Saturday, September 12, 2015


We had a brilliant rainbow... 
...a couple days ago. 
If you enlarge this you can even see the magenta along the bottom. 
I wish the camera could capture the depth of color that I see.  Another day--the drama of the dark clouds... 
...and sun played out beautifully. 
 Yes, I still see some pretty sky from the new apartment.  :)
Leah, Ian, and I went chair shopping on Wednesday.  I looked at all kinds of power recliners and power lift chairs.  There are a lot of them that when you put the feet up--well, the back goes way down at the same time and you can't sit up at all.  So I really need one with a duel motor system.  With quite a few of them your legs are still slanted downward even when the footrest is all the way up (some my feet even hung over the bottom) which is useless when you have swollen joints from arthritis.  Being short--I still have the puffy back issues with the built-in pillow hitting me on the top of my head.  It was quite the experience--but the yes or no came quickly.
There was only one yes--and that was a ridiculously expensive leather power rocker-recliner (even has lumbar adjustment, though).  Wasn't even a lift chair but was higher and easy to get out of.  But the chair I am waiting to try out that's new to Slumberland's website--well, it still hasn't arrived.  This lady told me at least the end of the month.  The good thing was--it was listed as $200 cheaper than it was a month ago and she promised me that price.  So--since it's already been a month and I still have to wait...well, I am not putting off starting on the studio just so we don't have to make a path for delivery men--LOL!  And--who knows?!  I might be totally done with the room before that chair ever arrives in the store. 
So, I thought I'd take some "before" pictures.
So nice to see the place all organized... 
...and Karma soaking up rays. 
This is what I have to clear out this weekend. 
All kinds of odds and ends were shoved in here.   
Anything that wasn't packed in boxes that clearly said "den" or "art supplies"... 
...(those boxes are all still in the garage)...  
...was all stuffed into any space we could find in here. 
I have to haul everything out except the furniture so we can arrange... 
...the empty bookcases and cabinets and the power strips before I can actually put anything away. 
All those other boxes out in the garage have to come in, too. 
McFamily is planning on coming over Monday night to arrange the room, haul in boxes, and--hopefully--be able to install the two wall shelf units.  We'll see how much we can get done.  A lot always depends on Mr. Ian.  ;) 
I have started moving things out and gotten a lot done.  Hoping to be finished today so I can rest my back for a while before Monday night.  :)  
Miss Karma thought this was her private room.  People never spent any time in there and it was always a quiet place for her to snooze.  There were like three cat beds in there, after all.  Why wouldn't she think it was her room--LOL!
Was quite a shock to her when I started tearing the room apart--LOL!  Yes.  The re-messification has begun!
Cooler days have stayed around this last week.  I LOVE FALL!!  Crispy, clean air--digging out the sweaters and jackets--leaves turning and skittering across the lawns--school starting--new beginnings!  It always has me excited for the holidays, too.  Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years!  The time of year when people seem to be kinder to each other--a most loving season, to me.  Fall always fills me with joy and excitement.  And this year--truly a new beginning here in a new home, too!  
Wow!  :) :)
They are having a graveside memorial service for my dad (ashes) in Cokato while my mom is still up here in Minnesota.  I believe on Sunday the 27th.  McFamily already will be down in the Twin Cities that weekend for Dagan's annual heart & pacemaker checkup so they will be able to stay and attend.  :)
Then the Johnson clan plans to come up to Fargo to visit October 10-11th--so I will get to see my mom before she goes back to Florida.  And yes, she's doing really well and I guess she plans to live alone winters in Florida then come up and spend summers in Minnesota at Blaine & Kathy's.  I am hoping to have the apartment completely finished and organized by then.  :)
I hope I don't have trouble posting this.  Had no wonderful, super-fast, CableOne internet this morning for a couple hours.  Really?  Already? 
Plus, my laptop has been slower and slower.  Something called Shockwave Flash keeps crashing--freezes up the laptop and then I can't do anything for a while.  I checked for viruses and bugs--nothing.  Leah couldn't find what was wrong and not sure when Dagan might have any time to mess with it--so I limp along.  Doesn't help when the internet goes down, too--LOL!  
Ah, the internet.  
Gotta love it!  ;)
Anyways, I'll be taking a long break--then I'll finish emptying the studio today.  TaDa!  Geese have been cruising by with much conversation all week.  A sure sign of the changing season.  Karma is catching the last rays by the patio door.  
Life is good!!  
Life is so good!!  :):)
"May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder."
John O'Donohue


  1. i had several days earlier this week where my laptop ran very slowly, sites wouldn't load, etc. not sure if it was my country internet or my old laptop. either way, i hope both are cleared again for a while. :) glad you get to see nice skies. hoping the chair you're waiting on is the one. :)

  2. Everything will be neat & orderly & reachable--someday!!

  3. Hi, dear Rita! It's nice to see you and Kitty Kat Karma today. I know you are looking forward to fall as much as I am here in Florida. When fall turns to winter and the cold weather settles in, Karma will be extra thankful for those patches of sunlight streaming through the windows. I'm sure she will enjoy many pleasant snoozes basking in the warmth of those rays.

