Thursday, July 31, 2008


Haven't been doing too well the last couple days. Not sleeping well--pain. It's kind of a which came first the chicken or the egg thing--the sleeplessness or the pain? Sometimes, like this time, I have no clue--suddenly overwhelmed by both at the same time? I didn't think I had overdone my hourly sessions? I guess sometimes you just don't know why. You are sometimes struck down with the apparent randomness of lightning--and no amount of spreading one hour sessions over the day and using a timer can help. So, I just have to wait it out. Ah, the joys of fibro--hehe!

Anyways, we had tennis ball sized hail in NW North Dakota yesterday. I can't imagine! I have never seen hail that large. They didn't show pictures on the news. Been hot and sticky here. We have had some scattered thunderstorms roll through since last night, but it isn't raining right now.

Caroline comes in a little while to clean. I shall remain on R&R until I am functional again. Later... :)

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