Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This is the first I have been able to get on the computer. Dagan came over during his lunch break and started the process of coying the brians from the desk computer to the laptop. It quit a couple of hours later and said there wasn't enough room and did I want to try again? I can't get Dagan on the phone until after he gets off work to ask him what to do. So, have to deal with it tomorrow, he said. I am back online.

Caroline came to clean this afternoon, too. Tomorrow Leah comes over for the day and Dagan will be over after work. We are going to eat and watch "Without A Trace" (second half of a story that started on "CSI"--Dagan and Leah didn't record "Without A Trace" and I did). Then we're going to have Sacred Circle!! Been a long, long time. :)

Today I am busy making the samples for our Christmas card technique--so am busy puttering about. Not a lot of time to chat today. Hopefully more next time. :)

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