Thursday, July 28, 2016


Good Morning!
Sometimes when it wasn't as hot and sticky in the mornings I been able to have the patio door open for a while.  This was a few days ago...the grouse were here!  But before I could figure out how to switch the cell phone over to video... 
...they had taken off.  (I know--I can forget from use to use--really sad.)  See where Karma likes to lounge sometimes?  They don't notice her as much when she's tucked around by the glass doors.  
Not that they pay Karma too much mind any longer--LOL!
Yesterday was a really decent day!  No 100 degree heat index--whew!  I had just put out water and food for the critters when, to my surprise, the grouse showed up before anyone else.  This time I knew how to switch to video...not that this is a good one, by any means, because it's brief and they left so quickly but...I got the cluckers for ya!  hehe!  ;)
A while later... 
...(when I'm back at the kitchen table they don't notice me if I am quiet)... 
...there was a bird feast going on. 
At one point I thought I counted 17 or 18 birds on the patio and the grass nearby... 
...but then a noisy plane fly by overheard.  Poof!  LOL! 
Well, Leah was over last night and I wanted to share all the goodies she brought over!  These are some turquoise cardboard boxes with tan metal accents.
We needed someplace to store all these hundreds of finished cards when we get done, right?  These are perfect! 
Then I already had four each of the large and small white plates and those big bowls.  I believe they are the IKEA 365 series.  I now have a set of eight and Leah found smaller matching bowls, too, and got eight of those.  TaDa!  
Oh and the colorful plastic stack of plates and bowls in the center are Ian's and they're from IKEA also.  He has matching colorful plastic glasses and silverware over here, too.  The big yellow metal colander on the shelf above--I bought when I was a teenager--16, I think.  Planning ahead for when I left home and the only thing I knew how to cook was goulash at that point.  I didn't even like yellow (but they didn't have a red one) but it was so striking to see anything colorful for the kitchen back then...and I really wanted to buy something at the brand new Pier One Import store.  If that colander could talk...but I digress--LOL!
Leah noticed there is a faucet on the side of the building right near my patio...and since I am out there every other afternoon with a bucket of water and my new deck scrub broom (birds do poop continuously)...
 ...she brought me an expanding hose with a sprayer!
It is so cool!  I can jet spray off a lot of the poop--even on the chairs and tables--scrub a bit on the stubborn bits and hose them right off.  NICE!  It even cleaned off the dirty spattered windows from all the rain and I can clean the water saucer easy as pie.  I guess I need some other attachment in order to get the hose on and off the faucet easier (my grip is quite poor), but Leah said she'd find what she needs to fix that so I don't have water spraying all over the building--LOL!
And lastly...and most exciting...drumroll please!
This is a small metal rolling cart in a rusty red for $29.99! 
I've seen these in turquoise on many crafter's videos for some time but had totally forgotten they were from IKEA.  The also have them in black and cream. 
 Leah ran across them and texted me a picture.  (There are things I love about technology even if technology doesn't always love me!)
We had talked about having some kind of rolling cart in that spot for quite a few months now so that we'd have a quick place to store the current projects.  Because I use the big table every morning for catching up online, journaling, letters, or blogging (*she winks*) I have to clear all the craft projects off and carry them into the studio every night (which you can see above that small table is full again with the new turquoise boxes) to get the table set up for my morning/daytime routine.  If I want to work on cards that day then I have to clear off all the morning stuff and pile that over on my desk (which covers up my Franklin Covey monthly planner).  Not a huge issue, obviously...poor me, eh?  Can you hear the whiney violins?  But how convenient it would be to have a rolling cart to just quickly set things on instead, right?
Well, now we have the new rusty red cart!  More rust than red actually, but Leah and I both really like the color.  AND--she accidentally ran across the carts when she was on her way to buy a stool for Ian--and then forgot to buy the stool.  So...they are off visiting this weekend and then heading back to Minneapolis to go see Louis C.K. perform next week...and will be stopping off again at IKEA before they come home.  Leah will pick up Ian's forgotten step stool, she will look to see if they have another rolling cart (as you can see there is room for two), and she's picking me up a rug to put by the patio door for taking off wet shoes.  Whoohoo!
One of the reasons Gramma wants two of these little carts is because there are only three shelves, they're not huge, and she'd like to dedicate one shelf (or maybe two) strictly to Mr. Ian's art supplies.  ;) ;)  These are really sturdy and roll so smoothly in all directions.  Yes, I just love my new rolly cart!!
So now, after I get done with the rest of this morning's McLap and writing stuff, I can put the journals and letter supplies inside that top shelf for the first time.  (I have dibs on the top shelf--LOL!)  They are nice deep shelves with solid sides so you don't have to worry about small items not being contained safely.  
McFamily will be dropping off a car for me on their way out of town so that I can go take care of Sammy and Annie.  I will finally get to see Leah's garden boxes.  Lucky that the probiotics seem to be doing their thing so I should have no trouble driving the mile to their house at some point during the course of a day.  Life is good!  
Miss Karma is snoozing in front of the patio screen.  It's supposed to get up close to 80 degrees and is already--but the 67% humidity may wear on me by evening.  I'd rather leave the place open whenever I can.  Between rain and melty weather, it's not been too often the past month or so.  Grab the gusto.  Love to listen to the grouse and the squabbling blackbirds and the chittery sparrows.  
BUT--I don't know what has happened to the ground squirrels, though?!  I haven't seen any for a few days??  Been wet off and on, but that usually never stopped them for long.  I'll feel better when I see them and know they are okay.  Have really missed them.  Karma, too.  They're our favorites.  ??  Just thought--some guy came to spray for weeds a couple days ago--maybe the ground squirrels are smart and stay home for a while to avoid the chemicals?  Time will tell.
Anyways, the weekend is nigh.  The sky has been darkening, yet again, as I have been chatting away with you.  Leah and I picked out all the stamps we want to use on the various card bases, so I can get started on those with the MISTI (love that little contraption!) while they are gone.  Take care!  Be safe.  Be happy!  Life is good.  :) :)
"Today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way." 
Dr. Seuss      


