Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Yesterday I got a package in the mail from Iggy with this Christmas card. I opened the package, got this far...
...and saw through the side of the cardboard wrapping that it was a book. So, I decided it was probably a Christmas present and didn't go any further. I'll save the final unveiling until Christmas Eve night! Whoohoo! :) Thanks, Iggy!!
I also got a letter from Federal Housing and they changed my appointment from January 10th to the 3rd. So I may or may not make a trial run on the senior buses ahead of time now. We'll see how it goes. That's life, eh? It will all work out in the end. It always does.
Miss Karma watched a little TV with me.
I've had a generally crummy month with lack of sleep, crazy hours, IBS, pain...getting annoying. I may feel a little better one day and then worse for two or three. *sigh* Such is the fibro life. I'm glad I have instant movies at times like this when I don't feel well enough to do much of anything---even read.
But lately I've been so restless I figure I could maybe at least go back to doing these art journal backgrounds. Only because I can spray away for a few minutes and come back and hour later when it's dry...spray away a few minutes, clean off the stencils and I'm done. It feels good to do something, you know. :)
So I sprayed up a page spread again.
This time I used the other two Tattered Angel Glimmer Mist sprays...
...Patina and--yes, you aren't needing glasses--the Apple!
I was trying to think of how I could fix the leaky bottle because the leak seemed to be basically in one spot and I thought of my pens and how I switch over the Preppys into eyedropper pens using a rubber ring and silicone jell. I have no rubber ring that big--hehe! But I used silicone jell in the threads of the cover and--tada!--so far, so good!! I need to buy more silicone jell now, but it worked...I think...knock on wood. ;)
Then I got out the other two stencils I bought...

...and the Perfect Pearls Heirloom Gold mist I hadn't tried yet...
...picked a section of each stencil square for the pages...
...and sprayed on those sides.
Here's the wet pages...
...that I left to dry. I could have had the stencil farther over to the edges of the pages. I'll remember that for next time.
I'm amazed the occasional drippy blobs from the mist bottles don't freak me out. I am either starting to loosen up with my OCD tendencies and have lowered my bar...or I am just too tired to care...ROFLMAO!!
Seriously, though...I am truly liking this first art journal I started in November. Even if I have only been doing background pages and don't know what I'll do with them all when I go back through and add more...I am thoroughly enjoying myself and liking what has magically materialized so far. Most fun I've had with art in a long time. ;P
Meanwhile...back at the ranch...
Been up all night. Cloudy, 30 degrees, a slim chance of another dusting of snow today, and no precipitation in the forecast. Fun to discover Christmas cards in the mailbox!! Dagan and Leah are making a quick stop tonight to drop off Karma's favorite special diet cat food from the Natural Pet Shop (what she thinks are the dry "treats" she eats in the living room--LOL!). I hope to catch some sleep pretty soon here. Dark day=good sleeping day...I hope. Have a great Wednesday. Christmas Eve on Saturday!! Hope you will be ready and that you were very good this year. I hope it's not my conscience keeping me up--LOL! ;)
"There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience."


  1. Rita, your artwork is beautiful!! I love the colors.

    I hope that you are able to get some rest today.

    Please give the gorgeous Karma a pet for me.

    Bless you! You are a very strong lady. You are in my prayers.


  2. i hope you have a good sleeping day, too!

    love those stencil works - drips and all! :)

  3. That Iggy is such a sweet and thoughtful guy, isn't he? Yeah, he sure is. I am so glad you have little pieces of love under your tree! :)

  4. Beth--It's the stencils, baby! The stencils! LOL!
    I'll give Karma a cuddle and you're in my thoughts and prayers, too. Good luck with your coming doctor visit. :):)

    Theresa--Hopefully will be sleeping soon. Still haven't made it there yet. ;)
    Drips give it character, I guess, right?
    Have a great day! :)

    Nikki--Iggy is such a thoughtful friend! He likes to surprise people, too. I have met some wonderful people in the blog world who touch my days and lift my heart...and some of them are even dog lovers--ROFL!! ;)

  5. Those stencils are beautiful and I love the end product :0)

    P. S. I'm so excited to find out what book that is ;)

  6. Yes, it looks like a good day for sleeping and I think I may do the same. :)

  7. Elisa--Thanks so much! Me, too! But I'll be a good girl and wait. (I think--LOL!)

    Rubye--Hope you have a good sleep, too! I think I am finally tired enough and heading off for bed. At least a long nap would be good. Sounds like you could use one, too. ;)

  8. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Wow those are impressive! Sorry you are not feeling well. Fibro sucks. i watch my brother suffering and it is very hard to take. Hope you get a short break soon. I wish i could say get better soon but... well you know.

  9. I do hope you get a nice nap in, Rita. And maybe you will have to do the Jan. 3 thing cold turkey (or whatever they say for something like that). I also like your stencils and am hoping that you are able to have a really nice Christmastime. I always enjoy hearing from you... :-)

  10. LOVE the stencil art, Rita! Looks like fun too and kudos to you for fixing the leak! YAY for silicone gel! OH, and those wayward drippy blobs add character ~ :)

    I can hardly wait to see what Iggy sent you.

    My health is very similar in that, some days, I can barely do a thing due to fatigue and pain.

    Nice quote.

    I hope you get a good sounds like the perfect weather for it.

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  11. I hope you feel better. I love the apple green! Terah

  12. Yep, Iggy is a special friend and we are fortunate enough to have met him.

    I hope you get your sleeping patterns back on the day shift so your appointments go smoothly. I understand your concerns. You know I have some of those myself and it's not easy. Hope all goes well there.

