Tuesday, September 02, 2014


Warning: chatty mood.  ;)
The sky has been so interesting lately.  I'll only show you part of the pictures I saved.  Honestly.  This is only about half.  LOL!
The humidity has remained higher than the temperatures. 
We've had dark days... 
...scattered cloudy days... 
...and days with more sunshine, 
A common sight as the months turn over.  U-Hauls. 
It was too humid to open the place up...but I'm trying it today because it's only 55% instead of 80-90% humidity.  It may climb back up to 90% by this evening like it did yesterday, but I want some fresh air and I'm already extra sore anyways--LOL! 
Miss Karma is still enjoying her box since I moved it out on to the porch. 
I've been working on the diaper tote bag.  Ironing... 
I tossed scraps into the middle of the floor because I knew you-know-who couldn't resist them.  
I am in love with the wicked rotary cutter blade!  Got all the pieces cut out. 
I did work a little at a time with many breaks and thought I hadn't overdone it, but I was sore as hell yesterday.  
So, I packed up the ironing board, iron, and fabric last night and brought it over to McFamily's.  Leah had volunteered to help.   
When I got there McFamily was out for a nice long stroller walk.  (I have a key.)  When they got back Ian was going to play a while while Dagan and Leah changed into comfy clothes.  Gramma's watchful eye soon had a camera in front of it and Ian & I proceeded to have a nice chat.  [I realized that I talk to Ian in a similar tone of voice I often use when I chat with Miss Karma--ROFL!  Oh well.  Love'em both.  ;)  And they both crack me up!]
Later Ian spent a short time in his Bumbo.  (I hope I got that right.)
What a cool little formed seat to help them learn to sit up by themselves. 
Holding that big old head up takes a lot of energy.  Dagan told me that Ian doesn't last very long yet and his head will droop down to rest on the front of the Bumbo--LOL!  But Dagan didn't let him get that pooped and Ian let Dagan know he'd had enough.  Was getting late and Ian was ready for bed. 
We watched a very silly horror movie on Netflix streaming D&L wanted me to see.  Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.  OMG! If you have a dark, warped sense of humor, you would love this!  Leah ironed and ironed the whole time.  I think it might have taken me two days or more to iron the 1/2" seams around all these pieces you can see here this morning.  
Took until after midnight.  I came home to a lonesome cat who wouldn't leave my lap for two hours--LOL!  Yup.  I was up very late and am definitely on the tired side today, but was such a fun evening (at least for me the non-ironer--LOL!).
It's pretty obvious that I underestimated the amount of time needed for this project to be finished, but then I also have to deal with "the-boss-of-me "(my body).  There is no way I am going to get this done before they leave for the wedding--not even if I didn't blog today--which I considered.  I shall just keep plugging away at the tote until it is done.  Top priority in my tentative life.  ;)
This afternoon Caroline comes.  She offered to pick me up a floor lamp at IKEA when they went down end of August and she's bringing it with her today!  The one by my chair has lost one light-arm function and has gotten quite moody about deciding to work the remaining arms.  Sometimes you have to click around and around until it reluctantly relents.  It will probably be quite shocked to find itself in the garage living a back-up existence.  But, unless you have formed such a sentimental bond with your human and/or that human's family that they will keep you around even after you are no longer functional..well, that's usually the definitive line drawn in the sand in the world of mechanisms.  Be functional.  You must work.  You must have a purpose.  Unless you are my grandfather's cuckoo clock, for example.  ;)  But, as a human,  I have little sentimental attachment to my five armed floor lamp I bought on sale at Target.  No offense, lamp.  It's not that I haven't appreciated you.  I will let you linger on the sidelines as potential back-up.  That's the best I can do.
Oh!  Oh!  I almost forget to tell you about the desk!?!  Because I took the pictures with my cell phone--LOL!  The desk was scheduled for delivery between 8am and 6pm on Friday.  I waited all day for the desk to arrive--even was up and dressed before 8am and took my phone with me to the bathroom so I wouldn't miss them buzzing me from downstairs.  By 6:30pm I was wondering--what the heck?  So I checked online and it said that the desk had been delivered at 4:15pm!  Signed for: lfd ???
I looked outside my door--no desk.  I called Leah to see if they had accidentally shipped it to her instead.  Nope.  I said I would go downstairs and check, just in case, and call her back.  As I am walking down to the elevator it dawned on me...lfd...left at the front door?!  No, they wouldn't have never tried to reach me and left a 171 pound box down by the front door, would they?
It had been abandoned in the front entryway...for 2 1/2 hours!  I couldn't believe somebody hadn't taken it (especially in this building!).  Somebody might have tried to move it because it was tilted away from the wall and only touching by one corner... 
...but it was soooo heavy that nobody decided it was worth the risk, I guess.  (Or nobody had a dolly...or enough friends...??) 
As long as I was down there I snapped a picture of the bulletin board.  This is an example of what everything looks like around here.  I'm surprised there's one push pin left, actually. 
They have peeled the cork board off and the maintenance man had to screw it on to the wall on all four corners.  At least they haven't lit this one on fire...yet.  ;) 
Anyways, I called Leah back...and Dagan came to the rescue...
...with their big dolly. 
The box was so heavy that it wasn't easy for him to get on the dolly and almost looked like it might pop the dolly's wheels they splayed out so at the bottom.  But we got it up here--whew!  It shall reside against the wall for a while until the old desk is given away and gone. 
I called up Office Max customer service and told them they should track down which company they used and who delivered this desk.  That is never done in apartment buildings!  They could have been out a desk and had to ship me another one if it hadn't been super heavy.  I've bought from Office Max for decades.  They have really fast delivery (1-2 days) and I've never had this happen before.  All eight of my bookcases came from Office Max.  Office Max uses local delivery companies, so I hope they track this down.  What would I have done if Dagan and Leah didn't live close AND have a big dolly!  This would have been a killer to carry even for two healthy strong people.  
But--the desk is here.  A new floor lamp is coming.  I am working slowly on the diaper tote.  Caroline is coming soon...so I had better get moving.  I have had to take many breaks and it is already almost 3:30pm.  Goodness!  I think this is the latest I have posted on a Tuesday for T Stands For Tuesday!  But I do have a pic of my trusty thermal mug.  Went with vanilla hazelnut flavored black coffee today.  
Happy Tuesday!!
May all your deliveries arrive safely at your doorstep.
May you never stop giggling.
May your week be memorable.
:) :)
"There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved."
Charles Morgan


