Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I did work on the next secret project a little, but I got sidetracked--hehe! I wanted to see if the long eyelets would be long enough for the leather journal. So, I cut the leather to cover size and used a scrap. Yup--just barely long enough! So, I cut the holes and set the eyelets.

Then I thought--well, I'll just pick out the waxed thread.

Made a template for the holes...

...and cut all the holes in the watercolor paper.

Next thing I knew--it was sewn together!

Had to lay the scissors on top to hold down the stiff 140 lb. watercolor paper--wants to bounce open, just like the first one I made with watercolor paper. I ran out of thread and had to knot another hunk on to finish it. There's a big knot in the stitching--second to the right. Oh well.

Six signatures of two pages each.

Didn't turn out too badly!

I think I need to try another version of coptic stitching now that I have gotten the hang of this a little. This version is apparently a little bit of a cheating kind of stitching, according to the man who made the video on YouTube. I think I could find one that is maybe a little more complicated, but that might lie even flatter?
Got up to 88 degrees yesterday. Had to close it up and cool it down in here. Today is supposed to hit 90 degrees, so I didn't bother to open it up last night. They predicted it would be back up to 80 by noon. Supposed to have thunderstorms this afternoon or tonight--and then cooler again (highs in the 70s). Right now it is only 73--so I am going out on the porch with Karma to read. Caroline comes this afternoon to clean. I will hopefully be working on the secret project today, too. Sunshine anybody? :)


  1. Super cool! It looks great! So fun to make homemade journals! I'v been meaning to make another one of my type of journal but have been too busy lately! I can see myself doing this project in the fall/winter :) Gotta get busy filling up the one I just made! :)

    I'm planning on emailing you tonight or the next day or so :) Have some news!

    Hope you are feeling better. Stay cool in this warm weather! :)

  2. News? Always glad to hear news--especially if it is good news! :)

  3. Love the journal. I've been trying out of journal making ideas bt haven´t been very successful yet.
    Blessings from Costa Rica

  4. Hi Kathie!
    I used this video on YouTube and it was fairly easy to follow.
    I hope you can see it? :)


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