Friday, August 19, 2016


Good Afternoon!
I hope I can get this posted before dinnertime--LOL!  My laptop is so terribly, terribly slow the last two days that is has taken me 45 minutes already just to load the pictures for today.  I did do the online speed test and it was great--so it is just the old McLap who now runs at 90% of her battery, plugged in and dies as soon as you unplug her.  Well, she lasts maybe 30-60 seconds.  One of these days I may disappear for a longer period of time, but I will try to let you know I'll be gone by posting on some other contraption around here--LOL!  But if my Mac dies, it is going to greatly effect my blogging abilities.  Even email frequency, for that matter.  MS is a whole other world, you know, and I am extremely unfamiliar with it anymore--LOL!
Anyways, do you think going on Amazon Prime got my bird feeder here about a month ahead of time?  :) :)
I am just tickled with it.  The one side of the roof flips up for filling... 
...and it is supposed to hold about 5 pounds of seed. 
Can you see the plastic mesh on the bottom that is supposed to help when it comes to wind and rain?  And the triangular piece of wood in the center of the seed hopper?  That's supposed to help keep it from turning into a big old clump in the center of the hopper. 
Bit of an overhang against the weather.  Can feed from both sides. 
I am so new to this.  I hope this one will work well for my wild pets.  ;)
Karma is not fond of the new rug by the door.  Here's she's watching birds come down for a landing...
...but they went over for a drink and splash first. 
Karma stays back behind the rug--LOL!   
Don't worry.  She can force herself to tolerate lying on the nubby rug when the door is open.
Leah got sick with a terrible cold while on her girl's weekend, poor thing.  So I haven't seen her--but I have been working on cards.  We found out that we are disappointed with the Archival dye ink pads.  The color faded already.  (Sorry these are sideways, but I couldn't get back in to flip them because the thumbnails wouldn't open--or I didn't have the patience to wait five minutes for it to do so--lol!).
And look!  The ink bled through the card stock! 
 Oh well.  If you get one of these one of these years--maybe you'll remember our new ink disappointment.  ;)
Loving the new carts!  Using them all the time.
Every afternoon the kitchen table has looked like this till evening...for many days.
Oh, you'll laugh!  See this stamp?   
Well, I can't see so well and need new glasses.  I stamped this and thought it hadn't stamped right.  With the MISTI you can re-stamp in the same exact position--so I stamped and stamped--ROFL!  It is supposed to look all blotchy like that!  Duh!!  Cracked me up!
Anyways, I would stamp and watch youtube videos or movies or TV series on McLap...    
...and pile parts in the carts.  :) 
Was hot and sticky.  
Some days more sticky than hot. 
Yesterday I got a huge surprise!!  And I mean huge!  Iggy/IntenseGuy sent us (definitely also for Miss Karma's entertainment) two 40 lb bags of bird seed!!  OMG!  The top one is regular mixed seed and the bottom bag is all black oil sunflower seeds!
This just blew me away.  Iggy just lost his dad recently and here he is sending bird seed to Fargo?!  He has such a kind and generous soul.  Glad to be counted as a friend.  Just saying thank you doesn't seem enough.  :)
I thank you.  Karma thanks you.  All the birds and little buddies thank you, too.  :):)
I finally finished all six sets of cards yesterday!!! 
There are three sets of Christmas cards and three sets of birthday cards.  Over 500 cards!
Here's the two sets of Christmas scenery cards...
...and the hanging ornaments Christmas card. 
Two sets of birthday cards--cupcakes and birthday cake... 
...and the crazy cat ones. 
For now I laid them all flat in the four turquoise Ikea boxes.  And I tried to clean up the table messes a bit in the studio because I have family coming tomorrow for a visit! 
My mom (Jane), my brother (Blaine) and his wife (Kathy) will be here for the day.  At least I'll be in much better shape both physically and brain-wise than I was last year--LOL!  More with it this year. 
Thought I'd take a shot of the other side of the studio as long as I was in there.  
Kind of half-organized chaos in that room.
Anyways, I'll cross my fingers that this will post.  It's already dinner time in Florida-time, but I have another hour--LOL!  (That was for my mom.)
I still can't believe we are finally finished with all those cards!!  I was pretty useless for months and sweet Leah did most everything.  We kept plugging away at it, even if it was at a snail's pace.  Patience, right?  Then I was finally feeling more human and able to hold up my end better.  If I wasn't so sore I'd do the happy dance--ROFL!  Going to take it easy the rest of the day...and remember to take pictures of everybody tomorrow, I hope.  ;)  
Have a rewarding weekend.  :) :) 
“From adversity we can learn the value of patience.”
Dalai Lama


  1. Now those are a lot of cards, all right! And that was so nice of Iggy to send you those bags of birdseed. I guess I'll have to go find out more about him. Sending you a virtual hug or two that costs nothing to mail. :-)

  2. OMG a bird feeder!! Think how much bird poop you'll have NOW! Haha!!!


  3. the bird feeder will be much appreciated. and what a sweet man to send you seed, too!

