Sunday, August 30, 2009


Leah and I were confabulating again yesterday. I drove over last night to see the writer's guide she had printed off and got to see how she has set up the lightbox in their now empty spare room downstairs.
The writer's guide will work perfectly for the bookcards--tada! I used to make my own slightly uneven guides with a sharpie and ruler. Obviously--don't know how to use Excel. These are awesome! So perfect and narrow. But I'm wondering about the people who need wider lines for their bookcards. Might have to make a set of writing guides for each bookcard? I'll think about it.
Leah took more pictures while we chatted last night. The lightbox works so well! She can get right over--a few inches away--and no shadows! Awesome! Some of you have asked about the lightbox and I will post pictures of how Leah put this one together. Way cheaper than buying one ready made. :)
We decided that on Monday we should go and return the first set of cards that were printed off by the female employee (white poinsettia). They were so curled for some unknown reason? We thought we could press them under heavy books. Tried for days. Flipped them. Nope! They are still curled. We can't sell those that way--look awful! The leaf print cards that the male employee printed for us are flat? We have searched all over for the receipt--no luck. So--we'll both go ready to fight our case. And I have pictures to prove we were there and how curled the poinsettia cards were from the get go, remember? Hehe!
And we are returning the catnip bubbles to Petco, too, while we're at it. Tired of getting ripped off, I guess.
Then on Tuesday Leah is going to hit the call centers. She hasn't heard anything back from the interviews but that will give it one more day and her networking hasn't turned up anything, either. As so many of you know--it is hard to find work these days. :(
Leah and I agreed on one size and type of rigid stayflat mailer to buy in bulk in September that will serve all our present needs. Even if they're sometimes larger than we actually need, we can use them for everything--hehe! I have been searching and searching online for the last several days and I think I have found the best deal AND free shipping, of course--tada! :):)
That is what I have the patience for that Leah doesn't--spending like 6 hours searching web sites and keeping running price comparison. We're starting out with a smaller quantity to begin with and I'm finally happy with the price. (Having limited funds is a great motivator--ROFL!) I'll order those in September.
Miss Karma kept me company while I searched websites. She was actually watching TV from the desk here.
Another gorgeous day in the 70's. Was in the 40's last night, I think. Got so chilly that I shut off the fan in the bedroom window and grabbed my new flowered quilt and threw it on top of the bed in the middle of the night. Ahhh! Snuggly!

Today I am washing clothes and staying home. Funny! I haven't been out of the apartment as often as I have here just recently--well--in the last four and a half years! I guess I finally have a good reason to use the "new-to-me"car with our papermaking over there and the Etsy paraphernalia. On good days--well, they're not very far away, either. And when they finally open up 32nd Ave (construction) all the way to West Fargo from here--nice! We'll have a direct, quicker route back and forth--no more freeway construction for us--ahhh!!! :):)

Maybe I'll even go sit on the porch and finally get back to Pillars today. I am not much use for anything else--hehe! Karma would love that.

Have a wonderful day!! :):)


  1. taiona1:33 AM

    ... the pillars helped me get the dishes done tonight before the work week :) ( in audio books :)

  2. Isn't it good! I was up till after 4am and my eyes were crossing on Sunday night! couldn't put it down. Only about 200 more pages to go--and I don't think I will want it to end. Good thing he wrote the sequel, eh? :):)

  3. Aw, Karma looks so comfy! And with a mouse too!

    Hope you got satisfaction with the poinsettias.

  4. Karma looks so sweet!

    I know that if my paper curls when I paint on the front, applying a coat of paint to the back will help flatten it out again but I guess that isn't feasible in your situation.

  5. Iggy--Miss Karma really loves to be comfy--all day, every day if she has a choice in the matter--hehe! Leah did finally get the cards reprinted! Very happy! :)

  6. Serena--She can be a devil, too. But I usually end up with the sweet pictures--chuckle! Her devilish side is fleeting, thank goodness!

    I know what you mean with the painting paper curling, but with cardstock--nope. Thank goodness they reprinted them for us. :)


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