Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today is a gauzy, filtered-sun morning, but we had several that looked all blue and white since we last spoke.
Several days ago this awkward, skinny, green crane was working over at the emerging apartment building.  Doesn't it look like a praying mantis or a walking stick or some other exotic, extremely thin creature? 
And this is for Iggy.  The orange cones were gathered up last weekend...looks like they were having two very separate parties.  Could there be division in the ranks?
Sunday I couldn't leave a window cracked for very long because it was so chilly.  Monday it was 93 degrees!  Yup--93 degrees!  We've had so very few days one could open the windows so far this spring that I didn't want to shut the place up and put on the AC.  Instead I gathered my three fans, one by one, from storage and the garage...suffered through the worst part of the day...not realizing what the heat would do to the roses!
Woke up the next morning and all but two of them had collapsed.  They didn't survive the heat blast.    
Been in the mid 80s every day since (have resisted the AC), so the final two roses had given up the ghost by the next day.  They are now all hanging upside-down in the closet drying and will make a sweet bouquet that will last for years.  
Meanwhile--this gimpy snail-woman finished gluing the covers.  Pressed them overnight with waxed paper in between so they didn't stick together.
I have already learned so much with this project.  
  1. Thin papers do not work well on covers because they pucker, buckle, wrinkle, and are very difficult to manipulate into the proper position.  
  2. I have to take the thickness of the cover board into consideration when chopping corners for mitering.  
  3. The davy board was really difficult for me to cut evenly with my bum arm so I think I'll wait to use the rest of it until Leah has her saw and tools set up in their garage--LOL!  
  4. But--I remembered a lot!  Especially--how to actually do the coptic stitch without having to go back and look at the video 150 times!  
  5. I was much better with the glue (had a stack of newspapers at the ready and a wet cloth for my fingers) so that I had much less random, shiny glue blobs on the covers in the end.  
  6. And I just plain totally enjoy bookbinding, even if I am not that good at it...yet.  ;)

Another huge benefit to having messed up so many things in my learning process...these journals (the smaller four) have so many flaws that they are not intimidating to me!!  Whoohoo!!  Plus, having finally been using the small green one I made years ago, I have already learned that there's no way to keep them clean and tidy no matter how hard I try.  The misters and various paints just seem to get loose and escape the confines of the page spread at hand every time.  Maybe I am just too juicy when I work--LOL!  
I also trimmed the one torn edge on all the signatures, organized them, then used the various templates and punched all the holes.  They're sitting here on the table waiting to be sewn together...and I already have the waxed threads picked out, measured, and cut.  They aren't even finished yet...but I can tell...these four don't scare me.  :)
BTW--I have a heavy plastic sheeting that protects the craft table that's always on the table, so that's the glare you often see in my photos.  Without it, my wooden table would have been a disaster years ago.  
Anyways, what was Karma doing on these hot afternoons?
Trying to catch her 1,040 winks.
But she cannot resist tracking the swallows... 
...who are loudly and cheerfully...
...building a home... 
...somewhere very close to our balcony.  
All the ruckus makes it difficult for a snoopy, bird-lovin cat... get in her five hour nap--ROFL! 
She manages, though.  ;)
Karma really does like birds.  We had a mean little emotionally disturbed cockatiel when Karma was little.  Karma would sit by her cage and gently try to put her paw in the big bird home--and Gracie would lunge at her.  (I'm sure Karma had probably been bitten at some point early on in their relationship, but that didn't deter her from wanting to play with her nasty, only friend.)  Every time Gracie flew down on the floor Karma would follow her all over the place (at a safe distance) meowing to beat the band...begging Gracie to play with her.  Gracie would be strutting about squawking--get this cat away from me--I hate her!  I hate her!
  Gracie hated and was terrified of everybody.  I've managed to tame nasty, frightened rescue birds in the past, but after five years Gracie drew blood on me one too many times so that I finally gave up and gave her to a breeder.  Gracie was only happier being with other birds--but the breeder said Gracie didn't seem to like boys, either.  Luckily the breeder didn't care.  She was with the bird society up here and had several cockatiels who just all hung out together and never paired off.  Gracie was happy, but still not very nice--LOL!  I always hoped Gracie learned to at least trust other birds, poor thing.
Anyways, I digress.  
Dagan, Leah, and I have all been waiting for Dexter to come out on Netflix.  We made a pact that whoever got disc one of season seven first--we'd watch it over at their place because they have the big TV screen.  It was supposed to arrive at my place on Tuesday, but no DVD.  Came yesterday, though.  So, Leah picked me up after work and we had a Dexter marathon last night!  I actually got the first two DVDs--so you know what I'll be watching today.  Dagan is going to come by tomorrow and pick up the second one so they can watch it.  I don't want to wait--LOL!  (And they obviously don't either since I don't even have BlueRay--ROFL!!)
Well, we went from winter to summer, I guess.  Possible rain and thunderstorms every day through Sunday is predicted.  I've been hearing geese all morning.  And here I just mentioned to Leah yesterday how I haven't heard many geese lately and maybe they had all passed through already.  Not so.  Endless honking geese this morning.  Love their flight choir.  :)
Sore from my visit, but contented.  
Off to watch my favorite serial killer... 
Summer has apparently arrived.
Can the mosquitoes be far behind... 
Have a wonderful, safe weekend.
"If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito in the room."
Anita Roddick


