Sunday, May 01, 2016


Good Morning!
Was like Wild Kingdom here in Fargo!
Suddenly there was a life and death chase going on outside my window.  A little bird (sparrow?) was darting back and forth underneath my patio chairs--in and out low to the ground--followed by a big bird (hawk?) desperately trying to capture it.  The hawk even banged into the window, too.  I got up to stand in the window so that the hawk got scared and backed off--but it wouldn't fly away.  The little sparrow was totally exhausted and flat on the ground.  I wasn't sure if it had been injured by the hawk or banging into the window.  Four times I scared the hawk off a ways, but it wouldn't give up.  I was hoping to give the sparrow a chance to catch its breath and that maybe the hawk would give up... 
...but it was determined. 
I started a video and it's shaky--sorry.  I am no wildlife photographer.  In fact, I don't know how they do it!  When the hawk flew over the one time I ducked--ROFL!  But here's the rest of the story.
Circle of life, eh?
And where was Miss Karma during this entire dramatic encounter--birds hitting the window, me talking to them and then talking to myself...and even opening the patio door??  Sleeping under a towel on her memory foam mattress.  Heaven forbid we disturb her all-afternoon nap--LOL!  She missed the entire thing--and slept another couple hours.  That's the life, eh?
We've had some beautiful but chilly days.

The jackrabbits come by almost every day in the late afternoon/early evening.  Except when there are a lot of people walking and riding bicycles on the pathway.  So with the nicer weather trying to arrive, may be seeing less of the rabbits.
Karma spends her mornings in the sunshine, though.  
Whether the door is open or shut... 
...she needs her basking time. 
Happy girl. 
Yesterday McFamily came for a visit.  Leah showed me how to connect and disconnect the 92 Paseo to the charger (you know how it won't keep a charge) and I took notes and drew diagrams.  (Not technically or mechanically inclined.)  This weekend is the any kind of trash by the curb weekend where you can get rid of furniture, broken appliances, whatever.  But I already had purged before I moved and would rather give away the things I don't need on freecycle.  
But that means, now that it is getting nicer out, that I need to get out to the garage and sort and make a list for freecycle ads because Dagan and Leah would like to store some big stuff for ValleyCon again in my garage like they did years ago.  I have plenty of room out there, but need to get out what I can before I can't reach the give-away stuff, you know?  So I am going to need some help sorting, I guess.  
I haven't had a video of Ian for some time.  Caught Ian and Daddy playing. 
This video cut off just like the Hawk and Sparrow one did.  Luckily for me, not in a bad spot.  My cell phone said it was full?  Leah checked it out and I had no idea that every picture and video I have ever taken on the cell phone were all still IN the cell phone--LOL!  I thought since they went to Dropbox they weren't in the phone anymore.  Told you--not technically inclined.  Geez!  But that is all fixed now.  Thanks, Leah!  And thanks Dagan and Leah for buying Applebees for dinner!  Dagan ran over to do the curbside thing.  How fancy!  
I have been taking the additional vitamins and drinking Gatorade and eating bananas--and since Thursday have felt better than I have in a month!  Just to feel more alert and to have the energy to run after Ian for giggles and to clear away the dishes and wipe down the table and countertops after dinner--whoohoo!!  Yup!  That is how bad it's been.  But in the last couple of days I've been able to work on the monthly bills, my grocery list, and the bullet journal for May and it didn't feel like climbing Mt. Everest!  Hurray!  Things are really looking up.  :)
Happy Sunday!!
Have a superlative week and hope to chat again soon.  :):)
"When the bridge is gone, the narrowest plank becomes precious."
Hungarian Proverb


  1. Glad to hear you,re climbing your own Mt Everest. I had to turn off the hawk video, I was afraid to watch the inevitable denouement happen. Ian is getting so big!! :-)

  2. Hi Kindred, such a sweet video of your family! and Love that jack gorgeous! yes the cycle of life, that is nature, bittersweet. Yay, glad to hear you are feeling good, keep shining!
    Wonderful to visit your world again!
    Happy May! Wishing you magic and beauty always!

  3. This post was so upbeat--except for the hawk video!!

  4. Ian is a delight :-)

    The hawk experience was soething! I have vever seen anything like it!

  5. karma slept thru the drama... ha!

  6. Poor little sparrow. Nature can be so cruel at times. Karma and Ian are both looking adorable, though.

    I'm THRILLED you are feeling better. It is the best news I've heard all weekend!!

  7. Circle of life indeed...though it is always sad to see an animal fall prey, we cannot help but rooting for them to escape. And Karma is always so beautiful :)

  8. Ian is getting so big! And by the way, I'm now dropboxing as well. It is so much easier than plugging my phone into the computer or e-mailing pictures to myself! Genius.


  9. I actually saw what I think was a Merlin feasting on its prey a few weeks ago right outside my window. Poor little birds. What a life they lead. Ian as cute as ever! Have a great week Rita!

  10. So happy you are felling better and Ian is such a cutie. The hawk and sparrow story happen here quite a bit and it's so hard not to be upset with the hawk. I don't mind at all when it grabs up a filed mouse in fact I cheer it on :) and encourage it to go for the pesky squirrels but I've never seen it do that....YET :)

  11. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Oh gosh - hope the sparrow escaped! And Karma sleeping through it all - LOL!

  12. Awesome post, Rita, I love all the photos and video.

  13. Anonymous1:11 PM

    the hawk and the sparrow made me cry. I know circle of life, but I was pulling for that little guy. We had a hawk try to take away our little dog when I was little. He made the mistake of picking him up right in front of my mom, who had a broom. Well the hawk let the dog go and I bet he didn't forget that for a while.
    your wild life is amazing to me, right there in your apartment complex. cool.

  14. Ok you know what is funny, when the little bird flew off I tried to move my head to see where it went like that would work silly me, I was hoping the little bird would be ok and yeah as you said the bigger bird had to eat but it is distressing a bit when we witness things like this.

  15. I was pulling for the little sparrow too but, yep, the circle of life. In the wild, it's a natural process among animals. I could never watch those kill parts on wildlife documentaries because I couldn't bear to see a life taken. I found it heart-wrenching. All life matters, no matter how small. At least you tried...

    On a happier note, Ian is a sheer delight! Grandkids certainly make our days brighter, don't they?

    I like to draw or note down things like that too. With repairs/procedures, I tend to use my camera phone to take photos of the different stages if I need to remember how to do something. If I have to pull something apart, I will take step-by-step photos so I can look back on them if I need to when reassembling the item.

    I'm so glad to hear you are feeling a lot better and that you continue to improve. :)

    Love and hugs xo

  16. I am such a silly Billy! I should have signed up as a follower sooner - I won't miss your posts now! I have just enjoyed going back through your older posts! Glad you are feeling better now! We get a hawk swooping at the birds at our caravan - natures way!!! Hugs, Chrisx

  17. glad you are feeling fine now,

    such incidents make me sad for while but thats how life is

  18. Well I think you did a great job of documenting that hunt. I watched the end a couple of times and I don't think the hawk got the the little one. Remember Baretta? Well I kept my eye on the sparrow and I think it took off to the right, where the decorative stones are. The hawk seemed to take of closer to the back of your yard. I'm rooting for the little guy but of course, I know that the hawk needs its nourishment too. We just hate to witness those things.. and yet, I watched.

    Mr. Ian.. oh my. .he's just too friggin' adorable. :)


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