  1. ian's working on his muscle coordination and his eye focus, for sure!

    that desk delivery is shameful.

  2. That was fun, listening to you and Ian filling his diaper! You have a very infectious laugh. And gosh that desk is a heavy one, all right. Probably fortunate that it is, because like you said, otherwise it would have been gone. Can't wait for you to find your forever home. :-)

  3. oh my , you have ME exhausted now:) You must have some incredible energy to go through all that and then be able to post all the pics and notes! Ian is so adorable. I cannot believe your pkg was left at the front door downstairs-you're right-how lucky that no one took it away. It's going to look fab once you have it set up-which I know won't take you long:) Happy T day!

  4. Exciting times!
    Ian’s a big boy isn’t he? I am surprised that he manages to sit up already, albeit with the help of his clever seat.

    That could have been a disaster with your new desk. How can they do that. Perhaps they don’t like to hang around your building for too long? I’ll say it again: you are fortunate to have devoted family close by.

    Have a good week and may all your problems be ‘ironed’ out soon.

  5. I am tired after reading your post. All that ironing and carting desks and playing with little Ian. It was nice to hear what you sounded like.

  6. Ian looks so cute in his little seat! I bought a bumbo for our friend's new baby five years ago, and they really loved it too. Glad you tracked down your desk before it "walked" away!

  7. I love seeing Ian's face as you speak to him. I can't believe they left that box downstairs at the door. When a delivery person leaves a package at The Hurricane's door it always disappears. UPS will leave the silliest notes, like "left behind bush." There's no bush! It's nothing but concrete. I swear a person would think that you live in one of the nasty housing projects in Chicago, though I hope you don't have any gunfire or the open use of drugs. When I left Willy Dunne Wooters' yesterday I noticed that the people on the first floor were definitely smoking pot!


  8. Ian's a real charmer!! I'm so glad your desk was delivered & STILL there for you!!

  9. I've had hazelnut coffee but not vanilla hazelnut. Sounds like a real treat after an eventful day lol

  10. Anonymous9:17 PM

    What exactly is an iron?

