Sunday, August 14, 2016


Good Morning!
When Leah was here on Tuesday night she attached the quick release on the faucet on the side of the building and on my new expanding hose!  TaDa!
As long as I had the camera outside I thought I would show you the view to the left...
...and to the right.  Pretty boring, actually--LOL!
They picked me up a rug for inside the patio door so we have a place to take off shoes when we come in.  Don't want to track in bird poop--LOL!
That's actually a really pliable bath rug from Ikea.  So it is absorbent for wet shoes and quite washable.  Perfect!
Got the second rusty cart put together, too.  :) 
One shelf for my morning writing supplies, the bottom shelf for Ian's art and craft supplies, and three shelves got filled up with the current card project.  Only one left open, so we did need two carts, I guess, eh?  LOL!
I'm always making soup but I haven't shown you any for a long time.
This one has potatoes, onions, carrots, celery, Napa cabbage, and crushed tomatoes in vegetable broth.  Yummy!
I ordered some very cheap fountain pens on Amazon that are coming slowly from China.  Two of them have arrived so far (said could take 4-8 weeks).  
  These two are really heavy!  I find I don't like to use them capped because of the weight, but they both work.  They're actually the same size but the picture angle makes them look different.  The bottom one has rosewood ($4.65) and the top one has painted cherry blossoms ($4.68).  None of the pens were over $5--with shipping!  But most of the Chinese pens only come with a medium nib.  The rosewood one is the only one I ordered that had a fine nib.  I couldn't resist checking them out at those prices.  I haven't written with them a lot, but they seem okay so far.  What a hoot!
My big project this last week was pulling the litter tub out of Karma's big wooden cat box and scrubbing it down.
Her temporary set up is just the old inner she is totally confused.
That tub was inside of here.  Karma had to climb in the entrance hole...
...and then up and over the inside tub.
  Was getting harder for her.  She's getting old and stiff, too.  So I had Leah cut the hole down a bit on the plastic tub a while back...but that just made for a lot more mess because Karma could really kick out litter--and I think she may have backed up to pee with her butt beyond the door a few times.  I had a piece of carpeting on top of a plastic placemat under and between the two doors inside there--so it never got to the wood.  But it was time to retire the big box to the garage.
Leah is picking up a new big plastic tub for Karma tomorrow and we'll cut a new higher hole so she can't kick out any litter.  (Karma's always been an excessively enthusiastic digger and burier--lol!)  I even bought her a step--which I'll show you after we get this all set up.  
Karma was quite upset with her box being in the living room.  I had to find a spot where I could block the hole against a wall so she wouldn't, perchance, try to use the empty box during the night.  She stayed near her box and during the night she howled.  She did use the plastic tub--but threw up twice on my bedroom carpet.
Karma does not take change well.  LOL!
Leah went away for a girl's weekend.  First time she's been away from Ian for any length of time.  Dagan and Ian came over for a visit and to help Gramma yesterday.
The first thing we did was make a trip to the garage to get the big cart so we could haul out the wooden cat box.  I decided to treat Ian to rides in Gramma's folding cart and crate.  He got to ride out and back twice!  We'd stop so he could stand up to push the big buttons to open the doors, too.  He loved it!
We moved out the cat box and the new seed bin I got for the birdseed this winter...watched some more nature shows for a bit...and then Ian discovered his shelf in the rusty cart--LOL!  I don't think he was much in the mood to actually use them...just thrilled he found them in this new spot.
Ian got distracted when he remembered Daddy had shown him Gramma's fish last time he was here.
Then we went on the walking path down to visit the cottonwood tree.  This video just quit, but it was ten minutes long, anyways.
BUT--I finally remembered to take videos!!
Here's Daddy and Ian on the way home to Gramma's.  Blue sky this direction and very dark sky behind us.
Ian remembered the exact apartment where he'd seen a cat in the patio door the last time we walked down to the tree!  And how would Ian find Gramma's patio?  The one with the bird poop--LOL!  "Bird poop...bird poop...bird poop", Ian said.  Yup!  That's the one.  ROFL!
Today I'm washing clothes and waiting for the bird house to arrive.  Could be out there by the time I post this.  Yes--it's supposed to arrive today!  Way earlier than expected--said it could have even been beginning of October--whoohoo!  Leah will be able to check out the birdhouse tomorrow as far as how she wants to hang it with the chains.  But I don't expect it to be hung until maybe October, depending on the weather.  
Ooops!  The dryer buzzed.  
Got to get moving.  
Have a memorable week!!  :) :)
"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."
Adrienne Gusoff


