Thursday, December 01, 2011


Couldn't resist posting today...
...with the sunrise from yesterday. ;)
Might be the last sunrise for a while as I have been up a little later and sleeping a little later. Slept till 7:30 this morning and missed the pre-dawn display, if there was one.
Karma rarely misses her morning sunshine.
Either that or she's snuggled up with her human heating pad on my chair here. Funny how extra lovey dovey she gets when the weather turns cold--LOL!
Well, I did find out more about Dagan and Leah and the cats.
Now I understand. ;)
It wasn't long after they moved in there that Leah's sister and BIL came to stay with them because they were moving back to Fargo and needed a place to stay while they got settled into new jobs, etc--and they had two cats. D&L did talk to the office at that time about those cats being there, but the lady told them not to worry about it because she thought the additional pet fees were problem...forget about it. Leah's sister & BIL stayed for about a year, so when D&L adopted the two cats they didn't think it was any big deal.
They weren't actually "caught".
There are new people in the office and a notice was sent around to everyone about the pet rules. The rules in the lease have always been $300 deposit per pet, 2% more in rent per pet, and cats have to have front feet declawed. If you haven't reported that you have a pet and they discover you have one then there's an another penalty lump sum fine where you will pay that additional percentage increase in rent going back to when you moved in!
I've honestly never heard of a rental place that is so ridiculous about pet fees!
So that's the story of the cats and the extra costs.
Dagan and Leah have talked about seeing if they could buy a duplex or twin home the last year or so. They're going to check with the bank on Friday and see what would be entailed. Those of you who have been following my blog for years know about the disaster with the house D&L were having built, the shyster construction company never finishing the house & skipping town, and the subsequent bankruptcy the kids had to file. That was almost 4 years ago now, I think. I know they want their own four walls and I pray it works out for them.
Anyways, we had dinner, talked, got to watching Stand By Me, and Leah cut my hair. Then she turned my little lounger upside-down to see why the foot wouldn't stay up half the time. There was a big broken spring under the chair.
With a sigh, I remarked--"My chair is getting old."
"Getting? It IS old", she replied and Dagan laughed.
It's true that the seat has a permanent Rita-cheeks indentation, but 1998 just doesn't seem that long ago to me.
Well, Leah couldn't repair the immovable spring (not that our "tool girl" didn't try), but she took it with her to look at the hardware store for a replacement. She also fixed one of the bulb sockets on my octopus lamp...that I told her she needed to jiggle the one bulb...for she could see the bottom of the chair. What would Dagan and I do without our tool girl?! :)
What did they think of not jumping the car and me taking the senior bus? Well, they warmed up to the idea some, but are still intent on trying to get the car working in a few months. I think this spring is just fine. Wait till the weather warms up, right? ;)
I think my friend, Ruby, had the right idea. I should try the service out before I have to take it for an appointment. (My body reacts very, very poorly to any kind of stress.) So I'm thinking of scheduling a trip in December up to the Moorhead Center Mall (a three bus trip from here on the city buses). It's a couple of blocks from where I used to live so I am very familiar with the mall, that area, and where all the bathrooms are--LOL! ;) I used to walk up to K&Krafts at the mall quite often and take card classes there. (Best craft shop in the area--privately owned.) And there's an Atomic Coffee a block away from the mall...the library, a post office...the Red River. There are tables and benches to sit at around the mall, too. Be like old times! I could have them give me 2-3 hours to wander, you know? I think that's a good idea...a more relaxing trip first. Make a day of it! Might as well get my money's worth, right? LOL! You know how seldom I get out. I know I'll be laid up for a few days afterwards, but it would be worth it. :)
Caroline told me there's another outfit called HandiWheels, too. So I am going to search out the info on them, too.
Anyways, I plan on a very lazy day today! I have movies coming from Netflix this afternoon, happy I have a plan for transportation, that I'm on day hours, had a wonderful time with D&L, and it's 16 degrees & is soooo good!! :):)
"Trouble creates a capacity to handle it as a friend, for you'll see a lot of it and had better be on speaking terms with it."
Oliver Wendell Holmes


  1. WOW what ridicullous fees for cats?! 300 PER cat? NO FRIGGING WAY! There should only be a one deposit of maybe 75 bucks... no matter how many animals you have. That is so so so so outrageous!!! If they want a deposit, they should be happy with the deposit, not an increase in rent or additional fees, thats a rip off!