  4. Yeah for you, bird seed enough for a few months in the winter. Iggy is a special guy! Silly Karma with the rug...what ever goes through her mind anyway...she doesn't like change! Have a good visit with our company!! :)

  5. You got a wonderful bird feeder, but even better, a dear internet friend donated the feed. You have some pretty powerful internet friends, dear Rita.

    I hope you are having a wonderful time right now with your family. I'm sure it will be a great reunion, too.

  6. You have been keeping busy!!! Love the bird feeder. I'm working on figuring out ways to keep the squirrels out of my feeders before the winter sets in . I haven't been able to feed them much this summer because the inFURiating creatures.

  7. I know you and Karma will get a lot of enjoyment out of the bird feeder. I look forward to pictures! :)

  8. What a nice thing for Iggy to do!!

  9. That is a wonderful stash of cards you have now! Well done to both you and Leah. I hope she's better soon.
    The bird feeder is awesome, real luxury dining environment for those birds :) And what a kind and appropriate gift that birdseed is.

  10. Ian will love the bird feeder. Putting the seed in (what a great gift!) will thrill him. He's the perfect little boy.


  11. It can be so frustrating when our laptops run slow and have bugga all battery life. The cards are bloody great, sorry Leah is not well hope she is on the mend

  12. Oh dear, it does sound like McLap is on her last legs. :(

    That is one lovely bird-feeder...I sure hope the birds like it. Karma is hilarious!

    That would have been disappointing to find the archival ink pads aren't suitable. Too funny about you not realising the stamp was supposed to have a blotchy look to it. hehe The cards are lookin' good! It's great that the new carts are getting a good work-out.

    I'm so sorry to hear the Iggy's Dad passed away. :( You and I both lost our Dads last year so I know how hard it can be. It was very nice of Iggy to send you the bird seed.

    I hope you have a lovely visit with your Mum and family tomorrow.

    Love and hugs xo

  13. You have a wonderful things in your house. have a nice time!

  14. Just before my father died, I wheeled his chair over the the porch so he could watch the hummingbirds and many other species of birds visit the feeders. It was calming and therapeutic (for both of us.) I hope the bird seed brings you and Karma many pleasant moments.

    1. What a lovely moment shared with your Dad, Iggy. When my Dad passed, I drew comfort from the fact that Dad was no longer suffering and facing the indignities that came from his stroke and Parkinson's. I still miss him every day. All the best to you.

  15. 500 - now that's a lot of cards! How nice to get that bird seed. I love watching birds. You have a great week doing what you love, and as always, regards to Karma and McFamily!

  16. Holy cow- your studio is beautiful and you have been busy. That is a lot of cards. Good for you. I wonder why Karma doesn't like the new rug. Of course with cats you never know, do you? And awesome bird feeder and that great gift of bird seed. Sounds like you've been having some really good days. Take care. Hugs-Erika

  17. The bird feeder looks fantastic and super to got this amount of bird seeds! Yepp!Those many cards - wow!
    I hope Miss Karma will like the rug more with! CATS!!!
    Good luck with the computer thing - I can imagine that it is not nice if it takes days to upload something...


  18. Love the bird feeder! I'm sure the birds will be pleased. You've been so busy with all of those cards. They look really nice!

  19. That's a great looking bird feeder! I always enjoyed watching the birds on the bird feeder outside my bedroom window, until my landlady cut down the tree it was hanging from. Those cards look amazing! How annoying about the ink though. They can be so tricky. My favourite is StazOn, especially an old one with brown ink, that isn't quite as fresh anymore and therefore isn't too dark and doesn't bleed like the new ones can do. Great to see your studio too, it looks so organised!

  20. gosh it's been so long....where do I start? You are going to LOVE having your new bird feeder along with all the visiting birds! What a generous friend to send the seed too. Karma is looking quite well. Your cards are wonderful-and I cannot believe how many you have produced-wow! I have learned (by the same experience with some bleed thru inks) to try them out on scrap cards first. Like Nordijus(reply above me) my fave go to is the StazOn inks but I also love the Versafine pads too. your studio is so great looking and so nicely organized too. Happy dog days of summer Rita!

  21. That looks like a great bird feeder and the seed from your friend arrived at just the right time. I just posted about two cards I made. Yes TWO. I bow to your ability to make so many and have them on hand. Really, there is a lesson for me in there somewhere. You (and Leah) are so organized.

  22. Hi Rita!
    Sorry it has been so long since I dropped by for a visit. I had to go back and read your posts that I missed...LOL!

    Ian is growing up way to fast, so darn cute I could just plant kisses all over is face! He had my laughing about how he knows which apartment is!!!

    My other laugh this morning was over Karma! I love pet stories. What a wonderful friend to send so much bird feed.

    I can't believe you have made so many cards, and I thought I was doing great making about 10! I've been thinking about what I want to do for Christmas cards this year, and here you have yours already made! LOL!!

    I have to join the others about the ink situation. My go to ink is StazOn too! I have also gone to making my own card bases, using 110lb card stock. It is almost like a light weight card board. I usually sit and make card bases ahead of time, so I don't have to stop, cut, score and then fold when I need one.......but that is just me. The bleed through just proves that they are hand made!

    I really like how organized you studio is.....I keep trying to achieve that kind of organization! LOL!

    Have a great weekend!


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