Saturday, June 10, 2017


Good Morning!
Been over two weeks since I last showed up for a chat.  I have either been really busy or recovering from being really busy... 
...and watching the grouse go by pecking at the grass bugs and seeds. 
We've had lots of predictions of rain... 
...but what we got was mostly very light to just sprinkles or drizzle. 
I think the first storm might have been last night.  We sure had the wind, anyways.  Woke up to a brown lawn chair blown into the bush next to the patio.  Supposed to die down during the morning here.
What have I been up to when I was functional?  Went down to listen to the dietitian from the University of North Dakota one afternoon--may have mentioned her.  She had a recipe for us to try at the end of her talk about nutrition.  I was surprised I liked it because it was such an odd combination of ingredients--for me, anyways.  California roll-ups with avocado, grapes, celery, greek yogurt, apples, lemon juice...goodness, that's all I can remember off the top of my head.  
One does get tired of soups and pastas and I splurged and got everything at the beginning of the month.  Took me the better part of a morning just to cut and dice and slice (because I can only stand in one place for short periods of time--sets off the chronic sciatica).  But it is quite good and has been holding up well in the frig.  New recipes can be financially and physically challenging--LOL!
Dagan and Leah ordered a collar for Annie that I found on an etsy shop.  She needs one with her name and my number on it.  Turns out the collar is coming from Taiwan--LOL!  But it is in the mail, so I need to finish working on that last closet.
Yes, I have still barely touched the studio closet.  I have gone into a fibro flare, so have taken it pretty slow the past couple weeks.  Banker boxes...
...Ikea boxes... 
...and plastic containers were hauled out. 
But the smaller ones will be for use in the actual studio bookcases so they got moved into the hallway on top of those bookcases.    
I save old towels and washcloths to use for various art and craft projects (or for whatever else comes up).  These got purged down to one box.  Just those things took me three days--ROFL!  Pretty sad.  But, you do what you can do. 
Leah has still been coming over to trace and rough cut patterns.  
 We got the last ones rough cut on Thursday, but I haven't finished cutting them out yet.  Next I will take over sewing them all after I finish the closet.  See how slowly I am moving?  I thought I would be long done with the closet by now.  Oh well.
We've been attempting to get together for crafts on Tuesdays and Thursdays until end of July, but you know what they say about plans.  Ian got sick.  Leah gets very tired now, too.  They were running late one evening when they were out know how it goes.
I haven't been doing great, myself.  Missed the CCC group and some afternoon tea event put on by Senior Companions this past week.  Plus it has been horrible out for folks like Leah and I who hate the heat.  Been in the 80s and 90s.  Awk! 
I have been using the new breadmaker, though.  Thought you might get a kick out of this.  I am so short that I need a stool to be able to see to program this tall machine--LOL!
I did get something else done.  Went through all the old books from when I was a kid! 
Got them out of the decades old oranges grocery box, anyways. 
Does anyone remember when you could buy the weekly reader books in the 1950s in grade school?  At least I think they were Weekly Reader books. 
A few of these books I believe were my sister, Renee's.  And a handful of them were Dagan's when he was little...but the vast majority of these were mine.
I remember how I waited with anticipation for that flyer and order blank to be handed out in class.  Such excitement!!  But that was nothing compared to the day the books arrived!!  I'd walk through that classroom door, my eyes would alight upon those colorful little stacks on the various desks, and I'd race to my seat to peruse my treasures.  Always loved the smell of the new books.  Even though they were small paperbacks, I had been taught how to gradually crack the spine of a new book so I had to wait to actually read until each precious book was treated with spine cracking respect.  Ah!  I loved book day!!
The days of these last couple weeks have slipped by so quickly...but sweetly.
I couldn't believe it has been this long since I've blogged! 
This past Monday I had a nice visit from Alan and Marylu Belisle as they traveled through Fargo.  Alan was my first love--senior year--when I was 16 and he was 18.  Goodness--50 years ago now!  I am absolutely the worst at remembering to take pictures--too much living in the moment all the time--LOL!  But they do have a blog--footloose fogeys.  When they retired they sold their house and have been on a great adventure traveling around the US!  Oh--and Dagan stopped by, too, and joined in the conversation.  He remembers Alan because we have kept in loose touch all these years and see each other every decade or so--LOL!  (This time it was 17 years, I think.)  Anyways, was nice to meet his wife and we all had a good visit.
On Tuesday Leah came over to work on making Ian's birthday party invitations.  (He'll be three on the 24th.)  On Wednesday Leah, Ian, and I went to Baker nursery!!  I picked out plants.  Leah picked out plants.  We went and picked up Leah's brother, Aaron, and dropped off her plants.  (Needed Aaron to help with the heavy lifting.)  Picked up a bag of rocks and a big plastic tub to hold soil at Home Depot (Ian and I stayed in the car).  We had a nice break to eat a Subway lunch at my place before potting the planter boxes in my garage.  (Was close to 90 degrees again that day--awk!)
Leah and Aaron did all the work while I kept an eye on Ian--who was helping in every way we could think of--LOL!  Then we wheeled the planter boxes to my apartment--and brought the brown lawn chairs, too.
Then the planter boxes got soaked really well. 
There are two on each end of the patio. 
Ian was helping to water but his arm got tired... Mama helped. 
He loves to help these days...and has just started the "why" stage--LOL! 
I picked out lots of colors. 
I hope all these baby plants take hold and grow.
And that they can survive the wind up here.  I really do live where a wind tunnel is formed by the long stretch of buildings one after the other that are connected.  The flowers look like they did pretty well.  The wind is dying down some after two days of 40mph wind.  I'll see who stands back up and who doesn't--LOL!  Some never got bent over, so they are probably going to make it.  This is the first time I have had outside potted plants since Dagan was Ian's age!
Leah was here Wednesday night to trace and rough cut the last of this batch of patterns!  I have been such a total zombie since the trip to Baker and all that in the heat.  Like I said--either busy or recovering from being busy--LOL!  ;)
I watched Bloodline, Vikings 4-2, and am getting close to the end of the new season of House of Cards.  I might finish that tonight over at McFamily's.  I have a super easy babysitting gig.  After Ian's asleep I will keep an eye on the monitor while Dagan and Leah go see the new Wonder Woman movie.  :)
I will try not to let so much time go by.  Though, life is just like that sometimes.  :)  Have a great weekend!!
"Every exit is an entry somewhere else."
Tom Stoppard