  1. i had all of last season's dexter on dvr but it wigged out on the season finale. have been waiting for it to come around again before the new season starts as 'showtime anytime' is not available for our carrier. *sigh*

  2. Hi Rita
    I do hope your wonderful view won't be blocked by whatever they are building!
    Fingers crossed that it won't.

  3. Oh my goodness- when you all make a jump in temperature, you do it in a big way! Whew!

    Bless Miss Karma's heart- she still loves those birds even after the traumatic history with the evil one. She looks very content to watch them~

  4. I need to watch this season of Dexter! I have been addicted to the Dead series and not much else.
    We have had birds, a cockatiel (mean) a Quaker parrot (evil) and a Goffins Cockatoo (sweet but loony)and I will never do it again. Loud, messy, biting little brats!
    Karma looks back to her old self, so cute.
    Have a great day!

  5. Yoikes! 93F?!? and no spring????! That's horrible!!

    Hey, sign seen outside of Chestertown, Maryland in front of Humane Society, "To Err is Human, to Purr, Feline."


  6. Glad to hear you're moving, though melting--& now moist?

  7. Anonymous2:51 PM

    That must have been some kind of record, heat-wise. There is no way I would have survived without the "Air." But 93 below? Not a problem.

  8. Dear Gimpy Snail Woman,

    The crane does look like a walking stick. The story about Karma and the bird is funny. I'm glad you had your Dexter marathon. It's in the 80s here and I keep thinking I'll need to turn on the AC again, but so far so good this week. It's a bit warm and uncomfortable in the afternoon, but the nights are still cool. It won't stay this way for long.


  9. Anonymous9:53 PM

    What a huge contrast in temperature!

    Lovely shots of Karma.

  10. sorry you have gone from winter to summer... but we have done the opposite... it is bloody freezing today... poor mushu is buried under a blanket on the studio floor...
    those journals look simply amazing... and the roses were gorgeous while they lasted... I put ice cubes in the vase if I get them during summer... it does seem to help them cope int he heat... love to you both
    T xx

  11. It's nice to know that you continue learning and learning and I think I'll do that too in the future. I'd like to start with some easy crafts I can do regularly. Have a great weekends Ms Rita! :)

  12. It's never ever that hot here, although we did have a few days in the 70s not long go. Now it's back to the low 60s, which I prefer. I could not deal with 93! Glad to hear you are making progress in book binding, Rita. They look really nice to me! :-)

  13. Dear Rita, here, too, the meteorologists are predicting thunder storms and rain for the next few days. I'm hoping we'll get at least one good rain to soften the ground so I can do weeding easily. Peace.

  14. We had a huge jump in temperature in Cincinnati, too. It was 40 degrees one day and 85 the next!

  15. Great note. I wondered :)

    + Please visit our blogs. :)

    "Everyone needs to dissolve the mean time, not only in words."

  16. I'd love to own the Dexter series, nothing better than a serial killer with a moral code! lol Hope Karma gets her beauty sleep in! Thank you so much for stoppin by my blog, I always love having visitors!! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  17. It was warm that one day.. almost too blood is still thick from cold temps. Oh your roses look time re cut the stems under water it may work to revive them. Good for you drying them in a closet! What an adventure making your books. I have not seen Dexter..I need something to watch Survivor and Amazing Race is over. I hope you have a good weekend:)

  18. Can it possibly be Saturday already? I must have slept through yesterday and Thursday. It was really nice to be able to be able to follow you and Karma around for awhile this morning. Isn't it odd/unique how cats can sleep with their eyes partly open?

    Our weather is STILL hot. I think we went from winter to summer in one fell swoop. Sorry about the roses. I know how the heat can destroy fresh flowers like that.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend with Dexter and your new journals.

  19. That sure is a weird looking crane. I've never seen anything like it.

    It was hot in this place a couple of days ago, but the cold front blew thru and it has cooled down. A few showers in the air today. It's too early in the season to be so hot already. I'm not ready for those temps just yet. And by the way, those are crazy temps out your way.

    Your roses were beautiful while they lasted.

    I loved that quote. (mosquitos are nasty little pests. lol)

  20. I've never watched Dexter, but I've heard of it. I can't imagine getting into a show centered around a serial killer, lol!

    We have plenty of rain...want some? It's actually quite nice at the moment, but we're in for more rain tonight. I wish it was just nice and sunny all the time, lol!

  21. It looks like those roses dried beautifully.


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