Saturday, June 24, 2017


Two weeks again!
Lots of pictures.  Probably should grab a cuppa and settle in--LOL!
I have been in love with the new planter boxes.
They survived two storms in a row that first week.
Ian is Mama's garden helper--complete with garden gloves and sun hat.
Seems like it's been a long two weeks.
I continued to work--slowly--on the studio closet.  
Got new pictures of Ian's baby sibling.
Had the cord in front of its face. 
Yes, "its"--because they don't want to know the sex this time around.  Going old school and being surprised.  :)
The wind has pushed the plants about some...
...but they were still filling out pretty well a week ago.
I am out there picking dead heads...
...and watering.
Just enjoying the days with blue skies.
Oh, this cracked me up.  I was thinking of moving over the wire cube shelves in the studio closet to see if the tall stuff might fit to slide in on the other side of them.  Emptied the cubes and moved every thing out.
Was pulling the set of wire cubes over...and clunk!  I forgot about the top shelf brace--LOL!

So I had to pull them back.  Lot of effort for nothing.  But I did sort through the tall flat stuff on the right side--panels, gator board, odd large papers, large cutting boards, etc.
Worked at getting most of the bookbinding supplies together in the closet.
The living room was a mess for over a week.
Been out on the patio every day...
...and couldn't resist taking some shots of the clouds.
You know how I love sky pics.
We've had occasional rain and clouds galore lately.  :)
Leah sent me a picture of the full double rainbow!  The second one is faint but you could see it better in person than in the picture.

They had a better shot than I did.
The weather had been so hot and then it took a dip recently--ahhh!  I LOVE IT!!!  Can't stand the heat and then you get trapped inside with the AC for days or weeks on end.  
I see lots of people walking dogs...
...out walking, rollerblading, biking, pushing strollers (one has a yorkie in it), and even skateboarding.  Some truly perfect days lately in the 60s and 70s.  My opinion, of course--LOL!
Okay--you may remember how disappointed I was with the square gridded Leuchtturm1917 having the "Datum/Date:" on every page and how I decided to use washi tape to cover them up because they drove me crazy.  Well, putting washi tape on almost every page made the journal so fat I couldn't even close it anymore.  I had made it up ahead to October...but I hated using it so much that I bought a new one.    

Was thrilled to go back to the dot grid with nothing written on the top of every page--tada!
In anticipation of a new bullet journal I had purchased these stencils a while back from Moxiedori on Etsy.  The tall one has already been worth its weight in gold.  :)
I also purchased this Helix on Amazon--which is super cool--but I haven't figured out how to use it yet--LOL!