  1. Please DON'T overdo!!

  2. I remember weekly reader books. Like you, I loved getting the little book "newspapers" to take home and see what we could order. :) Like you, I also looked forward to getting them. And I still love to read about books and get new books. And really cool cloud photos. I think you are turning Ian into a little gardener too. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  3. What a fun catch up. Those flowers are incredible. You and Leah did good when it came to the boxes and getting your patio looking so good. Ian looked good helping, too.

    Wow, that breadmaker is tall. I'd need a step stool, too.

    With all that heat, I am sure you had your AC going full blast. I know mine has been active.

    I've never heard of those books, but I also never bought books at school. Not sure if they did that in the 70s, so guess that might be why I didn't get them in grade school.

    Have a super weekend and stay cool, dear. Rest up and eat some of those good roll ups. I would love to know the recipe.

  4. Rita when your away from the computer because your life has been busy and full well... thats a good thing. :) What lovely plants for your porch. Ian's birthday is close to mine...mine is the 23rd... I'll be the big 50... uuughh... I think i do remember something of a weekly reader type of thing but i think it was called scholastic something or other but it was a little flyer like you said and you could order books from it.. I think i always got to order one or two.. My love of reading never left... So good to see a post from you... reminds me i need to do one myself... Received your lovely letter .. I'll sit down and reply soon! Hugs! deb

  5. I've heard that using a short step or stool to put one foot up when standing can help with sciatic pain. I'm short like you, and my main problem is the height of the counter-top. Not much I can do about that.

    Purging and organizing are tiring and time-consuming, but so _satisfying_!

    I remember Weekly Reader, but I never had any of the books in your photo. I purged books a long time ago and still have boxes and bookshelves of them. Books are a real weakness for me.

    I'm going to check out the Footloose Fogeys and see if they've been anywhere near where I am. It sounds like a fun trip!

    Your patio flowers are a real treat. I love sitting where I can see my patio plants and the birds that visit. We get winds here, too, but very rarely are they damaging. We've been getting rain but sunnier and warmer lately, and it's nice to see the plants perk back up. I love your color choices. I like a variety of colors. It adds more interest, I think :)

    My husband and son loved the new Wonder Woman movie! I'll wait and see it on DVD.

    Stay cool as you can!

  6. While you were reading those books, I was busy reading comic books. My favorite was Little Lulu and Wonder Woman. Went to see the movie yesterday. Hope they liked it as much as I did. :-)

  7. I had that book The Five Little Peppers! I cannot remember what it was about? I watched Wild Oats on Netflix...funny at the beginning and middle but the end drags a bit. I was getting a bit worried about you...yes the heat was horrid for June. I bet you are getting ready for Annie and an adventure. Your flowers look good hope they survive the gale force wind :) :)

  8. Wow, the sky in those first photos remind me of the sky in west Texas. Impressive!
    Those California roll-ups sound fantastic - - except I could probably do without the celery. I miss the Greek roll-ups that I use to love when I lived in California. They were made with Greek yogurt and lamb - but I can't remember what else.

    I can sympathize with your sciatica. I have trouble standing for any length of time because of my back problems. I usually sit on a stool when working in the kitchen.

    BTW - I always save old washcloths and towels. I use them for rags.

  9. Busy happens and recovering from busy is often needed so you are not alone with that, sciatica pain is awful, I cannot stand for very long without pain.

  10. I can't believe Ian will be three. I swear he just turned two! I used to order those books in school. I thought they were Scholastic. I have most of mine. Letter on the way to you.


  11. You've been really busy! I used to love book orders when I was in elementary school. I was sad when I got older and we didn't get to order books like that anymore!

