Saturday, May 07, 2016


We've had beautiful, sunny days in the 60s and 70s...patio door wide open days. 
But then we also had a couple 80s and a 90 degree day!  Ridiculous to have summer days in the beginning of May and be running the AC.  Today it's cooler--67 right now--ahhh!  Fresh air!! 
I've had people ask how I set up my Bullet Journal, being housebound and all.  (Feel free to scroll down if you aren't interested.)  I print off copies of that chart on the left page and then cut them down to double-sided-tape them into the journal.  Saves me re-drawing that chart every month.  Things I do daily or often (or wish I did more often--LOL!) can go on that daily chart for the month to check off.  Then on the right hand side I have the monthly goals, a calendar, and lists of people to send letters and cards.  
Then my actual ongoing bullet pages are compressed.  Since I can't get a lot done or count on which day I can do them, I split the month onto four pages.  Each page is approximately a week.  At the beginning and end there are either more or less days, but I like even numbered pages so my first two pages can be on the same spread.  And, yes, I do color code my entries.
This month I even got out some very old rub ons to throw on the pages for encouragement.
This is what a month looks like in a more skeletal state.  I worked ahead a couple months this time since I was feeling better.  ;)
I use a ruler and draw the dividing lines and squares.
This is that first sheet I tape in. 
I bought a stamp set I am crazy about that I can use to stamp the month every month--endlessly!  I circle birthdays in red and anniversaries in blue.  Beneath the calendar I make a list of people I owe letters to--and keep adding to that as the month goes on.
Then I write up the over-all goals for the month to the left of the calendar...
...and on the bottom of the letter list column I divide off a box for my list of birthday cards.  (Since I had my old rub-ons out I stuck a big love next to that box since it's Ian's birthday in June.)
Then on my next four pages I keep a weekly To-Do list going...
...and I divide off the bottom of the page for weekly appointments.
That is how my Bullet Journal works for somebody who is housebound and, shall we say, not very active--LOL!
  I have just stated to do more hand drawn decorations rather than using washi tape (which is what I had been using up until the last couple months--so easy).  The washi tape is making the journal get fatter and fatter--LOL!  And since I don't use many pages per month it is going to take me a good long time to fill up this journal.  :)
Oh, and I do keep various lists wherever and they are listed in the index.  I even (red) tagged this new one with my/our art & craft goals for the year.  (Man!  Behind, eh?) 
The segments are: Bookbinding, Bookcards, Calligraphy, Cards, Handmade Paper, Sewing-Leah, Sewing-Me, and Watercolors.  This is actually my goal (or wishful thinking) list I make up each year instead of resolutions.  Just a list of what I would like to do that year if I am lucky.  I think the best I have ever done was about half--LOL!  But I like it down in writing so that I can easily remind myself all year and add on if I want to.  What I don't get to is transferred from year to year.  Works for me.  :)
The last couple days I have been working on letters.  
And what does Miss Karma do all afternoon?  
That's one of her new catnip balls.  A gift from McFamily.  There are teeth marks all over it--LOL!  Karma does enjoy her catnip.
Speaking of gifts from McFamily!!
Two dozen red roses! has some great deals.
Aren't they lovely!!
Thanks, guys!  :) :)
Oh, I saw the two grouse again and tried to get a picture.  Sorry about the glare off the window. 
They got scared by a walker (sounds like the Walking Dead, doesn't it?) and ran right toward me. 
First time I've seen the black across their bellies so well!
Miss Karma is going to miss the flower box.
But I am bringing out the trash this afternoon.
Karma likes to chew up fresh flowers.  She actually loves dried baby's breath...SO much that Leah made sure never to send anything with that in the bouquet because she'd sit under the flowers and howl and cry--and drive me nuts.
Due to Karma's love of flowers the roses are up on top of the bookcases.  
I can take them down during the day (when I can keep an eye on Miss Karma) but have to put them up at night. 
Last night I caught this scene of the tree shadow and a jackrabbit munching grass.  I am easily enthralled.
So is Karma.
News Flash!!
As I was typing away here a heard a tapping on my door.  Two ladies were holding a box of flowers from and asking me if I was Rita?  They thought the box had been there since yesterday...but I explained that I had gotten a box yesterday!?  This one had my name on it, too??  That was sweet of them because I had already gotten mail today and it wasn't there.  (So the person who delivered the flowers never buzzed me either day.)
Anyways, I opened it enough to see it was another box of two dozen red roses!!  So I called Leah to find out if these were a mistake and supposed to go to another grandma or what was going on.  No, these were mine.  Leah said she had a coupon for more roses for the same price--but she didn't think it was for four dozen--thought it was for two dozen.  So she is going to check and make sure that either it was a deal for four dozen or make sure that they didn't charge her twice.  I told her she could have a couple dozen for Mother's Day--but she passed (doesn't like to get flowers).  I tried--LOL!  
So, being as these are my only two larger vases, they are really jam packed now!  I know they aren't arranged quite symmetrically, but it was difficult just getting that many stems into the vases--anyplace at all--LOL!  Yesterday's are in the vase to the right and today's the left.  :)
This box came with some of the little purple flowers (can't remember what they are called), so I let Karma have one as a little present.  She loves it!  I played and played with her...she grabs it and gets all upset if I try to take it, of course, that's what I do--LOL!  When I went to take a picture of her with "her precious" she thought that because I was next to the chair that I was going to try to steal it--so she would not take her eyes off of it--LOL!
So--roses two days in a row!  
Accident or not, wow!
"My precious!"
(If cats could talk...and watched movies.)
Just snuck a picture of Karma sleeping on top of her treasure.
Happy Mother's Day for all who will be celebrating tomorrow or thinking of someone they miss.  And a very special great big Happy Mother's Day to you, Leah!!  
 “There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” 
Jill Churchill


