Sunday, August 23, 2009


Leah--striking a silly "waiting" pose at Office Max.
We got a late start yesterday. Dagan and Leah were watching Dexter (season three) the night before and couldn't stop watching! I know how that goes--hehe! They kept thinking "just one more episode" and they finished the last episode at 7am! Ahhh! Our Dexter is so addicting!
Then Leah wanted to search for some cheap lamps with white light or daylight bulbs for the photo box she was making. (Sorry--forgot to take pictures at their place last night--will get some today--going back.) So she went around town shopping before coming over here (since I don't last long walking).
When she got here we jumped PitaPaseo. But it was taking a long time for her to charge enough to turn over. We were sitting in Leah's car for quite a while. A nice young man came over with some kind of charger box and asked if we wanted to try that? Yes! And he plugged it into the wall and hooked it up and poof--Pita started instantly! Awesome! Thanks to the kind man in 307!! So we headed over to Office Max and I left Pita running in the parking lot while we were shopping.
It took a lot longer at Office Max than we expected. (Pita got fully charged I think--hehe!) I had the CDs Office Max made of my paintings in card format--but they had not put the leaf painting in the format! (And we paid for these!) In fact, it took the young lady a long time to even find the leaf painting at all, but she finally did. Whew! We finally got the cards printed up and cut for us--on heavier card stock than we used last time.
Meanwhile, we went shopping in the main store, too. Checked out all the packing materials that they have available to us for mailing. Bought just a few photo mailers, envelopes, and I got some more business paper for the insides of the bookcards. Linen! Nice!
Since our CDs weren't rewritable, in order to keep the information that was so hard to figure out for the leaf painting format, we had to buy a jump drive. So we put both of them on it. Now they are stored on the jump drive instead of a CD. Aren't these little memory things cute? Amazing what information they can hold in such tiny contraptions. Made me think about when computers took up huge air-cooled rooms with false floors for all the zillion wires to run underneath them. Now that's progress! And only $9.99--hehe!
After we finished with Office Max I followed Leah on a new route to their place. Nice! A way to avoid the freeway since they are doing construction on 94--and one that is simple enough for even me to remember--ROFL!! :):)
Leah and I worked on the Etsy shop stuff while Dagan played Halo. We got a lot done and quite a bit figured out on how we want to do things. I am going back this afternoon and we will continue. :)
I got home at 1:30am--to a lonesome, playful Karma--hehe! Latest I have been up for some time--yawn! yawn! yawn! It always takes me a while to unwind, tho. I am not one of those people who can walk in the house and go right to bed--even when I worked the night shift till dawn. Takes me an hour or two. Last night it was two. But I slept like the dead--for me--hehe! Only got up once in seven hours! :)
I brought home the business paper and part of the box of white envelopes.
Leah got out her jewelry she made, too, last night. Started taking pictures of those pieces after I left last night. (She sends them to me on the computer--Picasa album.) Leah's light box is going to work so well! She researched that online, too. Don't you just love technology!! :):):)
Since we are going to be a "cooperative" shop we want to add Ariel, too. Then Ariel could make one of her wood burned boxes once in a while if she wants to and she had made jewelry before, too. Me, too. Anyways, I think she has to check with Ariel to be sure.

Oh--and before I forget again. Thanks so much to Intense Guy for the blogger award he gave me! You can find it here.

I have never gotten an award before. *blush-blush-grin-grin* Thanks, Iggy!
And now it's off to another busy but exhilarating day! :):)


  1. Glad you like the award!

    You did some nice writing and I wanted some others to enjoy it too.

  2. P.s., those memory stick/jump drives are incredible!

    I have one that is 1 Gig and it holds all the pictures I can take on my camera after months and months of shooting.

    I remember the old computer rooms too - I worked on a Digital Equipment Group's PDP-11/70 and even some older ones. The computer room for the Prudential Life Insurance group was an entire office building floor of air conditioned noise!

    I think my point and shoot camera which slips in a shirt pocket has more computing power in than that whole floor did.

  3. Thanks so much, Iggy! :)

    I am forever amazed at what has happened with computers over the past few decades. And now even things like irons and coffee pots have computer chips in them! What is the world coming to, eh? :):)


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