Saturday, May 04, 2013


Good afternoon!
This is one reason why I have to keep the ottoman tucked under the rolly chair.  I'm afraid Karma is going to fall out of her blue bed on her head--LOL!
I am so excited!  I watched a few videos on coptic stitch.  This one is my favorite.  Shows you how to make a journal from start to finish using a drawing pad and was the easiest for me to understand the stitching procedure.
As soon as I started sewing everything did kind of come back to me.  
But I was better able to pay attention to which side the thread was in relation to the needle and which direction to loop the needle around the previous stitch so that I could be consistent!  TaDa!! 
I needed to take a couple of breaks and during one of them I switched cat beds on the chair--but then Karma was afraid to take the leap up and over the taller (firmer) brown bed.  She sat pouting on the ottoman--so I lifted her up and put her inside.  She was so embarrassed.  And you know I embarrassed her further by giggling.  I couldn't help it--honest.  ;)
Anyways, I am sooo excited!  
I finished the giant journal!!
Lots of pictures!
I kept the stitches tight enough that this is all the gap there is between the signatures.
And I did it with one thread and one needle--so the thread runs all down the centers of the signatures.
That was one long waxed thread, let me tell you!  
I went slowly and carefully and never got a knot.
It was just a good bookbinding day...where everything went right.  ;)
I didn't double the thread, though.  Never have before, so I hope it holds together okay.
Seems sturdy enough.
And huge!
It's 11 X 15 inches--that's 22 X 15 for a double page spread!
I'm very happy with how it turned out.
Just keep looking at it--you know how you do when you are just tickled things went well.
I get to check off one of the (too) many things on my goal list for the year, too.  Make a large journal.  (And here I was thinking 9 X 12--pfftt!!)  
Oh, and Karma's made it in and out of the brown bed on her own now her dignity has been restored.  ;)
I've been a 99.5 % vegetarian for three years today.  Once or twice a year I've eaten chicken from a restaurant and I did buy some tuna one time last year when I'd been craving a tuna salad sandwich for weeks, so I do slip--but very infrequently.  :)  Dairy, on the other hand...well, I'll probably never do better than about 80% but that's a tremendous improvement for me.  :)
I've still been working my way through the 21 Secrets workshops--watching videos and taking notes.  I only have four left to go!  So many fun things to try.  This is just exactly what I needed to help me be that looser woman--LOL!  ;)
I watched Silver Linings Playbook today and loved it!  I was probably one of the few people who had no clue what it was about before I watched it.  I'll admit that I heard the movie was up for oscars, just stuck it in my Netflix queue, never even read the description when it arrived, and just popped it in the DVD player.  I thought it was a sports movie (therefore, I honestly wasn't expecting to like it--LOL!).  Well, there is kind of indirect sports stuff, but it's more about family, love, mental illness, and new beginnings.  Loved it!
 My leg is feeling noticeably better today.  I slept normal hours last night.  Groceries came yesterday.  And...I ordered something really special as a kind of belated birthday present to myself.  I was too low on things like toilet paper, deodorant, and toothpaste to get much at actual birthday time--but I did manage to buy the gelli plate, right?  Well, this month I ordered The Cinch!!  I've wanted one for a long, long time and getting back into bookbinding just made the craving too strong to resist.  Now I will be able to also make my own spiral bound books!  Whoohoo!  I'll fill you all in when it arrives.  :) 
Anyways, we hit 50 degrees this cloudy day and we're supposed to be in the 60s by tomorrow.  Now I am off to watch the first few episodes of Season One of Enlightened.  Hope you are having a crazy good weekend!!  :):)
"Count your joys instead of your woes; Count your friends instead of your foes."
Irish saying


  1. glad the stitching went well for the journal! always a good laugh at karma's indignance. :)

  2. Congrats on the Cinch! I've had my eye on it for nearly a year, but still haven't bought. Now I think I'll wait to see how you like it :)

  3. You did a fine job on the stitching of the journal!

    I am so glad Karma is back to her old self!

  4. Well that is a challenge well done!!!! I keep saying I'm going to
    make my own journal but that's as far as I'm gotten so far ..maybe I'll watch the video and get brave.
    Fybro has been kicking my butt big time the last few months and I'm just now pulling out of it. Hopefully the weather will break soon and all will be better :)

  5. We are just about to watch Silver Linings- can't wait!

    And poor Miss Karma- at least she accepted your help!

  6. You did a great job!!

  7. Very nice job, Rita! And I too loved Silver Linings Playbook. I thought the dance sequence was really fun! And of course it had just the right ending. Karma is learning she's got what it takes to get into the bed she wanted, without assistance! :-)

  8. needle + thread = headache for me
    I watched Silver Linings Playbook Friday night and liked it. It's a movie people should see so they have some idea of what it's like to live with someone who's mentally ill.


  9. The journal looks great! Quite an accomplishment. :)

    Loved the pic of Karma with her back to you. Just look at those ears. LOL

    I bought "Silver Linings Playbook" at Kmart Friday. Karen wanted to see it and so did I, so I bought it while it was on sale. Haven't watched it yet. Been too busy with things that have to get done around this place.

    We've had beautiful weather for the past 5 days. Getting some yard work done while we can. I have most of the storm windows out now and the insides of the windows washed. The outsides can wait for another day. Now to tackle the remaining three. They're the ones in the kitchen bay window that are hard to reach.

    Loved the quote. Hope you're having a great day!

  10. Your journal looks fabulous, Rita!! I so need to do that!

    Congratulations on being vegetarian for three years! 80% no dairy is pretty great too...well done! I've been pescetarian for 7 years. I'm now 'almost' vegan due to the fact that, if I'm out at someone else's house for a meal, I may eat seafood if there are no other options. That will change gradually too.

    I haven't heard of the movie so have noted it down. The title would make me think it was mostly about sports too. :)

    I haven't heard of 'Enlightened' either but I'll be interested to hear what you think of it.

    I checked out The Cinch on YouTube and it looks like a very handy tool!

    Have a fantastic week! xo

  11. Yay!!!! You've finished it!! And it looks lovely! I completely understand the standing back and admiring your work thing, lol!

    Karma - she's so funny!!!

    I love to hear that you are feeling well, happy and productive. Keep it going!!!

  12. You did so well and it looks very professional. Well done you!
    Do you feel different or better on a veggie diet.
    I don't eat meat, just a little fish occasionally.....feels good!
    I owe you an email, I think. Been away so will catch up now I am home. Thank you for your kind comment.

    Put all my details in case you don't know who this is:)

  13. You created an amazing journal. I've never tried bookbinding but I would sure enjoy using the finished project.


  14. Oh, Rita, that journal is awesome! I love your approach to everything, and you have such a cool time mastering new crafts.
    tell me, why did you become vegetarian? I'm about 90 percent veggie , I used to be almost entirely but then I decided chicken might be better for me than so much lovely cheese. But fruit and veg are my favourite things to eat.

  15. I can see you doing illuminations in your fantastic journal - and rivaling the Book of Kells.

  16. Your book looks great! It's amazing that you knew how to do that!

  17. Anonymous8:19 AM

    That journal is so gorgeous!

    Glad to hear your leg is feeling better.

  18. Dear Rita, I watched the entire video of the stitch and making the journal and found it fascinating. Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to see exactly what you've been talking about.

    And congratulations on your the large journal you completed. How thrilling. And how accomplished you must feel. Peace.

  19. I'm definitely impressed with your book binding abilities. This is fantastic. Like you, I keep looking at that book. It's definitely LARGE. I would love it, I'm sure.


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