Friday, August 21, 2009


Looks like it might be another dark and cloudy day today, too.
The sun tried to peek out a few times yesterday.
But then the dark clouds would roll through again.
We had rain off and on.
I am so far behind again on emails, etc. I will try to start catching up today. :)
Good news! Leah has an interview this morning and another one on Tuesday morning for jobs! I think they might be at call centers--not the best jobs--but a job is a job, right? I pray she has a new job soon! :):)


  1. *Giggles*

    I'm sorry - I just had to wonder if that foot stool was still actually touching the floor - meanie me.

    Your weather looks as changeable as ours...

  2. Barely! Barely!
    *giggles back*


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