  11. Hi Rita !! What a lovely post...blessings abound! New lamp, new desk, lots and lots and lots of love. Could it possibly get any better than this ? xoxoxoxox

  12. So glad no one took the desk. Good thing it's so heavy and hard to move. Hope you enjoy it!

  13. What a mess you had with that desk. I hope they find out who did that and either stop using them, or give them a good scolding. So glad Dagan and you were able to be on the ball.

    Ian looks like he fits in that Bumbo. Never heard of it, but I like the concept. That was truly human factor engineered!! Glad they got it for him.

    Thanks for sharing your week with us for T this Tuesday. Yep, it's still Tuesday, even though I was also late.

  14. Love the cooing baby video... Ian is so cute! I too am amazed that your desk didn't walk away by itself. you were lucky to track it down in time. I think the construction & setting up of said desk might make a good post...! :)

  15. Hi Rita
    Enjoyed all your pictures and the video of Ian. He is such a doll and a happy baby too. One of my DILs had a seat like that for her babies and they really are fantastic. Loved hearing your voice.

    I'm glad you called them back on the sloppy delivery. I worked at a call center for William-Sanoma and that type of things were a big NO-NO! There is usually a clause that says no more than 3 flights of stairs or there has to be a freight elevator. But you have had orders from Office Max before so they should have known.

    Those rotary cutters are an other great invention, but can still wear ya out....grin. Good luck getting the tote finished, can't wait to see it.

    Happy belated T-day

  16. I am glad your desk didn't "walk off"!!!

    Hmmm... is Karma trying to tell us she wants a diaper bag?

  17. Loved the video with Ian ♥ Nice cloud photos too. So glad the desk didn't end up in someone else's apartment. The humidity is high here too and I'm getting anxious to have some window s open too. Take care and relax a bit.

  18. GLad you took action on that delivery. tsk tsk.

    Fortunately, diaper bags are items in my distant past!!

  19. Ian sounds like a pretty happy baby.

    Glad nobody stole your desk. Some delivery companies are stupid! I had something similar happen to me with a shelving unit once, though luckily I'd heard the truck so it didn't sit down there for long. Had to carry a shelving unit up a flight of stairs by myself. When I complained to the company, I was told it was only their responsibility to get the item to the property, and they'd done that. I pointed out that until it was up in my apartment it wasn't at my property. I got an apology from the person on the phone, but nothing else ever happened with it.

  20. What a fantastic video of baby Ian. He is such a sweetheart! Thank you for sharing! Glad you got your desk, but what a crappy delivery service. Companies just don't seem to care about customer service anymore :(

  21. Ahh, what a treat!! To hear you chatting to Ian and him pooping away and then he smiled when you cracked up laughing at him He is a real cutie-patootie that's for sure. I do hope we get more treats like that as he grows :D
    I'm so pleased the desk didn't disappear and that Dagan was able to get it up to your home. What a relief for you.
    Thanks for your comment on my T post Rita, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the MannaTEA :D I also have a Man Tea Infuser as well now, another gift. I'm so lucky.
    Enjoy the rest of your week and don't over do things :D

  22. Your grandson is growing up so
    I think you really should take action against those delivery people.That was so thoughtless of them.
    Have a great week

  23. Your grandson is so damn cute, and growing so fast.

  24. Great video! He is a doll...even while tooting! Which must have made him feel better!
    Glad your desk was not stolen...they should have known better the idiots.
    That tote looks complicated...I would have given up after ten minutes of ironing:)

  25. Oh my heart was caught by Mr Cutie on his Bumbo!

  26. That's good that your desk was safe and wasn't taken.

    Can't believe how destructive some people are in your apartment building. Peeling the cork off the board? I just can't imagine being so bored that that's the only option available in terms of things to do.

    I'm still envisioning you in your new apartment...I hope you are too!!

  27. I loved the video of Ian. Babies are so fun to watch as they see and explore new things. Loved hearing you laugh when he was passing the gas, too. LOL I had a diaper filled while I was holding a little one yesterday. Took him awhile. Poor little guy. LOL

    I'm glad no one walked off with your new desk. Thank goodness Dagan has a dolly and could take it to your apartment for you. Makes you wonder about some delivery drivers. Sometimes they don't do their jobs correctly.


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