I cut out all the last pages in the current bullet so that I can finally shut it--tada!  Now it will fit better on the shelf when I switch over to the new one.
Well, I had crazy eye stuff happen, so I didn't get much done for several days.
A week ago Friday I was doing my usual morning routine (journaling and catching up online) and I suddenly had a huge bright arc of twinkling, glaring, blinking light across my field of vision.  It wouldn't go away even when I closed my eyes and was difficult to see through.  
I went and laid back in my recliner--thinking maybe the macular pucker was trying to move around, right?  Okay--proof I have chronic fatigue--I dozed off in the middle of the light show--LOL!  It was almost gone when I woke up.  Lasted about 45-50 minutes and left me with a sharpish headache and light sensitivity, but I could see as well as I had before the light show.
For two sunny days I wore my sunglasses all day long inside, had a little worse headache than normal, but otherwise was fine.  I had assumed it was likely caused by the macular pucker.  But on Monday a blogger friend, Dianne, told me it could be a sign of a retinal tear.  She's such a sweetheart.
So I called my eye doctor on Tuesday morning--but from what I described they thought it was an aural migraine.  ??  I've never had a migraine before.  Anyways, I have an appointment for the 28th to have them look for a retinal tear and check my macular pucker.  They're hesitantly sure it was a light show migraine.  Of course, if anything else happens in the meantime I'm to call right away.  
Nothing else has happened yet.
Thank goodness!
After two weeks my flowers are really filling out!  
I can't get enough of them.
This was the best project idea for the patio...
...whoohoo!!  :) :)
Meanwhile, I have been working on setting up my new bullet so I can start using it in July.
I am loving the tall stencil with those little squares for checking off stuff.  Just marvelous!
I am planning to use a partially different format (won't use up as many weekly pages so this bullet will last longer).  Absolutely not going to be adding lots of washi tape or stickers so I plan to do more drawing, lettering and such.  I already tape in the pre-printed calendars and monthly trackers and that's all the added girth I want in this one.
Therefore, I really needed to test the thin paper
for using my marker sets--Zig Clean Color brush markers and Tombow brush markers.  (No bleed through!) 
Also tested for using my drawing pens, gel pens, calligraphy pens, etc.
Then I can see right off which ones are a no-no and bleed through the paper.
I have several more pens, crayons, and pencils I will be testing.  I trim the top and bottom so that these will all fit in the pocket on the back cover.  Then they can easily be moved to the next bullet.
For the headers I tried out a font I found on google images.
I am inexperienced using lettering ideas but I think I will improve the more I do it.
I'm loving the little check boxes stencil!
I've been working for two days and haven't even gotten to the actual month of July yet--LOL!  But I am having such fun!!
So, this coming week I have eye the doctor on Wednesday and the dentist on Thursday.
Ian's coming over to open his presents from me on Tuesday and then Tuesday night Leah is coming over for crafts.
Busy week.  Hoping for the migraine verdict.  I have a sensitive tooth that lost a side chunk (probably a big filling?) back before Karma hurt her ear.  Yup--back in January.  Been so much going on this year that it's taken me this long to get in for the cleaning and x-rays.  It's possible I might even have a toothache so I am sure there will either be drilling or pulling in my near future.  Not expecting a good verdict at the dentist's--LOL! 
But I am loving this cooler weather!  Having the place opened up.  Fresh air.  I'm having fun setting up the new bullet and doing the paper testing/color swatches.  Loving my colorful flowers.  Ian is three years old today!  I finished the studio closet--so when Annie's collar arrives from Taiwan and McFamily has a good day to do it, Annie can come over.  Even my lone, nameless, very old red serape tetra got his bowl cleaned today.  Once I finish setting up the bullet my next project is to start on the sewing.  Always another project around the corner.  ;)
Life may have some bumps and bruises...but it is full and fine, wouldn't you say?
Life is good.
"There are many things to be grateful 'for' but, as I ripen with the seasons of life, the many reasons blend into a sacred mystery.  And, most deeply, I realize that living gratefully is its own blessing."
Michael Mahoney


  1. As soon as you described the visual disturbance and headache, I thought, Oh, no! She had a migraine.

    That's pretty much what happens to me when I get one, which I did yesterday. It was the first one I'd had in a while. Of course, my experience doesn't guarantee that yours was a migraine, but for your sake, I hope it was that and not a tear. I also hope you don't have one again. Your flowers are pretty, and so is the sky. I'm jealous of your temperatures. It's 95 here. Yes, I know I don't have to deal with ice and snow, but I'd still like it be at least a little cooler during the summer. Mailed a letter to you, but I can't remember what day. Ian looks adorable. Children usually love to help with the gardening.


  2. Wonderful, wonderful post, Rita. It sounds like you're doing fine, pretty much. I had one of those ocular episodes a while back, too. Never came back, or i guess I should say not yet. Love that quote. Living gratefully! :-)

  3. Nice that you are having cool weather there - we are dreadfully hot here in AZ. Hope you get a final verdict on your eye issues. My husband had a retinal tear after getting poked in the eye while doing yard work a few years ago. He had laser surgery and is just fine now. Your symptoms do sound like a migraine. My dad had visual disturbance migraines sometimes. I love the cloud pictures and the rainbow shots. Your planter boxes are lovely. They add so much to your patio. I know you are excited for grand baby #2. So wonderful! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Ian! Three already! I hope you check out okay at the Eye Dr....mine told me any lights are bad and to call him right away.
    Your flowers are looking really good! The squirrels and the rain have really beat mine up.
    Have fun with your journal project! :)

  5. I fell asleep at my computer chair and just woke to see I had just started to leave a comment. I always love your sky shots, and those flower boxes are out of this world. Gotta love Ian helping in the garden. It's great to start them young. It's a good experience for when he gets older.