    OK, getting off my soap box. Sorry!

    Those are beautiful pictures of the sunrise!

  2. Beautiful sunrise photo!

  3. Handi-Wheels doesn't look too good...

    I think taking a ride to the Mall would be a great thing for you to do (if your body can take it that is!) - the fresh air and sights and sounds to clear away the mental cobwebs (not saying you have any...) might be nice... and just think - of all the people that you might encounter that could use one of your special smiles...

  4. Life is good Rita. I am so glad you mentioned this as I need to be reminded from time to time.

    I think a trial bus run sounds just the thing. LOL about know where the bathrooms are as they are the first things I check out too.


  5. The sunrise photos are stunning...ah well, if you miss a few that's okay because you don't want to be missing out on sleep if you're going to bed later.

    Cody loves his morning sunshine too even in the heat of summer...crazy dog.

    I think it's ridiculous having to pay all those extra fees just because you own a pet. Here, there are no extra fees but we do just have to make sure that, when we leave, we get the place treated for fleas inside and out. Not that my dogs have fleas but it's just what is expected in general. A small price to pay when compared to over there.

    If it's been four years since they declared bankruptcy, they should be okay to get a home long as they've had a good credit rating since then. Yes, I do remember the debacle about the construction company doing a flit...shame on them. I pray too that all goes well for Dagan and Leah. They deserve it.

    My bed is around the same age as your chair and I have hand-me-down (from family) couches in the lounge-room that are even older. I just use couch covers to spruce them up a bit.

    Yes, a few months before getting PitaPaseo back on the road sounds like a good enough plan. A trial run with the transport service is also a good idea.

    I think I'll have a relaxing day too. Enjoy your movies!

    Serena xo

  6. Lovely pictures. I seldom rise early enough to see the sunrise, but then I'd have to go somewhere. That's much too like hard work.
    Hope D&L are lucky, so important to have own place:)
    Fingers crossed!

  7. Sleeping later hours (but still at night) is good, even if it means missing the sunrise.

    That's stupid about the cat fees, especially since they technically did report the cats being there. I hope they can get a place of their very own; then they can have any pet they want without having to pay stupid fees to do so!

    1998 doesn't seem that far away? LOL! Well, you're right, it isn't really. But in chair life that's a very long time. I mean, most furniture struggles to last 13 months, never mind 13 years!

  8. P.S. Good idea about trying out the transport thing first!

  9. Dear Rita,
    Dagan and Leah wanting to have their own four walls makes such sense when they encounter such nonsensical rules about living with an animal in that apartment complex.

    It's good to hear that you're learning about options for getting around more easily. Because you don't get out often, I'd like to think that when you do, you're having a good time, not a stressful one.

    Karma--Miss Paddy Paws--is so lovely! How blessed you are to have one another and to be able to communicate so that each of you cares for the other.


  10. Wonderful sky photos and the photos of Karma in the sunlight are just awesome! ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

  11. I've been working on rising early enough to see the sunrise, but honestly it may never happen. However, I am usually awakened by the sun coming in my window which is such a luxury.

    Karma is growing on me more and more. We should all have such a cat!

  12. You certainly have some beautiful sunrises in your part of the world!!!

  13. I do hope D&L are able to find their own place so they don't have to deal with such outrageous rules for cats. It should be the owner's decision whether or not to declaw a cat, and if they have their own furniture, it makes no sense.

    And I love the Karma pictures today. She's a good kitty.

  14. It is good that you are sleeping!! I do like your sunrise pictures though when you "catch" them. We're rented with Koda, houses, not apartments, but all we had to pay was a pet deposit at the same time we paid a regular deposit, nothing extra monthly, so that is an interesting place where Dagan/Leah live. I do hope they can get their own place, always good for a young couple to have the opportunity to get put down roots like that!

