I sleep with the window open at night, and last night it was pretty chilly, lol! Poor Thomas has to go out in it though and even run when it's super cold, bless him. I can't think of anything better than a cuddled up cat on your lap!!!!

    I'm glad you have been blessed and it shows your character that people want to help you! You are truly a good soul!!!!! Keep warm and get some rest!

  15. This is a magical post!Love your photos and quote! Here is very hot. Wish it was snowing!

  16. Thank you Rita! Your cheerful and upbeat posts are always an inspiration. Ian is turning into such a big and beautiful boy! He must bring you oceans of joy!

  17. Burrrrr it's cold out there!!!! We have finally gotten up to a sultry 8° so far today. I really should go to the store today but thinking I probably will wait until tomorrow. It's supposed to get in the mid 20's tomorrow :) A HEAT WAVE :) Our New Year has been challenging so far. We had a major water leak in the bathroom under the tub which caused subfloor damage before we found it. A slow leak at first that went unnoticed for who knows how long and then a gusher. My dishwasher went out.... to old to mess with trying to repair it and my cellphone is acting up. Hoping that the "comes in 3's" is fulfilled now and the rest of the year is fine. The bright side is I get to replace the ugly bathroom floor and insurance will pay for part of it and the best news is.... I won a free online ART DOLL CLASS!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ I haven't made a doll in years and I"m really looking forward to it :)
    Take care and stay warm!!!! Pet Karma for me .

  18. Rita-I don't normally comment, I'm much more of a "stalker" I guess. This morning I really wanted to tell you how much joy you bring me. Your posts are so upbeat and so personal. I feel like I know you and I can almost feel Karma on my lap! You are truly a magical soul. Thank you.

  19. Ms. Karma is a DIVA! Glad you two are keeping each other warm! Not as chilly as you are ( we are currently 28 with a wind chill of 15 ) great time to stay indoors and craft!

  20. Ian is such a looker in his PJs! I can see it now... an all-Ian cheesecake calendar!

    :) Its just too durn cold for me!

  21. Jinx can be a little finicky...but in general he's a pretty good chap about eating what i give him...He eats Purina One dry food and he gets a can of Fancy Feast every morning and TRUST me he NEVER lets me forget that can of food...Hugs! deb

  22. This is a great post... Cats, babies, warm drinks on cold days, and a reminder that there are people in the world who care about the happiness of others... Just the kind of thing I needed to read today!

    Sorry Leah and Ian still aren't better though.

  23. Good think you can't catch my chest infection from me coughing all over the computer, just saying I sound terrible.

  24. You sky is beautiful but boy oh boy it sounds cold. I like your new red coffee holder and those red kitchen rugs. Cheerful!


  25. Sorry to hear Leah and Ian have the cold/cough/chest thing. My daughter has been sick with a bad cold, and we've been hoping Ethan doesn't get it. She took him for his 4-month checkup today and he's grown another 3 1/2 inches and weighs 16.2 pounds. She says it's no wonder her back has been bothering her.

    Karma looks nice and comfy. I bought some cheaper cat food for the barn cats that have been frequenting my front porch, but they didn't like it, so I bought the better kind (Dad's Special Mix) and mixed it together.

    We've had extremely bitter cold weather the past couple of days, but tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be the worst. Wind chill predicted to be around -20F tonight and tomorrow. Terri has to work outside in that cold all day. I could never do that.

    Stay warm!

  26. Miss Karma has you wrapped around her paw! Maybe mix it up and give her different food everyday:) Your Ian is just so cute sitting up by himself!
    Good thing you are staying warm...it has been brutal. Tomorrow (Thursday) is supposed to be really bad and a blizzard up north...we don't have enough snow for a blizzard over here. Stay warm!

  27. Karma definitely has you trained...lol. Sounds like this year is off to a good start. We are sitting at -25C here in Canada. Hubby plowed the driveway but it looks like his efforts were futile as more snow and wind has caused drifting again! I would plow myself but last time I was in that old truck a mouse decided to grace me with his presence. It was all I could do to put the truck in park before I jumped out screaming.....not sure what kind of farm girl that makes me but I need Karma beside me before I set foot in that truck again. Ian as always is just a sweetie!

  28. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Stay warm! I do like the cold as it makes the world so clear and sharp.

  29. Oh that is really cold, we are experiencing heat waves, severe storms and bushfires. I do like the heat I have to admit. I have fussy cats, one that wont eat meat of any kind, another that wont eat fish and one that would eat anything but vomits it up. So separate feed for them all. I love your red thermos cups and mats in the kitchen. Sorry I have not commented in ages, working and all but I do enjoy the reading of your blog and the beautiful smiles of Ian, he sure is growing fast. Happy New Year I do hope it is a wonderful year for you and your family,

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  30. Happy New Year Rita! Sorry I am sooooo Late in getting back to you, and you've already been to my blog twice! (thank you for the comments too)

    So sorry to hear the McFamily is fighting this year's strain of the YUCKS! It has been going around here too. But since I stay home most of the time I have been quite fortunate, and I do take precautions when I am out in the public.

    Who doesn't like your new red rugs????

    It's been a bit chilly here in CA, dropping down to the 30s at night and up into the 50s/60s during the day. Hard to dress for those temperatures, I leave the house bundled and arrive back home in short sleeves!! LOL

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  31. Hi Kindred...love the beautiful quote at the end...very meaningful and true! Wishing you a very magical 2015 with many blessings and sparkles!

    Gorgeous skies...I love your skyscapes..and always fun to see Karma and your beautiful family!! Thank for visiting...


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