Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Karma and I have not been doing much.
We've had cloudy days with some rain... 
...no grouse family... 
...and thunder a couple of days. 
Good sleeping weather as far as Karma is concerned. 
We've had some sunshine, too... 
...here and there. 
And it was hot.  Yes, for those of you at T Stands For Tuesday, my red cup even got temporarily replaced with some Pepsi a couple times--LOL! 
But yesterday the temp dropped into the low 70s!!  We've been able to have the patio door open again and Miss Karma loves it! 
We all knew this would happen. 
Well, I've been good.  No unpacking whatsoever.  All I've done all week is laundry and made a big pot of soup.  Oh, I wanted a bigger pot because my recipe came right up to the brim of my 6 quart pot and had been looking online.  Decided it made sense for me to get one that had a pasta insert with the bum arm and all.  Wouldn't you know--Leah found me one for cheaper!  Now I can't remember if it was at Target or Costco--whoever has Home Essentials.  It is just perfect!!  I love it!  Just a minute--I'll take a picture for you.
My biggest pot before is on the left.  New one on the right is 8 quarts...
 ...with a pasta insert.  So fancy.  Never have tried one of those before.
 It was just the perfect size for my soup recipe...
...and only $31.00!  Whoohoo!  What a find!  Thanks so much for keeping an eye out for me, Leah!  :)
This week...Leah and I have tentative plans to go chair shopping one afternoon.  Once I have made that trip out and about (and recovered) then next I plan to dig into the studio.  At least those are the plans.  Everything in my life is tentative--LOL! 
Meanwhile, it is a gorgeous morning!  62 degrees and only supposed to get up to about 73 today.  One thing I am having to adjust to here is not being able to sleep with the windows open all night.  Both sides slide both directions so there's no way to brace them so they are just cracked even.  Luckily it is so much cooler down here on the main floor and with an AC that works I've not been uncomfortable trying to sleep--even when we had 90 degree days.  Awesome!  I just don't trust to sleep on main floor in an apartment with the windows open, you know?  And I miss that chilly 40 degree breeze.  I know--some of you would be freezing.  But I love cuddling into bed with a chilly room...so I turn on a fan.  ;)
Anyways, those of you who had a long weekend, I hope it was a good one.  I hope everyone has a great week.  Oh, and as I mentioned last time--I am so glad to be getting post notifications in my inbox again!!  :):)
"Spread love everywhere you go." 
Mother Teresa


  1. Hi, dear Rita! I see you snapped some rare photos of Karma sleeping! :) She is one beautiful kitty kat. I hope she is fully adjusted to your new place by now. You seem to be looking forward to cooler weather as much as I am here in Florida. After 8 solid months of enduring the extreme heat and humidity I need a break. Mrs. Shady and I are planned a couple of trips north to experience the refreshingly cool fall air. Mrs. Shady spends a lot of time in the kitchen and values her pots and pans as much as you value yours.

    Thank you very much for staying connected to me, dear friend Rita. I hope to chat with you again soon. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Hi Rita, I am glad to hear that you and Karma have been resting a lot , that's good - Karma seems to set a good example. That new cooking pot looks great, and it was a good price. Have fun using it, and hope you enjoy your chair shopping. Have a good week, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. oh that Karma is just precious ! It has been VERY hot and humid here but no rain so everything is so dry- ground is cracking and grass is burning. We are supposed to have some rain the next day or so which would be MOST welcome. I have an 8 qt pot but don't have the pasta insert. I always wondered if I should have one. Happy chair shopping and a happy T day too!

  4. Karma has the right idea. I wish I could curl up on a cushion and take a nap!

  5. Hello and Happy T Day! We've had hot and hotter all week, ready for a cool down and some cloudy blue sky days. That new pot is awesome, would hold lots of warm yummy soup. Glad you had an easy week, enjoy the downtime. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your week.

  6. That sunny spot by the window looks very inviting; a great place for a snoozlum.
    I like the size of your new soup pot and how great that it has a pasta insert which I'm sure you could use for steaming veggies too ;)
    Enjoy the shopping, if that's possible, lol. Happy T Day :D

  7. I am so looking forward to those 70s! It's way too hot and humid here. It's zapping my energy. Come on fall!

  8. I totally understand about open windows on the ground floor...and liking to sleep in a cooler room! what a magnificent new soup/pasta pot! you will be able to make soup for many days meals in that! happy T day! ♥

  9. What fun Karma had, I'm sure. I agree that sleeping on the first floor with windows open can be scary. But it sounds like the AC is working great.

