Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Good Morning!
It's been chaotic over here, but getting a lot done!
I started on the hall closet last week. 
There were storage containers shoved everywhere. 
I slowly transferred the closet craft supplies into those new big plastic tubs from Costco. 
I filled eight out of twelve... 
...and stacked up all the sewing supplies in the living room. 
Some of which came out of the studio closet. 
Will be nice to have all the sewing stuff in one place.  Now I have more room in the studio closet, too!
On Mother's Day McFamily and Leah's brother, Aaron (in the red shirt), came to rearrange the garage now that the Paseo was towed away. 
Leah was the supervisor for the large Valley Con stuff of theirs that I am storing and the bigger stuff. 
Ian was watching with Gramma and eating craisins. 
Then I went through the shelves--boxes--most of which hadn't even even been untaped since the move in August of 2015--to decide what to move where, which things could be tossed, and which could be moved to the give away pile.  It was hot!  80 degrees!  We made a lot of room for all the tubs in the apartment...
...which were finally hauled out!  And my fans were brought in--nice!
Even the four empty tubs, too.  (I went out to transfer more of the boxed stuff into those on Monday.) 
The hall closet is ready to be filled. 
Here sits the stuff to be transferred into new boxes, labeled, and moved...still looks the same today--LOL! 
Yes, I am sick of these old boxes which have been written on, scratched out, and written on again--banged up--taped and retaped.  I did save the boxes in the best shape for inside, but they all have to go.  I do eventually want to have clear plastic bins inside, too.  Just can't afford it right now.  But that's okay.  The plastic bins in the garage are a decade's old dream come true.  My impatience is showing--LOL! 
While I worked--the scent of roses wafted through the living room and dining room.   
But I have to say I have never seen anything like this one rose and how it is drying up!?
 Can you see the three separate petals that are completely brown?  One is even on the inside!  
Really strange.
Anyways, these are the "after" garage pictures.
Since I'll just have one borrowed car at any time... 
...we could just store stuff all around the sides and I still have a ton of room to park in the middle. 
After I was out there Monday and got rid of some more old boxes, I knew for sure that I still needed a few more tubs to finish the job. 
I went through the smaller cat stuff, too, and brought in what I would need for Annie.  (Too hot and tired on Sunday.) 
Starting to really look like I am expecting cat company, eh? 
Leah was at Costco Monday and Aaron was with to help carry.  They picked up some new cheap banker boxes for me!  
And in the garage are some more big storage tubs and potting soil--but I haven't been out to move any more stuff yet.  I totally reached a wall yesterday--been on R&R (rest & recovery).  Leah was running late and cancelled craft night last night--which turned out just fine because then I ended up in bed early.  Was nice and chilly last night, too, so I slept well.  Not sure if I am off R&R yet, though.  Doesn't appear to be a supple, energetic day so far, shall we say--LOL!
Caroline came to clean yesterday.  Been dark and damp...with occasional drizzle.  We really need some pouring rain.  Been so dry they've had fire watches in the area.
Oh, I had to laugh!  Dagan told me that Ian forgot to talk to him about the garbage truck fire when he got home that day but remembered as soon as he woke up--so at 5:30 in the morning he was telling sleepy Daddy about the garbage truck, the fire, cans exploding, and the firemen eventually saving the day.  :)
  And when they came over he got his little toy garbage truck out and wanted to hear the story again.  He loves it!  It has everything--danger, suspense, humor, explosions (what guy doesn't like explosions), and the firemen save the day in the end.  Sure glad I remembered that.  And--yes--Dagan remembered that adventure, too--LOL!
When they left Ian kissed my "baby belly"--ROFL!  I told him I just look like I have a baby belly but mine is just belly--LOL!  He kissed Daddy's and Aaron's baby bellys, too.  If he is asked what is in Mama's belly he says, "my little sibling".  But we don't think he actually understands what this is all about.
He also knows that Annie is going to come over to my house because Annie is lonesome for Sammy and Gramma is lonesome for Karma.  Won't be long now.  I just have to  finish the closets inside here.  :) :)
Leah will try to make it over tomorrow for Craft Night.  I will try to make it to CCC tomorrow afternoon to work on zendalas and socialize a little.  But, for right now, this tired, crackling old body is heading for my big comfy chair.  Plan to work on letters.   I think I owe about half a dozen right now.  Been busy...but today is a perfect day for paper and pen, I think.  ;)
Love and hugs from Fargo!  :) :)
"Gratefulness is the keeper of a happy heart."
Barbara Waque


  1. Eventually you will get it all organized, sounds like you got a lot accomplished, I hope Annie adjusts well to life at your place:)

  2. So enjoyed catching up with you Rita!!! You sure have been busy.. Reminded me i need to sit down and write you a letter !! Super windy here today... wow! Big hugs to you! deb

  3. I look forward to Annie's arrival, and in my opinion you have accomplished a great deal, so you have every right to as much R&R as you need! :-)

  4. I really envy your wonderful ability to organize - and it's an inspiration.
    I used to be organized when I had my big house in Texas. Ever since I moved to this small shack in TN, everything is in disarray. I'm trying to get back on track - but only at a snail's pace.

    The yellow roses are so lovely but I can't understand why that one is turning brown.

  5. Congrats on the major clean ups. It is looking awesome Rita. Its what I need to do, once I get back up on my feet and my daughter moves next month. :) Enjoy all that useful space! Hugs-Erika

  6. Anonymous11:56 AM

    Wow you've gotten a LOT done. A little R&R is earned. Not that you needed to earn it. a little R and R is a good thing.
    I am so behind, how do I miss your posts, they come to my email box. ugh! I didn't know Annie was coming to stay with you. How sweet. I think you will be good for one another.
    I didn't know Leah was so far along. This pregnancy is just flying by.
    Don't over do. Rest often...that's my prescription. :-)

  7. WOW! You are doing really well on all the cute to see little Ian overseeing all the stuff going on in the garage.

    Yes, it looks cat-ready...I look forward to hearing about Annie's arrival when it happens.

    Too cute about the 'baby' bellies.

    I have responded already in my snail letter to you so won't say much more.

    All the best with the rest of the organisation.

    Love and hugs from DownUnder xo

  8. Wow - you certainly got a lot done!

  9. Just dropped by to say, hi, looks like a lot was done and the end result a good result

  10. Goodness. Talk about a clean up! I think you win the prize. Sure glad you had help. My back is screaming and telling me I overdid it yesterday, so I can totally understand the need for R and R. I know you are so neat, the rest of the clean up will come very soon. But for now, I hope you are relaxing and resting and taking long hot baths.

  11. Dear Rita, what comes across to me in this posting is the marvel of how much storage space you have--both in the garage and closets in your apartment. That is so wonderful given that you have a number of passions/hobbies/interests that you pursue. I'm happy for you. Peace.

  12. I was thinking that about the storage space, too. You do have quite a lot of room to work with. :)

    Ian is quite a character, isn't he? :)

  13. Your storage space is so well organized. Looks like everything will be very easy to find. So excited to see photos of Annie when she arrives. Hope she likes watching the wildlife - especially those huge grouse and rabbits you have there!


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