    That is also a good idea for you, Rita, to try the transportation option out as a trial run!! Brillant suggestion! Then you'll know if it works for doctor appts, etc!!


  15. I do so love, love, love your positive attitude!!! HUGS!

  16. What a truly amazing sunrise! It's so inspiring to see such beauty, isn't it?

    Sounds like a frustrating (and expensive) situation with the cats. Hopefully they can find a home where the cats don't have to get declawed and they don't have to pay such a high fees.

    Karma looks like a great companion. My cats and dogs keep me warm in the winter too.

  17. I have to agree the pet ruling at the apartment complex where D&L live seems totally over the top. Surely that's not legal just to institute charges without being able to stipulate why they are needed?

    I'm holding thumbs (OK, crossing fingers!) that D&L's house-hunting and meeting with the bank will go well. And I love your plan to take a trip to the mall to have a day out doing something totally different. You know what they say...a break is as good as a holiday :) Whether Karma will be as understanding is of course an entirely different matter! So happy to know you're sleeping better and feeling pleased with life!

  18. Nikki--$100-300 pet deposit is not unusual up here, but the rest of it is. I hope this is not a new trend! :(

    Carol--Greetings! Thanks! Checked out you blog and shall return. :)

    Iggy--OMG! You beat me to it! Good grief! $11 one way! $22 round trip! They mostly handle people in wheelchairs, but why take advantage of the them? Good grief! Nope--that one's not for all!
    Thanks, being I lived around there for six years it will make me smile, for sure! :)

    Beth--Life is good! Should tell yourself that every day, right? :)
    LOL@ bathrooms We are in the same boat!! ;)

    Serena--I never heard of having to do a flea disinfecting when you leave. They really do have different rules all over, I guess. :)
    They usually say here that it's seven years before your bankruptcy isn't supposed to count against you, but it often still does. Sadly, how they decide to look at it often depends on how much money you make.
    My mattress is as old as my chair but it's in fine shape. Of course it doesn't have any moving mechanical parts--LOL! ;)

    Gwen--I never used to see sunrises either. Had no idea what I was missing--LOL! But I'll gladly miss them when I can sleep. ;)
    Thanks, I hope they can get their own place, too, one day.

    Tori--I think it's more that they lady who didn't enforce the pet rules isn't there in the office anymore and they have somehow discovered there are a lot of people with pets who never paid the deposits and haven't been paying the extra monthly increase. They want their pound of flesh, so to speak.
    I think it's a good idea to test the system out, too. :)

    Dee--Yes, they especially do because they came so close to having their own house before, too.
    I couldn't believe how lucky I was to find out after I already got in here that I could have a cat! I hadn't been able to have one for eight years (rental rules places I lived). Love her dearly. :):)

    AMD&Carol--Thanks, Lady! Namaste!

    Rubye--Having the sunshine wake you up is a wonderful way to start your day, too! Nice!
    Dagan and Leah don't like Karma much because she doesn't like anybody but me and isn't nice to anyone else--LOL! But she's an interesting, devoted companion to me and that's what counts, I guess. ;)

    CarolC--Thanks, Lady! I'm glad to see some good ones sometimes. :)

    Djan--A lot of places up here require them to be fixed and declawed. I've lived with cats almost all my life and they can do a lot of damage to cupboards, woodwork, carpeting, etc, with those claws...but not all of them do. I can understand it, I guess. The fixing--should be done regardless. Karma was never going to have a chance to be a mom--LOL! ;)

    Betty--I know! That is usually what there is up here, too. You pay a pet deposit (non-refundable) and most require you have to have them fixed and cats declawed. I've never heard of paying more rent--forever! Geez!
    Yup! I'll feel more confident and less stressed if I try out the bus service first. You betcha! ;)

    Jeannie--Thanks so much, Lady!! :):)

    Ann--They'd probably never be able to move soon enough for the cats not to be declawed. I don't think their lease is up till spring or summer, as I recall, even if they could buy their own place. Which might take some doing. They'll know more after discussing it with the bank.
    Yup! Karma loves to cuddle, especially when it gets cold out--LOL! They are like having a furry heating pad...and it sounds like you have a few of them! ;)