  1. That is a way cool cart...I bet Ian will love to push it around!! Oh I love that bright yellow colander!! :)

  2. LOL, was wondering about the bird poop! This is the first year since I can remember we haven't hung ferns on the front porch. Mainly because I didn't want the cat sitter to have to water them while we were in Europe. But every year a bird nests in one of the ferns, or last year in the wreath on the storm door, and I have to deal with bird poop for months. No wreath this year either, and I'm not missing that chore. I'm starting to feel that last year was the last year for ferns :)

  3. The weather has been crazy right?!?! Today was super nice for open all day. Exchange the stale air. Nice.
    Sorry I haven't written...the days just seem to fly by.

  4. The grouse sound so sweet! All the birds gathered around reminds me of our front lawn at times. Funny how they all disappear so quickly when they feel threatened. Too cute! I sure hope the ground squirrels are okay though.

    Those boxes will be perfect for the finished cards.

    Looks like you're all set with dishware. I love those metal colanders. We have one in stainless steel. They last forever.

    If I remember rightly those types of hoses don't tangle either. Beau had one. Great that Leah is going to adjust it. My grip isn't the greatest either. :)

    OMG! I admire those 3-tier trolley carts every time I go to IKEA. I haven't given into temptation yet. hehe I can see how handy one would be.

    Glad to hear the probiotics are helping.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend, my friend.

    Love and hugs xo

  5. I think your red cart will become Ian's favorite new push toy!!

  6. Love those shots of the birds and Karma.

  7. the dishware is nice. i love the flock of chickens you have! yay for the water hose!

  8. Wonderful to have Leah to help you like she does. And it was the bird poop that finally got me to stop feeding the birds. When we moved three years ago, I stopped and am glad that my neighbors still do feed them. :-)

  9. I love those "shrinking hoses!" :)

    The Grouse are too cool!! Karma is dreaming Kentucky Fried Grouse for sure!

  10. love those boxes, and those Ikea carts are fab, I have two turquoise ones and 3 beige ones lol love that rust color I had not seen it before

  11. Such a happy upbeat poat. Life is good indeed! I sure like that rolling cart, I may have to visit the local IKEA. I really try not to go there because I find too many things I just "need". Almost worse than a craft store, LOL.

  12. It's been much, much hotter here, so I have to keep the AC going. Your new rolling cart is fabulous. No IKEA anywhere near me (like in 1000 miles).

    I bought a quick disconnect for my hose. I only use it when I bring my hose in for the winter, but it's still really convenient. I want one of those hoses like Lea got you. I saw one on tv and it looked great (albeit a bit expensive).

    Have a super weekend and enjoy your time with the other cats.

  13. I love that Dr. Seuss quote! Your rolly cart is awesome, the grouse are adorable, and as usual, Miss Karma is looking like she owns the place. =D Happy Saturday!


  14. I love that handy cart. It's nice when useful things come in colors you like. And the colander! I _like_ yellow ;) I've wondered if a hose like that would work on my patio. It'd be nice not to have the coiling hose amidst the pots.

  15. I love the birds on your patio!!!! Have a great weekend.

  16. The grouse are adorable, thank you for sharing the photos and video! Your new rolling cart is just fabulous.
    Hope you had a great weekend Rita!
    oxo Susi

  17. I really enjoyed the video of those cute grouse.
    They really are cheeky aren't they? Eating all your grub and then disappearing:)
    Hope Ian is having fun. My grandson is four years old next week. How this thing called time....flies.
    Best of wishes.
    Sue xxx

  18. I like the look of the metal rolling cart I wouldn't mind that in this house but I can hear both Natasha and Tim saying why would you want this it will only take up space............I liked the video clips they make me feel happy

  19. That hose is great. I hadn't thought about it, but you probably get a lot of animal droppings from all the critters that visit!


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