  12. Dear Rita, it seems to me that you get a lot done despite your tiredness and your fibromyalgia. Your collection of books is impressive. Are you going to read them again? I wonder what memories they will bring back? By the way, as a vegetarian, I'd love to have that recipe you mention at the beginning of this posting. Peace.

  13. The porch looks great! I always get excited about sprucing up the yard when spring hits. Then the midwest heat and humid arrives and I'm over it - LOL! I suppose in Fargo you don't get the oppressive weather we do. Hope the plants grow and bring you color for many many months!

  14. I was wondering where you had disappeared too. Glad to see you have just been busy and recuperating from being busy. I know how that goes.

    We've had a few days of rain with more to come. I'm loving it so far...

    I love trying new recipes...I make something similar to your wrap as we call them here, usually filled with lots of vegan goodies.

    I hope Annie's collar gets here sooner than later.

    That's right, do only what you can do...slow steps to get the job done are so much better than being laid up in pain for a week or two.

    I hear you on hating the heat...I'm loving our winter!

    Cool that you still have books from when you were a kid. I loved books as a kid but Djan's comment also reminded me of how much I loved comic books back then too. My favourite was 'The Phantom' mainly because he had a wolf. Loved when the new ones came out.

    I remember you mentioning Alan in your earlier letters. Awesome that you had a visit from him and his wife.

    Three on the 24th?! OH my, how time flies...

    The planter boxes look great! I hope the plants do well.

    Ian is so cute! I remember when Mikayla and Maddie went through the 'why?' stage, particularly Mikayla...she wanted to know everything about everything. haha

    Enjoy your babysitting gig!

    Love and hugs from DownUnder xo

    P.S. - Just finished a letter this morning which I will pop in the mail in the next couple of days.

  15. What amazing shots of those clouds! And isn't Ian the cutest?

  16. You have been busy😊 Let yourself heal from your flare . I remember Weekly Reader Booms too. We have had lots if wind this week too which has made the heat a bit more tolerable...if you stay in the shade. Love the flowers💖

  17. Lovely to catch up and to find out what's been going on in your part of the globe. Oh Ian is so cute and it's fantastic to get him involved with plants as I think if you start a wee toot off early they will always have an appreciation for plants and nature.
    When into a cold sweat over the breaking of the spine of books. It's something I can't do. My books are just as I bought them once I've read them...not sure it's a skill because it takes quite some manoeuvring about...but I couldn't have it any other way.
    Good luck with your beautiful planters. They certainly give a pop of colour :D

  18. I remember Weekly Reader books. Just like you, I could hardly wait to get my new books that my mom bought for me. I still have some, but most have been given away.

    It's hard to believe Ian will be three years old already. Where does the time go??

    It's been in the upper 80s and lower 90s here, and today has been very, very humid. It's like walking out into a sauna tonight. I've been doing some outside yard work but not as much as I wanted to get done this weekend. Your flowers look great. So colorful!

  19. Your little garden looks wonderful!

  20. Anonymous1:50 PM

    I understand being busy or recovering from being busy. Look how late I am coming to see you. You flowers are lovely, I hope they thrive!

  21. Lots of things happening there! That is a very tall bread machine. I can see why a stool is needed to program it. I probably would need the same thing. ;)

    The cloud pictures you took, Rita, are so beautiful. Against the blue sky - one could watch them all day as they pass by and change shapes.

    I remember, too, the order blank and the stacks of books that the teachers would get for the kids. It was such a treat when my parents let us order books. Ours came from Scholastic. There was a big Scholastic warehouse in Brooklyn Park or Brooklyn Center. At any rate, as an adult and educator, there were days you could go in and looks at and purchase from their collection of books. It was so exciting!

    The tortilla wrap you had with the unusual combination of ingredients sounded intriguing. Sounds good, though! Very fresh and healthy.

    Your flowers look beautiful and so colorful. It's nice to have a splash of color to look at, isn't it?

  22. You have been busy! I love those cloud photos.

  23. You have been so busy and I love your super organizing of boxes and shelves.... You may be slowly Rita - but you do it so, so well!
    Good luck with the plants - and I can't believe that this nice baby boy gets three already -
    TIME really flies!
    Take good care of you --and how nice to have contact with an early love --- ♥♥♥

    Thank you for sharing your everyday life with us Rita!
    I love to read this post even though I don't not always check all - my English isn't the best -
    but the main things I understand well.

    oxo Susi

  24. HI kindred, lovely to visit your world again. Awesome to see all those wonderful books, such fun to go through! Lovely-sweet family pictures, special your flowers too! And that rollup-wraps looks great!
    Wishing you a magical summer

  25. Hi Rita - I love your little garden box. Your grandson is so cute. I remember Weekly Reader books too! My parents let me order one or two each time. I still have some them. My kids ordered them too. Fun memories. Enjoy the coming weekend!

  26. We've had a lot of rain here. I'm not complaining, though. It's better than a drought. You have a lot of books from when you were a kid! I have a collection of Nancy Drew Books, Little House on the Prairie, and a couple of picture books.


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