  1. poor karma not understanding the litterbox changes. :) stressed her out! your boys are too cute. hope leah has a nice weekend away.

  2. Ian is too cute: bird poop! Such a darling little boy. I had a cat who stuck her butt out of the litter box sometimes. I had a special litter box rug that trapped the litter to keep it from going all over, and it trapped the pee. That cat was too enthusiastic about digging, too. Another cat would act as if she was about to lose her mind when the litter box was being cleaned, which didn't take long. She'd meow and cross her legs and do a pee-pee dance. As soon as my son set down the litter box (litter box cleaning was one of his jobs), she'd hop in it to pee before he could even put in the litter. And the box would be out in the hallway instead of in its usual spot in the laundry room. That cat had no sense of modesty whatsoever.


  3. Poor Karma cats don't like changes - hope she will become inured to the new litter tray situation!
    Ian is just a lovely little boy!So sweet!
    Loved the rainbow - so beautiful-- we had one very big here yesterday as well!
    oxo Susi

  4. Ian is so adorable! And I understand Karma not liking change. It will be for the better, but she doesn't know that. :-(

  5. That soup looks delicious! Nothing like homemade soup!

  6. Your soup looks so I have to make some tonight :)
    Ian is getting so big and cuter by the day ♥ Hoping Karma adjust soon to the new litter situation...cats can be so picky .

  7. Lovely area, lovely rainbow and a delicious soup.

  8. Does Karma actually like or just tolerate Ian?

  9. Ian is such a delight. I hope Karma doesn't try to bury him.

  10. The videos are awesome as usual, my mum makes soup a lot, I have never maid it, I am not a big soup eater.

  11. Oh my gosh, Ian is adorable!! Such a little cutie...loved the videos! He's a clever little boy too. :)

    I love soup's been a month since I last made some. The picture of your soup actually made my mouth water. Looks yummy!

    The carts will be very handy indeed.

    Nice fountain pens and great prices too.

    Oh dear, the changes to her potty arrangement really stressed Karma, didn't it? Hopefully, she will love the new one though. Michelle said that Quinn (their cat) loves to kick her kitty litter about also.

    I hope you have a lovely week too. xo

  12. Bird poop! Isn't it great that kids call it like they see it??


  13. I use a bathmat inside my back door, too, and it works great for absorbent and easy to clean.

    Your soup makes me want some. I love that kind of soup/stew but usually don't have it during the summertime.

    I'm so impressed by your great deal on the fountain pens! What a find! Happy T Tuesday

  14. Oh that soup looks so delicious. And I also loved seeing Ian. What a cute! Especially with the fishbowl. How does he like Karma? Or should I ask, how does she like him? Love that rolling carts. They are rather trendy right now and I bet you will put them to good use. Hope its a great week so far. Hugs-Erika

  15. Oh, dear, I don't see the comment I added last night on the iPad (I was away from home) But of course as you will guess I said how cute little Ian is and how he is coming along. Seems no time since he was newborn.
    Cat litter is such a pain! we used to have 2 cats who didn't care to go out much, so had twice the fun! :)

  16. Ian looks so cute in that cart with his shades on! What fun he is! :)

  17. I love Karma lounging on the sofa...I always love her pictures on here


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