Monday, July 25, 2016


Been over a week already since we last spoke.
In that week we had several days with an excessive heat warning.  The temperature has dropped a bit, but it is still sticky and uncomfortable for people like me who prefer the cooler 70s weather.
Karma has always liked the heat, as you know.  So she makes up for being stuck inside with me and the AC by lying in the sun all morning--LOL!  
When Ian was here to open presents, the way Dagan held the camera so still on his elbows at the table both Leah and I had thought he was making a video.
Wrong.  :(
Just a ton of pictures... here are just a few of them. 
Ian recognized the reusable paint with water books... 
...because he already has one here at Gramma's. 
Now he has triangular crayons that won't roll off the table here at Gramma's, too. 
He knows all about these because he has a set and a drawing pad at home.   
He got a couple colorbooks... keep here. 
I'm so glad he likes colorbooks...well, books in general.   
He got his own really big sketchbook... keep at Gramma's house. 
Then he got a colorbook to bring home with him... 
...along with a paint with water book. 
Every new thing he opened he wanted to dive into right away but then there was more to open. 
Finally the big present... 
...and all else was forgotten. 
A lawnmower!  Ian studying--not sure what it was.
Leah is probably not going to put the bubbles in it because it makes a really cool sound as it is and when I read the reviews people complained about the mess of the bubbles and them not working right sometimes...and several people suggested not to even use the bubbles but they really liked the mower--so maybe not?  Ian was delighted with his new lawnmower...couldn't take his eyes off Mom while she put it together...expertly mowed my floors...and then he mowed the grass and sidewalk outside.  :)  Was a fun day--tree hugging included.  ;)
This past week I've been cooking, letter writing, reading, cleaning, trying to keep up online, and working on the sets of cards.  Been putting the two-sided tape on the backs of the card fronts now.  
One down, three to go.  Then it's back & inside card base stamping and, lastly, taping on the fronts.  Hundreds of cards do take a while, but not usually this long--LOL!  ;)
McFamily went down to Minneapolis this past weekend and stopped at IKEA before they came home yesterday.  They picked me up a couple things (no IKEA up here).  I'll be sure to take pictures when they get here!  (I am so excited!)  Leah won't be over for crafts tonight, though, because her youngest sister is visiting for a couple days from Minneapolis.  Leah will probably try to be over later in the week.
  Meanwhile, I keep taping card fronts, have food to last me for over a week, am washing sheets & towels today, have two letters going, and am deep into the chase of a serial killer in Rules of Prey by John Sandford (set in Minneapolis!).  Karma is dozing in the sun by the patio door.  I just watched the young ground squirrel fill his pouches and race off.  Karma does lift her head for the ground squirrels--LOL!
Stay warm or cool as the season warrants where you live.  Hope it is dry or wet as needed, too.  May this be a happy, enlightening week filled with surprises.  
Hugs from Fargo!!  :)
"Just to be is a blessing; just to live is holy."
Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel


  1. Ian is getting to be such a big boy! Seems like yesterday he was just an infant. You've been so busy and productive! Karma looks so content resting in the sun. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Ian is so big and so adorable!! Although, I'm missing the ground squirrels... ;)


  3. Those pictures of Ian sure made me smile! I'm so happy that he's happy, and that YOU are doing so well again, Rita. It was fun to visit with you today. Still smiling! :-)

  4. Speaking of serial killers, I'm now watching season 3 of "The Following" on Netflix!!

  5. Ian looks at everything intently and with such curiosity. I love to see a child who is alert and interested in everything around him. He's adorable.


  6. Ian sure got a lot of neat stuff from Grandma! Did he open all those presents by himself, or did Mom help him?

  7. Ian seemed very pleased with his birthday gifts. It does sound like it would be better not to add bubbles judging from the reviews.

    Keep up the good work with those cards but remember to take breaks.

    You have me intrigued on what IKEA goodies you have coming. :)

    Love and hugs xo

  8. It sounds like you're having a wonderfully busy summer. Karma is indulging in the luxury of laziness....and I have a feeling that someday Ian will be a famous artist.
    The humidity is intense here in the wilds of TN, but I always enjoy the morning fog.

  9. Looks like your precious birthday boy had a lot of fun and will continue to do so with all of those lovely gifts.
    I'm with you on cooler temps.
    Yesterday our heat index went up to 112!!!
    not fit for man or beast out there UGH.
    Thank goodness for A/C.

  10. That is one very happy little boy!!

    I hope he keeps your carpets well mowed - you going to get him a weed whacker for Christmas?

  11. Well, there is nothing better than a fresh mowed floor....LOL

    Hard to believe Ian has grown so much, and such a happy little guy......going to be an artist huh?

    Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment. I've really missed T-days.

  12. I enjoyed the look on Ian's face with each gift he received. The lawn mower was priceless.

    It's been scorching here, too. Temps 105-108 all week and heat indexes of 110-114. So. I'm with you on the heat problems. AC is such a blessing.

    Hope you have a lovely rest of the week.

  13. Love that picture of Karma in the sun :) adorable. And it has been very hot here in Germany. I am ready for autumn :)

  14. Not only has Ian been busy, so have you! Love seeing all the pictures of him. :) have a great week Rita!!!

  15. Ian looks so happy with all his gifts! One thing I liked to do with Savannah was to tape paper down to her high chair and then give her markers...or crayons...she used to love it! She is a talented artist to this day and I take all the credit!
    Warm was the word for a few days, raining off an on today. Stay cool I am so glad you have good AC at the new place:)

  16. Loved this post, just so you know, I have over 500 emails to sort though with about 350 being blog posts.

  17. Looks like Ian is a creative little boy. Must take after his mother and grandmother. :) I hope he has fun with all of his goodies. Cute pics.

  18. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Goodness you've been busy lady. When you feel good you make the most of it! Ian looks very happy! What a cutie.


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