    It's so hot here, I can barely stand it. Today I was at Sally's working in her garage because it was raining. By noon, it was 90 F and I couldn't work in that heat. So we worked in her bathroom where she continued to purge and get rid of stuff. At least it was cool there. I came home to get more coffee and check my blog, so I'll be heading back there soon.

    Your red mug got replaced a few times, which was fun to see. And that new pot is incredible. Glad to see you are relaxing, too.

    Thanks for sharing your Tuesday with us, as well as your Pepsi for T this Tuesday.

  10. Sounds like change is in the air where you are Rita.
    It is so dry here it's not funny. I will keep doing my rain dance until it works ;-)
    Being able to open the windows is my favorite kind of weather.
    It is way too hot and humid here in VA again for that.
    Nice pot and right on time with fall and winter weather on the way.
    You and Karma take care...there is no substitute for rest.
    Happy T Day oxo

  11. Love the big pot!!! I bought myself a bigger one recently too and then an even bigger one for canning. I love sleeping in a COLD room. My daughter used to say she had to put her winter coat on to come in my bedroom year round :) Glad you are taking it easy for a while!

  12. I am taking it easy today, too. I made the mistake of going for a walk in Fort Snelling State Park yesterday. It was a beautiful walk, and I took lots of photos, but my goodness those trails were steep! I thought they would be okay, because they were paved, but I did not realize how much the steep hills would hurt my back and knees. You keep resting there, and I'll rest here, and maybe next week we'll both be feeling a bit better. :)

  13. It is good to hear you (and Karma of course) are doing so well. We are looking forward to cooler temperatures here too. Love those cooler temps!

  14. Karma is setting a good example for you--REST!! Love your new pot--do you freeze your soup to eat later?

  15. That's a great pot. I'm glad you have a nice place in which to do nothing when you need to rest.


  16. Karma looks content in her new home. And that pot looks great. Looks like it will do just fine for your soups. :)

    It's been in the 90s and very humid here. Record high temps today, and I'm not liking them. Hoping for cooler weather, and looking forward to the fall foliage, but I'm definitely not looking forward to what follows. Not ready for winter.

  17. I hear you about sleeping with the windows open on the ground floor. You'll be very comfy once it gets even cooler, when the burglars won't be out and about... right? Love the pictures of Karma enjoying her new home. And you, too. :-)

  18. I love being on the second floor, I don't worry about my windows or my sliding door being open all day or night. I'd need an electric blanket if I were at your place with the window open at 40F!

  19. Looks like Karma has settled in to the new place and sounds like you have too. What a great new pot. I don't have one with a pasta strainer but I'm sure it would be useful.


  20. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Speaking of chairs...I think I mentioned this before...a glider? Since you often have a small guest.

  21. So glad to hear your taking it a bit easy and giving your body a rest. It will all be there later....unfortunately....*grin*

    We had a couple of weeks of cooler weather....well below 100 here, but it is creeping back up again this week...102 today. I am SO ready for cooler fall weather.

    Good luck with your chair shopping. LOVE the new pot!

  22. I would love to be able to lay in the sun and sleep like Karma does she is so lucky, I would also like to live in a place with a view of something but not the case and never will be just saying. Today it is coldish and wet but it might fine up time will tell

  23. Hi Rita!Love your photos!Miss Karma is delightful!Your cooking pot is wonderful. Have fun with it!Cooking is always good.It is an act of love.HaHappy T-Day! :)ve a magical week!

  24. Hi Rita,
    I’m so glad to be out and about again and see that you too are a happy bunny. You and Karma both.

    Hope that’s how it stays.

    Love and best wishes, Friko.

  25. Anonymous10:48 AM

    What lovely shots! And nice to see Karma... Have you moved because your view looks very different.

  26. Karma is still adorable and you have moved? Weather had been hot in MA so know what you mean when you say how wonderful it is to be able to open the windows ~ Glad to know you and Karma are well ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  27. I bet Leah can figure something out for you to have the windows open a little. She usually can figure anything out! Great soup pot:)

  28. Now that is a beautiful cookware!! A pot that size gets you set for a month or more of 'sketti!


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