  19. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Wow, they've really had their share of trouble haven't they. The quote at the end couldn't be more perfect. That is such a horrible thing that happened with the house. I know someone that had something similar happen to them here. They didn't get a reputable builder though... they got a "friend"...this old man that they knew. They got a construction loan to build the house and they were giving this guy the money to buy the materials. Well he kept most of the money and used a lot of shoddy materials in the house. So when he skipped town they started to find more and more things that were wrong and then they couldn't afford to replace things - like the furnace. He put in some old thing from the dump. I felt so bad for them because they had to start paying that loan back.

    Karma is just the cutest cat in the world! I just love all the pictures of her that you post. I love pets that "play" but blue doesn't really do that. She just snuggles. Her favorite thing to do is sleep and snuggle in blankets.

    I'm back on days again. Yesterday I woke up at 3am and I didn't think I could keep myself awake until bedtime but when Chris got home we played words with friend for a while and talked (side by side with our own electronic devices) and I ended up making it till 10pm!! I did start hurting pretty bad before I went to sleep last night and I'm sure it is because of needing sleep. I was so happy though when I woke up this morning just before 6am! like you said about walking around in the mall... sometimes it's worth it. I'm so glad to be feeling so good right now.

  20. Enjoy your lazy day - I'm having one too!

  21. Desiree--Yah, I don't understand the month raise in rent at all. Unfair.
    I agree. An afternoon away for me would be like a mini-vacation! Karma does miss me when I'm gone--LOL! She sits near the door and waits like a dog. ;)

    Donna--This was a new company and they did some pretty awful work, too. Dagan and Leah feel it was very lucky that they never took possession of the house and got stuck with it. Would have cost a lot to fix things and you couldn't fix things like askew walls and stairs without tearing them down completely and starting over again. So they actually lucked out in the long run that they skipped town and never "finished" the house. Unanswered prayers and all that. Sorry about your friend and their house disaster, too.
    Karma doesn't play like she did when she was a kitten, but she still plays some. She's absolutely helpless when it comes to her string addiction--LOL! ;)
    I'm so glad you are on days! I hope it lasts for you. Whoohoo!

    Carolyn--Lazy days are good sometimes. I hope you had a good one, too. ;)

  22. lovely sunset!

    I did not know about those house troubles with D and L, that is horrid! I do hope they hear good news this time around, and pet fees are wicked in almost all rentals especially apartments hell they charge too much to live in apartments anyway for what they are and how they take care of them...sigh anyway let me not get started on apartments lol

    :) hope your lazy day was super lazy awesome!

  23. That sky looks like it's on fire some mornings. Just beautiful!

    The pet rent thing sounds ridiculous. Sorry to hear Dagan and Leah have to deal with those kinds of problems.

    I think a trial bus ride would be a good idea. (my body reacts poorly to stress, too, so I know some of where you're coming from) I hope everything works out well in the end.

  24. Desi--It was really depressing for them at the time. They'd already been told by the contractors that they could give 60 days notice on their old apartment and then couldn't move in (thank goodness!) because there wasn't even any plumbing done. They got a housesitting job and stored all their things in storage units. Didn't have much time to look for a new place and found the one they're in and available immediately. Was a mess. They were soooo lucky they never actually moved in and took possession!! It went back to the bank and they had to file bankruptcy. I think their angels were watching out for them even though they didn't know it at the time. That house was made so poorly that it would have been years of heartache and troubles. Even had the front stairs in the entryway detaching from the second split-level floor! They will go with something built by reputable builders next time...whether already built or being built. ;)
    I've had two lazy awesome days, actually! :):)

    AliceKay--Yes, it does look on fire! LOL!
    You know what I mean about stress, too. Any little thing can set my body off. Even when I don't think something is bothering me that much--my body is a stress barometer--LOL! :)
    Have a great weekend! Hope things have settled down a bit. :)

  25. In other words, once again it's an example of people wanting money any way they can get it!


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