    Sorry to read about your eye problems. I have no idea what the problem is, but I truly hope it is corrected soon.

  6. 3-year-olds are the best! You'll love it! The flowers look beautiful. What a fun project! Best wishes for a migraine - lol!

  7. Such a loooong post Rita!!! Lovely pictures... First let me say I'm so glad your eye went back to its 'normal' self after that and i hope everything goes fine at the doctor.. Your flowers on the porch are beautiful.. You've done such a good job taking care of them....Love seeing where you work on your journals... Big Hugs! deb

  8. I sometimes see zigzag lines which the doctor said were ocular migraines. They go away in a half hour or so. You say your living room was a mess but it still looked neat to me!!

  9. Yeah the light show sounded like a migraine to me as well but when you have not had them before you may not realise that is what it is.

    I think it is nice to be surprised with the birth of a baby and not know in advance if it will be a boy or a girl, of course when I had mine they wouldn't tell you in case they were wrong

  10. Your flower garden looks wonderful!!

    I hope your eye(s) heal and you feel better soonest.

  11. The planter boxes look great! I hope the flowers continue to hold up well. Leah's little garden helper is so darned cute! I wonder what sex the new addition to the family will be...the 3D image is so sweet.

    Re. the wire cubes...that would have been frustrating...ah well. We live, we learn, right? hehe

    The cloud pics are beautiful! You know I love clouds. Great capture of the double rainbow, Leah!

    What a relief for you being back to the dotted lines. Have fun with the stencils. Nice journal set-up. I was able to start my new A5 Bullet journal at the beginning of this month. I missed the B5 at first because I loved the vertical columns...will go into more depth in my letter.

    Always best to get those sudden eye issues checked but it does sound like a visual/ocular migraine. Aaron suffered with them a lot when he was younger. A migraine verdict would certainly be better than a retinal tear. Good luck with your eye and dental appointments.

    I'm looking forward to hearing all about Annie's arrival. I do hope she settles in well.

    Love and hugs xo

  12. I just love your patio! It's amazing how much we can do with a small space :) The double rainbow is stunning! I'm impressed by how complete it is. It's sometimes hard to match inks/colors with paper it won't bleed through. It's smart of you to test ahead.

    I hope you get good reports from eye doctor and dentist. Better safe than sorry, so it's good you're keeping up with it all.

    Happy T Tuesday :)

  13. Dear Rita, your quote today speaks strongly to me. Living in gratitude and embracing mystery seem key to growing older gracefully. You have a lot to teach all of us about having fun. Peace.

  14. Your patio is just looking wonderful. Those planters really dress it up. I could spend hours out there with a good book. And Ian is adorable in his gardening outfit. I am also amazed how well they can now take ultrasound photos. When my daughter was born we had a photo but it didn't show much in the way of details at all. I hope you have good luck with the eye doctor and dentist. Hugs-Erika

  15. Those are such spectacular skies. If I were in your place I would be sitting watching the sky for hours, probably wouldn't get any journaling done at all! That patio looks like a sun trap, charming, and I love the flower boxes. When you mentioned the arc of twinkling light I thought "migraine" too, specially when it left you with the headache. Was the headache to one side? It's strange, migraine, it comes and goes and nobody quite seems to understand it, or what it means. The first time I had it I was scared witless to be honest, I was in my early twenties. I hope you get a definite diagnosis and then they can start to give you something for it, if it bothers you in future. I'm sorry I haven't been commenting much, I've not been able to settle down to my blog, seems so much other stuff is going on and the one thing I'm not doing is travelling! LOL

  16. I forgot to say, how amazing to have a clear picture like that of a little baby in the womb. Modern medical science, who would have dreamed it just 100 years ago?

  17. Ian is growing fast! Love your sky shots - especially that double rainbow!

  18. Beautiful flowers. I'm glad they're surviving the weather.

    Sounds like a migraine to me. (i hope it wasn't a tear in the retina)

    Loved seeing your sky pics. :)

  19. Hope the mess-less birdseed you get doesn't have lots of peanuts or the squirrels will go crazy!!


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