Thursday, September 11, 2014


Just an FYI:
I am switching both my internet and land line phone and discovered that trying to leave Century Link with my old phone number (which is a common courtesy between companies) is like trying to get off Facebook.  First they would not release the number to Eventis because I didn't have a disconnect scheduled.  So I had to schedule a disconnect.  Half hour on hold before I got a human being.  

[Note: apparently when you select the "cancel service" choice you are no longer a valued customer who deserves to be told how much you mean to them every 30 seconds or get to listen to pretty music because I had totally dead air for 30 minutes that time.]

The human being--well, when I told her what happened about Eventis being denied my telephone a heavy southern drawl she called him a liar!  Several times!  Insisted they would never, ever do such a thing.  ROFL!  I told her, sorry-but I believe Brett at Eventis.  I set up a disconnect for the 23rd to be on the safe side.

Brett tried to put the paperwork through again--but then they wouldn't release my telephone number because I had a disconnect scheduled!!  Grrr!!

So I had to call back and wait on hold (with apologies and music) to be an out-right, bald-faced liar and tell them to cancel the disconnect.  And after he had done everything properly the puzzled young man said even after he refreshed and refreshed the screen it still showed a disconnect pending on my account in one spot on his computer so he went and talked to a supervisor.  They told him to ignore it because that just happens sometimes.

Well, that was yesterday.  Century Link technically gets five business days to respond (hand over the permission for me to keep my telephone number).  We had rescheduled my day to connect with Eventis to Monday the 15th.  I haven't heard back from Brett--yet--so I am hoping we don't have to change the date again (but we might) and things are finally sorted out with Century Link.  If they disconnect the phone line before Eventis comes then Eventis can't "capture" the line so that I can keep the number, I guess.  So--after I am all hooked up and all is working with Eventis--then I have to call Century Link back again and ask for an immediate disconnect.

My year's contract is up on the 24th.  They had better not be trying to drag this out so they can charge me a fee for breaking an automatically renewed contract, you know?  That went through my mind, too. 

The internet came back after about 24 hours...well, sort of.  Still dropping to zero every few minutes--so I haven't been commenting on blogs, but I have been able to slowly read them all and keep up with what's going on in blogland.  :)  

By the time I get back online with a decent are forewarned that there will be a long post with lots of pictures--LOL!  ;)  

Well...see you when I see you, I guess.  :) :)



  1. All I can say is GOOD LUCK!!

  2. I hope you get satisfaction soon. I have always found switching companies to be fraught with problems.
    Stay sane!
    Sue x

  3. All the drama with these companies. I think they make everything difficult so we'll give up on switching to another service.


  4. Anonymous6:34 PM

    "Half hour on hold before I got a human being."

    I'm sorry for your troubles, but that was funny.

  5. I have been on the phone lots with the change of address...I am tired of classical music. I hope you get it all straightened out!:(

  6. What a mess! I've been on hold for ages with Comcast before, but eventually everything got worked out. I'm hoping for the best with you. See you when I see you! :-)

  7. I hope things get straightened out ASAP.

    I love how the phone company expects someone to call when they have troubles with their phone. It's like the Internet companies that expect emails when your connection won't work.

  8. Sorry they're making this more work than it needs to be. Not surprised though, since that's what companies do these days; anything to keep you with them longer and make you give them more money!

    Anyway, hope you get it sorted soon!

  9. I really hate dealing with Century Link but they are the only DSL here. The price you pay for living in the country :( Hope it all works out for you!

  10. Oh my gosh...what a nightmare to try to switch things over. It should be so much easier than what you are going through!

  11. Internet and phone providers are universally frustrating. So sorry to hear that you had these problems. Hope you get everything straightened out soon!

  12. Isn't that just the worst! It's really annoying to talk to someone who lies because they don't know what's going on either. Good luck with all of this and definitely watch your bank account.

  13. Dear Rita, Grrrrrrr. Peace.


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