  1. Wow, Rita, four dozen long stemmed roses! Now that is what I call a bonanza. And I love the pictures of Karma protecting her treasure. A wonderful fun post and to you, Happy Mother's Day four dozen times over! :-)

  2. awww! the roses (packed in as they are) are beautiful! smart of leah to make sure no baby's breath comes with them! ha! goofy karma...

  3. Anonymous11:55 PM

    What gorgeous roses! And I love the shot of the tree shadow and the rabbit.

  4. pretty roses! Happy Mother's Day!! I think that purple stuff is statice:) I wonder if your bunnies had babies..ours did:)

  5. Goodness, FOUR dozen roses and grouse running toward you. How could you have a better day? Karma looks mostly content, too. So happy for you and wish you the best for Mother's Day and beyond. Those roses will be great dried.

    BTW, I also circle birthdays on my monthly calendar, but my handwriting will NEVER compare to yours.

  6. I love your bullet journal. That is very clever and nice to look at. And your roses! What a lucky lady you are:) I am glad you and Karma are enjoying some nice weather; here in the northeast we are still waiting to warm up-one of these days wee get temperatures warmer than 60. Happy mother's day. Erika

  7. I could never (not that I'd even want to be) as organized as you. Congratulations on winning the rose jackpot!!

  8. gorgeous flowers! just gorgeous - nothing like abundance when it comes to flowers!

    I keep reading about the bullet journal but I have to tell you I'd spend all my time on the journal and none on getting theings done! LIke the concept tho. I need an assistant to set one up, and feed it to me..... :)

    Love that picture with the tree and shadow and rabbit. It is just totally yummy.

  9. Oh those roses are so pretty, what a lucky lady you are

  10. Happy Mother's Day Rita! And talk about a rose BONUS! And the weather here has been so goofy too! Now we're having rain all week which means my yard will be a jungle by the time we can mow again. :/


  11. WOW!!!Four dozen roses is a bonanza of roses! Love the wildlife photos ans all the wonders of Karma caught in action (or inaction).

  12. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Love the roses. That is one elaborate bullet journal. It would take me longer to make one of those, than to do the stuff I'd write inside!

  13. Those Roses are fantastic and I love to see Karma! She is just lovely!
    oxo Susi

  14. Wow..gorgeous roses...and such fantastic colorful shots! Yay, love that sweet Karma, always makes me smile! Also loved seeing the grouse..awesome!
    Wishing you a wonderful day!

  15. Hi Rita,

    Thanks for sharing how you set up your Bullet Journal each month. It looks great! I'm addicted to mine too. I'm interested to hear more about the monthly stamp set that continues where did you get it?! I think that would be SO handy. I tend to use two days to a single page which works well as I can skip ahead too with my set-up if I want.

    OH my, Karma has SUCH a hard life, doesn't she?! hehe There's just something about baby's breath she can't resist. Luckily for you, she doesn't howl and carry on for roses that are up high and out of her reach. By the way, the roses are beautiful, all four dozen of them! WOW! Do you feel spoiled, or what?!! OH, you big tease with Karma and 'her precious'. Nope, you just can't be trusted...hehe

    I had a giggle at your Walking Dead comment. hehe

    Happy 'Belated' Mother's Day to you, dear friend.

    Love and hugs xo

  16. I am not really into day planners and such but I really love that bullet journal. I've never heard of such a thing. I may have to look into that some more. Love the flowers, so beautiful. :)

  17. I think this post got re-published or something.

    I owe you a lengthy letter. It's been a rough spot.


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