    It's wonderful that your mother can head north later this month and attend a memorial ceremony for your father, and that you will get to see her before she returns to Florida.

    I wish you and KKK a safe and happy weekend, dear friend Rita!

  4. I love your pictures and your beautiful organized home. At least part of it, anyway. Karma looks so happy and relaxed! Have a good break and remember to take care of Number One (that's you, Rita!). :-)

  5. The place looks perfect for you and Karma! Have fun organizing the studio and rediscovering all your fun toys :)

    Today is absolutely perfect here weather wise. I love fall, too, and am looking forward to attending several festivals. So much fun!

  6. It's pouring here. It started while we were in a restaurant having lunch. We had to splash through the driveway to get in the house. It's supposed to be a cold front. We're going to get all the way down to 88.


  7. Hi Rita - I love your new place! How wonderful that you are there now and getting everything unpacked and organized just like you want it. Glad that your family is helping you out too. It's also good that you will be able to go and see you mom next month. I decided to fly out to Denver and see mine when I have fall break next month. Hope you have a good week and accomplish all you want to. As always, regards to Karma!

  8. Beautiful rainbow pics. Who doesn't love seeing such natural beauty? :)

    I know power lift chairs are pricey. I hope what you're waiting for works out for you. I have a problem with chair "pillows" hitting my head, too, and they end up pushing my head and neck forward. Took me a few tries to get a decent recliner that "fit" me well enough to buy. With my spine being as crooked as it is now, it's difficult finding a comfortable position anywhere.

    I'm glad you'll be able to visit with your mom before she goes back to Florida. I can't imagine living by myself that far away from my family, but I know a lot of older folks who do just that.

    I love fall. Just don't love what follows. (i think i've said that before. lol) It's cool here tonight. Even had the furnace kick on once to take the chill off. It started raining about the time I left work this afternoon (12:45) and rained quite hard later on. I had to drive in pouring down rain for a good half hour on our trip home from the Boy Scout Store at the mall today. (the closest mall to us is over an hour away in New York) Terri needed some things for a fundraiser they're doing tomorrow at a local rodeo, so we had to make a trip up there and then over to Sam's Club.

    Have a great rest of your weekend!

  9. You will have fun putting everything away in the Studio! Your apartment is looking good. Have you met any neighbors yet? :)

  10. Wow! Rainbow! A sign from 'the universe' that all is well is my feeling and you and Karma seem to be 'moving right along' ~ It all takes time but your place is looking lovely ~ Soon you will have your 'studio' in place ~ I am so glad to 'connect with you' again ~
    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

    ps. this may be a duplicate comment ~ (internet in control as you say ~ gotta love it!)

  11. Condolences on your dad.
    Karma kitty looks like she runs the household:)
    I love rainbows. I don't see them very often anymore.
    Your studio is looking great!

  12. I think my dad could do with a lift chair as he has trouble getting out of his armchair but no he doesn't think so he says he is find but was all see him struggle to get up at times.

    The new place is taking shape nicely and of course I really liked the rainbow shots my camera gives me the shits at times often the shots are blurry Tim says it is me but at times I am not that sure.

  13. My computer is always slow :( Love the quote today! Sounds like you are almost done !!!! You've really gotten things together fast all things considered. Can't wait to see what your chair looks like.

  14. Your rainbow is wonderful. Your home is taking shape. And it won't be long until your STUDIO looks the same. With the help of McFamily and Caroline, I'm sure you will soon make this the forever place you have wanted since WeLL, FOREVER.

    I hope the memorial goes well. I'm sure it will be touching.

    Thanks for visiting even when I was too busy to reciprocate.

  15. Such a beautiful rainbow! Looks like you're making progress on you new home. It takes a while, doesn't it?

  16. Such a beautiful rainbow! It looks like you're making progress on your new home. It takes a while, doesn't it?

  17. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Wow - that is a fabulous rainbow!

  18. What a beautiful rainbow you captured there! I hope you get your armchair soon. I got my first proper reading chair (though not electric, but reclining and with a big footstool) at the beginning of this year, and can't imagine being without it anymore. It does sound a lot of work, sorting out the studio, but also a lot of fun. Your home looks beautiful!

  19. A beautiful rainbow. It is so nice that Dagan and Leah can attend your Dad's memorial. What will you do when everything is in its place? You will have so much room to create in there! Have a great week Rita!

  20. Rest in peace - I'm glad your mom was healthy enough to be there. I hope healing and acceptance come soon.


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