Thursday, May 09, 2013


Good Morning!
We've had sunshine and some unusually warm days--almost 70 a couple times and almost 80 once! 
The snirt pile is gone and the busy crew is noisily working on the apartment building every day. 
Myself--I started on the other four journals.  Very slowly working around the leg thing.  
One day I got all the cover paper glued on to the various cover boards...
...and book pressed them overnight.
Another day I trimmed all the paper down... 
...and cut the corners.  I still don't seem to have this down to where I can miter the corners accurately.  I think maybe I forgot to take the depth of the board into consideration.  I've never used davy board--so now I'll know.
Another day I glued the paper up around the edges.  I could only do one set of covers at a time.  My leg would start to feel numbish.  I'd wait a few hours and then do the next set.  
So here they all are--at present--waiting for the next step in the assembly line--to trim out the inside papers.  Then glue all those on and the eight covers will be done! 
Meanwhile--on these nice warm breezy days (three in a row!!)--well, I couldn't find Miss Karma anywhere that first day.  It finally occurred to me that the ottoman wasn't turned upside-down on top of the porch chair under that cover because it's now in the apartment.  I just I grabbed the camera...
...and peeked under the chair cover--LOL! 
 Go away!--she told me... 
...and made it clear she didn't want to be disturbed in her new hiding place.  Humans!  So annoying!  ;)
I got a few beautiful belated birthday cards a little while ago... 
...that seemed to accompany my belated present to myself quite perfectly. 
The Cinch arrived yesterday!  Whoohoo!  But I haven't even taken it out of the box yet--for two reasons.  One--it doesn't come with "accessories" and none of the binding wires I ordered have arrived yet anyways.  Two--I promised myself I had to be good and finish the four journals before I start playing with my new toy.
These did arrive with the Cinch, though.  I am not even sure what I will do with these adorable tiny file folders.
They're 4 X 6 inches--might make very tiny mixed media journals...or use them to help sort the stored handmade cards...or they could be incorporated into mixed media pages...or who knows!  They were inexpensive (100 in that little box) and just so darn cute I couldn't resist them.  I had no idea they made these that small!
This morning Karma was stretching in the sunshine. 
Which comes in at a whole new angle in the spring and summer. 
I guess it was too chilly outside for her (43 degrees) this morning after such unusually warm days.  Karma is easily spoiled, as I am sure you've already gathered--LOL!  We're back to our normal 50s and low 60s for highs.  Too chilly to have the place opened up until afternoon so she sunbathed and did some head rubbing on the carpeting.  (Karma likes to be self-sufficient.)  But even closed up... 
...we can still hear the geese as they travel north.  Karma always stops to see if she can catch a glimpse--because she dearly loves watching those big noisy birds pass across the wide blue sky.
I'll keep plugging away on the journals.  I have an appointment to see my rheumatologist on the 23rd so I can have him check out this wonky leg/hip thing.  When my normal snail's pace gets slowed down even further...time to see what's up, I guess, eh?  ;)
Enjoy the change of season wherever you are.
May sunshine kiss your face and warm your heart!
"There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly."
Buckminster Fuller


  1. cute little karma in her private space. :)

  2. I think I might have to turn on the AC today. I was working in the yard (didn't accomplish much because I'm such a weakling), and I got pretty warm. I love the way cats, and some dogs, find out of the way places to hang out.


  3. I hope the doctor finds out what ails your leg (and its a simple fix, say like, "Don't poke it with sharp scissors!" or something like that!)

    Karma kracks me up. She can run but she can't hide huh? :)

    I hope you cinch and bind a bunch of journals soon!

  4. I have a Zutter which puts coils in books. I suppose the Cinch is similar.
    You are doing so well with the journals, will you do Coptic stitch on all of them?
    I purchased some linen thread and other bookbinding bits to make some better quality hand made mini books.
    Have fun you two!

  5. They are so irresistible, those little file thingies!
    I also would have purchased them. If you collect lots of things then there is always something interesting to play with:)

  6. You know I love reading your posts, but I always have to scroll down to find the pics of Miss Karma to look at first. She looks delighted in her patch of sun!

  7. You have a good production line going there. :)

    How cute that Karma was napping under the cover. Cody likes to dig his way under my bed sheets and snoozes OR he will sometimes jump up on the shelf in my wardrobe and snooze there.

    I think I recognise one of those cards. ;)

    YAY for the Cinch! Those place holder tabs would work well in a journal for separating it into categories.

    It's definitely getting colder here in the mornings and evenings and I'm loving it! :)

    Have a lovely day/evening! xo

  8. I meant to add that, a while ago, my upper thigh went numb on me...the doctor couldn't figure out why but thought it may have been nerve related due to my back injury. After a couple of weeks, the feeling came back.

    I hope your leg gets back to normal soon. xo

  9. Rita, please tell me where you got the mini file folders. So many ideas racing through my head! LOL

    Hope your back/leg issue gets better soon. I know you hate slowing down!


  10. Karma..spoiled? Say it ain't so! lol I loved her little cute! Thank you so much for stopping my blog, I appreciate YOU more than you know! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  11. Karma is really saying, "excuuuuse me!" :-)

  12. Anonymous9:15 PM

    I think I can see the Karma lump under the first chair cover.

  13. She thought she was hidden for sure..:)
    Cute little files! The weather is getting better supposed to cool off for Saturday and Opening Fishing..LOL..some Gov is going to get cold:)

  14. Dear Rita, your ending quotation really spoke to me. It says, I think, that we never know who someone is/will be and so we a good way to live would be to treat everyone like an emerging butterfly! Congratulations on all the work you're getting done. I look forward to learning how you will use and work with the Cinch! Peace.

  15. Our weather here has been very similar .... I long for warm summer breezes and sunshine on my skin. You seem to have journal covers under control.... work has entered the busy stage for me so there is little energy left for art when I get home. Hopefully I'll get recharged this weekend since I have 4 days off in a row!!!!

  16. awww..karma watching the giant ducks in the cool is that!! Beautiful pics!! and have been a busy bee!!Lovely sky shots too..!
    Yay..Happy Birthday to you..wishing you many blessings of magic and love and bliss!

  17. I swear, you are one LUCKY gal. First the gelli plate, next the 21 Secrets videos, now a binding machine. And everyone thinks KARMA is spoiled. I'd say the same for you, too, lucky gal. Enjoy your new toy once you have the chance to play with it.

    BTW, I hope your leg gets better soon. I know the numbness in my leg often comes from my back problems. I hope they are able to fix your problem.

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  19. Looks like all is well over there!! LOVE all the new photos of Miss Karma! See looks quite content. I hope you get good news from the doctor. It would be nice if you had less pain and more "good days"!!!

  20. I love your pics of Karma. Caught in her secret hiding place. LOL

    I hope you find out what's been up with your leg and hip and get to feeling better soon.

  21. finally getting a catch up and glad my jasmine card finally arrived... it did drive all over Wynnum and the bayside for quite a time after all... those journals look amazing...xx


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