    I'm glad you're having fun with your art pages. It seems like good "therapy" for you, and I'm sure you need something to keep your mind off of your fibro pain and sleeplessness.

    I'm pretty sure your conscience is not what's keeping you up. *hugs*

  13. Melynda--So sorry to hear your brother suffers from fibro, too. Yes, as you know, it doesn't get better--it just fluctuates like a roller coaster ride. Best to you and yours, lady! :)

    Djan--I did get in a good nap...didn't want to wake up--LOL! But it was nice to see the kids for a little bit and catch up.
    I guess cold turkey is as good a term as any--ROFL!! ;) I always love to see your visits, too. Been a good year. Glad to have gotten to know you. :)

    Serena--I wouldn't ever want to try to save and re-use this bottle (which I do with many of them), but so far it's working--hurray!
    I know you have been having a rough time of it and a lot of bad days. You are in my prayers, sweet lady! I pray that when you have the surgery it will change your life remarkably!! :):)
    Love and hugs back!! xoxo

    Terah--I'm glad I got the apple green bottle to function! I hope you and yours are all doing well. Been pretty quiet your way. If I don't see a post, I wish you the best, lady! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! When I think of you, I think of vibrant color!! :)

    AliceKay--Yes, he is!! A treasure!
    I know we have some of the same issues we deal with. Simpatico. ;)
    Yes, you're right...even spending a few minutes on something fun and creative is truly good therapy. :)
    I hope not! LOL!
    May 2012 be a much better year. :):)

  14. I am anxious to see what Iggy sent you! He is a doll!
    Your paper project is very interesting..beautiful pages. Have you ever heard of Altered Books? Very interesting..I participated in a Round Robin where we all had books and sent them in the mail to other people. It was fun and a good way to use up extra papers and supplies:)

  15. Your colors are gorgeous....especially apple...loving your backgrounds. Sorry you have been having a rough time...sending gentle hugs. Thanks so much for visiting my always makes me smile to see you pop over :)

  16. Connie--I know! Iggy sends the most interesting, wonderful, and appropriate gifts. Hard to be patient. :)
    Yes, I have heard of altered books but have never tried them. I've seen some beautiful ones online. May be something else to try somewhere down the I just finally tried an art journal, doodling/zentangle, and mandalas! I've always loved trying new arts & crafts. Isn't learning new things supposed to be good for an old brain? LOL! ;)

    Christine--Thanks so much! I've been having fun trying the new colors. And thanks for popping over to my blog, too!! :):)

  17. I'm glad you're having fun! :)

    Looks like you'll have a couple of things to open on Christmas Eve this year; you must have been good to be getting so many cards and presents! :)

    Hope you're feeling better, and sleeping better!

  18. I'm just the middleman... Santa told me thing package was to be delivered... :)

    That green art work looks really cool - you know if you had a collection of these "things" (sorry, lack the technical term - not respect) you could have a showing at the Fargo Art Museum (or similar art studio place)!

  19. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Wow, I love the green and gold! It's not as rich as the last green spread you did but it looks pretty too. Makes me want some green apple candy. I love your backgrounds and I've been wondering what you were going to do with them later. You will think of something. You know I noticed at Michael's these packages of assorted pretty envelopes. They were small... some were vellum or made with pretty papers. I had to really restrain myself to keep from buying them all! You could add some pretty envelopes and stick goodies in them... but maybe that is just my crazy obsession.

    I can't wait to see what book you got! Nice of Iggy to send you a present. What a pretty card too. Is it handmade? I can't tell. It would be fun to make one like that. I have a really pretty stamp of a round ornament with a neat geometric design and one year I made cards with pine scrapbooking paper that I touched up with my gold pen and added an ornament that was embossed and then colored and attached with a ribbon coming down from the top. They were pretty and a lot of people actually took the ornament off and hung it on their tree. That wasn't something I anticipated. Funny that you mentioned your OCD tenancies... guess who fixed up all the mixed up pens at Michael's when I was there? I used to work there when my boys were little and I could never stand the pens to be mixed up.

    Good idea for fixing the spray bottle. I hope it works. If not you could try a different bottle or switching out the spray nozzle.

  20. Tori--I don't know! I guess I was good enough for some presents, eh? What a treat! And I have been good and still waiting till Saturday far. ;)

    Iggy--Oh, so you just sent it along for Santa. How kind of you. I always thought you were the Santa's helper sort of person. ;)
    It would have to be a pretty tiny exhibit--LOL!! Bless you, my friend! :)

    Donna--I didn't expect the sage to be so bright, but I like it.
    Maybe it's a good thing I don't get out much. I know I would have loved to buy pretty envelopes, too! You are strong to resist. Or, like me, not enough money and have to prioritize--ROFL!!
    Iggy's card isn't handmade, but it's very pretty. What you made sounds pretty enough to hang on a tree so it doesn't surprise me people did just that.
    I worked in retail--pet shops, grocery--and still want to "face" items at the store and straighten things or clean the ketchup bottles at a restaurant--LOL! I know the feeling and have done the same kind of tidying. ;)
    If it didn't work I had a spray bottle I could use, but probably ten times bigger than needed, you know. I had a back up plan. :)

  21. Really wonderful!!! Your art is so inspiring!

  22. Jeannie--Thanks so much!! :)

  23. Dear Rita,
    Please be gracious to yourself.
    I so hope that you begin to feel better. Some months are just "crummy"!


  24. Dee--True. Some months are just crummy. With fibro people can have many months of crummy and even years. I count my blessings I am not worse than I am. :) :)


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