Saturday, September 20, 2014


Another sunrise this morning.
Too early for me--LOL! 
Here's the last pictures of Karma in "her" chair.
The lift chair is gone.  Along with the file cabinet, floor lamp, and old sewing machine.  (New Life said they had a lady who came in regularly looking for sewing machines whether they worked or not.)
But they refused to take the desk because it was too big.  Here she was in her glory days.
Karma was baffled when our friend was in pieces and part of our living room was gone.  (Karma had been shut in the bedroom while they carted things away.)
Lots of room without the lift chair.
I put Karma's biggest bed where her chair used to be and she's been sleeping in it every day.  ??  (Look at all that dust on the desk chair legs--OMG!)
Anyways, since I had more room, I decided to move the table the other way so it would be perpendicular to the windows.
So much easier to get around the table...
...and still plenty of space so Karma isn't afraid of being stepped on.
I have to hip-push the table around--as I have always had to do since I bought it in 1997 after I hurt my arm.
But this time...I heard a loud crack!
Easier to see with the flash.  
The table now leans and wobbles a little.  :(
I sent Leah the pictures.  She's already thinking of a way to at least prevent further cracking.  I told her I know it won't be pretty and I don't care.  What is it with things breaking down around here?
Anyways, I called Dakota Boy's Ranch to see if they would take the desk.  They can't guarantee any furniture will be taken because it is left up to the discretion of the drivers as to whether they think it is useable or sale-able (same as New Life--who rejected the desk).  Anyways, I waited...told me between 1-4pm.  
Nobody showed up.  I called and somehow my slip was lost.  So now they are supposed to come to "look at" the desk between 8-11:30am.  That's why I am up so early that I saw the sunrise.  ;)  And I decided to make my old friend a little more presentable.  I thought this may have looked like too much and they couldn't see the fronts of the wood pieces. 

So I shuffled things about this morning so they can see her well and she looks less imposing...maybe?
Well, we'll see if they take her.  I still have a couple more places to call...but if nobody wants her she will end up out at the dumpster.  :(  Let's hope she finds a place to go so she can still remain useful, you know?  Today would be good.
I have been so busy with these kinds of things that I still have not been online.  Good grief!  Just have not had computer time.  Or after a couple weeks away from my normal routine I can't seem to get back into it?  Truly, everything is totally off kilter over here.  My cranky old body is protesting about all the furniture moving.  All my lists are gone and my OCD-self is waiting for October first to begin with my new planner (which, in itself, is a jolt to my whole mental system--LOL!).  Things will fall into a new routine.  Might take a few weeks.  But meanwhile...lots of changes in the old homestead (chaotic surroundings!) for me and Miss Karma.  We are adjusting.  I really like all the changes.  Just takes some getting used to after almost a decade.  ;)  And it is all still in progress.
  So, just popping in to say hi and let you know why I haven't been around blogland or haven't responded to emails.  Sorry.  Life has had me by the balls.  ROFL!  ;)  But it's all good.  Things will settle...and it will all be very good.  
Have a great weekend!!  :):)
"The only way to live is to accept each minute as an unrepeatable miracle."
Margaret Storm Jameson  


  1. the desk won't go to waste. if a charity won't take it, if it sits by the dumpster, someone will snag it up and use it again!

  2. I'm sure Karma is wondering about what is happening around her. :) I wish you safe and happy days ahead.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. You seem to be getting life all organised. Change is good for us!
    I envy your easy access to the sunrise...wonderful shots!
    Sue x

  4. TexWisGirl is right--somebody will take the desk!!

  5. Change can be as hard on the animals as it is on us. Karma seems to be adjusting to her new resting spot though. I hope your table can be fixed, that spot by the window looks great. I agree that someone will take the desk, wish I was there I'd take it.

  6. Lots of changes! Your desk is so nice I'd be surprised if it wasn't taken. If not - like someone mentioned before - simply putting it by the dumpster will quickly result in it finding a new home!

  7. Darn about that table. And I do hope they take the desk, Rita. It should be used by somebody! :-)

  8. I wish I had room for such a beautiful desk. I would love to be able to have something like that here. I hope someone will take it and use it, because it looks too nice to end up in a dumpster. :(

    I hope the table leg can be fixed without too much trouble. From what I know of Leah and Dagan (from your blog), I'm sure they'll come up with an good solution.

    Loved the sunrise shots. Very colorful.

  9. I missed reading why it is that you're getting rid of the desk. I think it's a nice piece.. it should be wanted by someone. Make sure that whomever is looking it over, also sees the above photos of it all set up. And if your charities fail to want it, check out Freecycle in your area. I gave away dozens of decent items to my local Freecycle. They come and pick it up and you know it's going directly to someone who needs/wants it. And you can pick and chose who you'd like to see it go to depending on what they say in their email.

  10. I don't feel so bad now not visiting sooner. Life sometimes gets so busy and things really DO get out of kilter.

    I WANT that desk. But I realize I don't live anywhere near you, so I'll just visualize that I have it for my art supplies. I hope someone takes it, because I think it's totally AWESOME!!

    BTW, Bleubeard waves his paws to Karma.

  11. Never fear Tool Girl Leah will be there!!!

    I guess the old glue dried out - and the wood split. Maybe a metal ring around the post will keep it together...

  12. Oh I feel for you Rita,
    So many changes would put me off kilter too.
    It'll all settle and both you and Karma will be firing on all cylinders once again ;D
    I hope the table has gone to a good new home.

  13. had you by the balls. ;)


  14. Anonymous10:32 AM

    very smart move of you to disassemble the desk so it looks less imposing. As it was before, New Life probably didn't know how they'd get it in the truck or something. So lets hope that today's people will take it because it doesn't look too big now! :)

  15. Dear Rita, so much happening. I find that when I rearrange furniture and a room looks totally different my mind sort of does a shift and it's take time to adjust to what seem strange--it's like the room is a stranger to me and we have to meet and engage in "conversation" and learn to trust one another!
    In the midst of all this I hope you are taking good care of yourself. Peace.


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